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Below is any new project information.

List of things to have at the presentation "first aid kit"

Put your name next to items that your are going to bring.

 Power strip- Michelle

Water- Michelle
First aid kit-Jenny
hard candy-Jenny



























 April 14, 2009

Prep work:

  • Send brochure, poster slides, and speech to members for editing.
  •  Everyone look through and return suggestions/corrections to creators.

Wiki page:

  • Upload brochure, poster slides, and speech on the page as an attachment.
  • ???Where do we want to include these attachments on the page?
  • Everything needs to be looked over on the wiki page for grammar errors before Wed.
  • ???Should we add the logo to the top of the page; what about the quote?


  • Prepare yourself to speak during practice on Wed.
  • Print a couple brochures to practice with
  • Schedule presentors and evaluators
  • Items to bring

Before showtime:

  • Print business cards - me
  • Evaluate group 10 and make corrections from their advice
  • Add Gareths video
  • Resize tables and media
  • Update Wikia
  • Print Wiki with binders

April 8, 2009 

April 15th before class- Poster, Brochure/handouts, Final draft (videos, pictures, links included) due

                                        Upload on the Confluence site: brochure, presentation speech, and picture of poster 

                                        Group evaluation of Group 10 (will do during class, but look ahead at #10)  We will do this collectively.

Tuesday, April 21st-  Set-up from 3-5:30p.m.( let me know if there is any conflict and we will discuss who is going to set up)

                                      Show until 9p.m. (I will have time sign up soon.)

Friday, April 24th- Individual project narrative and evaluations due.


**Put your references in the wiki page.  Follow Emily's format under the Purpose section.
-Web-conference with Gareth at 9a.m.
-When taking screenshots, make sure to include the web-browser.   Try to follow the same format as the current webshots.
-I will be updating the project roles page. Please double check this and edit your roles if there are any additions or corrections.

-  Let me know if you do any individual interactions across the oceans so that I can report this to Dr. Newby.
-Also watch for a schedule for the presentation rotations.

Current happenings:

Kristen- working on links, brochure, and printing wiki page 3 copies (notify us if you are binding it or using a three pronged folder)

Chelsea- getting supplies for the poster

Jenny- getting Wikia image printer for poster, buying hard candy (mints"?)

James- working on presentation and sending it to everyone; making note cards for everyone (or at least 3)

Matt- brochure; Wikia headings or postings

Emily- making Jing video, editing red to green color; adding info to Wikia

Gretchen- making Jing video, editing info, adding info to Wikia

Michelle- making Jing video, editing, adding info to Wikia, making business card

Lisa- checking about using Wikia in the classroom

Gareth-  ?making intro video, take screen shots, adding info to Wiki....?

Nikki- ?making intro video, add screen shots, design business card for Wikia website...?

 -One of the IPs or I will be making business cards.                          

April 2, 2009

** Matt recieved an acceptance to our Wikia page today, but he needs to have 10 postings before he can share it with us. Can you think of any ideas to create the posts?


 ***Meeting with Lisa, Tuesday at 7p.m.  Post where you would like to meet on the homepage.


April 1, 2009

***Meeting at Chelsea's house this Sunday, April 5th at 3p.m. (She will send out her address to us.  Bring your laptops.)

***Initial draft due Sunday, April 5th before 10:30p.m.

Visit the Roles and Responsibilities page.  I have organized a more clear format for each person's roles.

To do list:

1.Write an article for your topic (as listed under the "research column") by the end of Thursday, April 2nd.  ("How it works" due Sunday). 

    a. Write this in a Word document

    b. Post it on the home page, by editing the home page and including it under the appropriate heading (or add heading is needed).

    c. Send a copy to Gretchen ( and Emily (

2. Discuss lesson plans with group members in level that you are working with.  There needs to be three lesson plans per level.  Complete all three before Sunday at 3p.m.

     -Follow the same directions as #1

3. Matt and I are creating a Wikia site on Thursday, April 2nd.
4. Kristin will add internal links by Wednesday, April 8th
5. Chelsea & James will need to begin outlining posters before Wednesday, April 8
6. Matt & Kristin will need to begin outlining handouts.

If you need help with anything, contact me.  I am sort of a floater on jobs, filling in the gaps and helping you complete yours.  I'd be happy to join in your small group meetings and discussions, so let me know.


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  1. Unknown User (ghaley)

    Matt and Emily (for secondary education lesson plans)

    I talked to my roommate and she said she'd be happy to help us out with whatever she could. I have a unit plan we can break down and a lesson plan. If we need more ideas I can ask her again. I am going to take a look at these today and see how I can add wikia to it. I will keep you posted!


    1. Unknown User (ehey)

      Awesome. Since the first drafts are due Sunday, could you either post it here or stick it in a word document and send it to me? Thanks!