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  • How does it work? What does one have to do to start using it? (ustream)
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  1. Unknown User (ckniesly)

    The manner in which one uses ustream varies between the viewer and the broadcaster.

    The Viewer

    Most videos on ustream can be viewed or acessed by a viewer by simply visiting the website and searching for a video with a topic that intrests them. The viewer can then watch a live video or a prerecorded video. Live videos are the true advantage of ustream becuase they allow viewers to post comments live, as the video is playing. The video does not have to be live to comment however. Comments can often be made without having to log in, however, individual broadcasters can choose to have comments only be allowed by registared users.


  2. Unknown User (ckniesly)

    The Broadcaster

    To broadcast on ustream, someone must first make a user account. Making an account is easy.

    1. Unknown User (slangfie)

      Making an account is really easy.  Like most online accounts all you have to do is create your very own username and password and then continue to fill out some personal information such as your birthday, gender, and counrty of origin.  Then there are options like connecting your account to your facebook acount and your twitter page.  Once you have an account you can even broadcast videos yourself so that others can watch.  Also once you are signed in your username comes up next to posts you may make in  the chatroom of a video.

  3. Unknown User (ckniesly)

    To Start a Streaming Video

    Once you log into ustream, a button will appear at the top that says "Broadcast Now". This button will lead you to a menu where you can start a broadcast. You then connect a webcam, camera, or other video playing/uploading device. Then you click on my shows. The title your show. After that you can begin your broadcast.