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  • Examples of ustream being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value.
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 has great potential to be of high educational value. It provides access to videos on every topic that could possibly exist. For example, many classrooms have used to post their presentations so that parents and other relatives and friends have access to watch them present their work. is a link to a page that was written by a teacher who used to post his students' presentations so that anyone with the designated password (given to students to give to parents) could log on to and watch their student and other students present their projects. If teachers are permitted to use in their classrooms, they could not only post videos but also watch videos posted by other groups of students or by other people to learn new material in a more visual, hands-on method.

         Another example of being used for educational purposes is a "language learning show" called TV Tutor. It was created by KET German tutors and the talk show is entirely in German. It covers interesting topics such as music, sports, and movies. This show is created such that "students at all levels of German study should be able to follow along." Since TV Tutor is run through, student viewers can "add their own voice to the mix through special features available through the platform."

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