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"the largest education community on the Internet"

EduBlogs have been created to help promote educational blogging in schools.  They are used to promote emerging technologies in schools, and can be used to share experiences from student to student, teacher to student, and throughout administrations in education.  EduBlogs are blogs that are strictly designed for educational use.  These blogs create a network of communication that students and teachers alike can navigate and work with other web-bloggers who share common interests, lesson plans, learning or techniques, and ideas for the classroom. 

Benefits/Purposes of EduBlogs:

  • Teachers can post assignments on EduBlogs for students to access and work on
  • Teachers can communicate with other faculty members in an efficient and prompt fashion
  • Teachers can develop lesson plans on EduBlogs that can be used in the classroom
  • Students can use EduBlogs to work on group projects and assignments, or use the blogs as a form of communication
  • EduBlogs can enhance both the students' and the faculties' technology skills in the classroom
  • EduBlogs can be used to link schools to other schools by form of convenient communication that can allow teachers to share ideas, lessons, and tools for the classroom

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