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  • How does BubbleShare work?
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What's it all about? BubbleShare allows you to upload photos in a fast and easy way. It's free, and it requires no downloads. You can make photo albums, add comments, descriptions, and all kinds of edits to them, and then share them with anyone in the world. (Information from:

How do you sign up? To sign up for BubbleShare, simply go to In the right-hand corner, there are buttons that say "Sign up Now" and "Log in". To register for an account, click the "Sign up Now" button and follow the steps. You will then get a confirmation email, which will give you a link to follow. Once you click the link, your account will be activated and you can start sharing photos! (Information from

How do you upload and share photos? Once you have registered for BubbleShare, you can start uploading photos and designing your own unique photo albums. Go to and log in with your email address and password. Click on "Create a New Album", and decide on a name for your album. You can then start browsing for photos from your own documents. You can also choose your privacy settings - either allowing only the people you share with to view the photos or allowing anyone in the world to see them. If you choose to let the Public view your album, you can also put the album under a certain category. After choosing an album theme, click the "Next" button to continue uploading. You now have the option to add different comments, descriptions, and even clip art to your photos. When you are finished adding to your photos, click "View Album" to see how it will look to others. You can then choose to share you album with others through email, your blog, myspace, or facebook. (Information from
Check out my newest album for an idea of how all of this works!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is BubbleShare compatible with other operating systems?

Yes it is campatible with all operating systems and with all the major browsers such as FireFox, Sufari, Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera.  For the MAC users Bubbleshare also provides a iPhoto plugin.


How many pictures can you upload using BubbleShare?

You can upload as many digital images that you desire without any restrictions, you can create as many phots albums as you want to.


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