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  • How does Qik work? What does one have to do to start using Qik?
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Registering For Qik 

The first thing that all Qik users must do is to register for the application at the Qik sign-in webpage  To register, a small amount of information is needed.  A username and password is sufficient for the first page of setup.  This is of course for security purposes.  The page consists of selecting the brand of the phone and phone model.  If it does not show your phone model then an option titled "other" will be at the bottom of the list.  Click "other" and type in your phone model.  Once  the phone brand and model have been chosen, the download page is next.  On the download page there will be three choices.  The first option is to get Qik via SMS.  The second option is to get Qik via PC.  The third option is to get Qik via WAP.  The first option is the most commonly used.  The phone number with an area code is needed.  Do not put in an incorrect mobile phone number, or else you will not be able to register.  It will then send a text to the phone.  This text will give further information what website to visit to download the Qik application to the phone.  Once these things are done, you will be asked to fill out your profile.  Your name and a picture is sufficient enough to get started.  You can later edit it if you want.  No credit card details are required for registration.  Qik is obviosly still in the beginning stages of building their application to new extents.  Therefore, Qik does not provide compatability with all mobile phones out in the market for sale.  Qik currently available on more than 108 mobile phones.  To see a list of phones that Qik is compatable with, check this link Supported Phones.  Qik is very sorry if they are not compatable with your mobile phone device.  But, Qik is working hard to get more phones that support it's outstanding application.  Time to enjoy the amazing features of Qik!

Are you having having problems registering for the Qik application? 

Please send an email to  Qik employees are on stand-by to answer your questions.   


Installing Qik on Your Phone

Once the SMS message has been sent to the phone go to from your phone browswer.  All that is sufficient now is to select your phone model to dowload Qik.  Once the Qik application has been installed on your phone, which you should be notified, luanch the Qik application.  The last part in installing the Qik application onto your phone is to select "create a new account."  This is the final step that is taken to install Qik on your mobile phone.  New phones that are being released by mobile phone companies are pre-installing Qik onto mobile phones.  This is an amazing step for Qik.  If the Qik application is pre-installed onto your mobile phone then first, simply find the Qik application.  Then select the Qik application.  As before when manuely installing Qik, the last step is to create a new account.    Enjoy! 

Are you having problems installing Qik onto your mobile phone?

Please send an email to  Qik employees are on stand-by to answer any questions.


How to Start Using Qik

 Qik uses the word "stream", which means that video is fed to the internet.  Qik wants their process of using their application to be effective and simple to use.  Simply find your Qik application on the mobile phone and select it.  Once you have selected the application Qik will start searching for an available network to "stream" videos to the internet live.  Please patient.  The time in which this occurrs depends soley on how powerful your wifi connection is and how advanced the wifi technology is on the mobile phone.  Please be patient while Qik searches incase your wifi connection is weak.  Once Qik has found an available connection, the next step is made to be especially easy for anyone to use.  By simply selecting the "Stream" button to record video live onto your account that you made on the Qik website.  You must be logged onto your account or else the video will not stream to the website.  The live video will instantly be streamed to, where your account is the username followed by ".com."  


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