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  1. Unknown User (ckniesly)

    Ustream - "It's tizight!"

    Ustream was founded by Brad Hunstable and John Ham who were cadets at West Point. In the summer of 2006, the pair teamed up with Dr. Gyula Feher and created Ustream for members of the millitary to talk to their families via webcam while serving overseas. Launched in March 2007, Ustream has today evolved for free use by anyone on the internet. It has been used by celebrities, politicians, and everyday people on their home computers.

    Today, Ham serves as the CEO of ustream. It is a privately held company with many investors, including DCM, Western Technology Investors, Band of Angels Fund, and Infinity Venture Partners Incubator Fund of Japan. Ustream also has a high-profile board of directors whose most recent addition is retired General Wesley Clark.