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Have a spark of genius when you're falling asleep? Hopefully you remember it until morning...then type it here. Whatever you think would be a good addition to this project, just include it, and we'll have a running list for presentation ideas, good video/graphics, words of wisdom. Just anything you think is a good...correction, wonderful...idea type 'er in here, Google LIt Trip-ers! (smile)

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  1. Unknown User (kzimmerm)

    I think we should print our own stickers on sticker paper with maybe a globe that says google lit trips. Sticker paper is about $7 for 15 pages on I'd say if we make them small we could pry fit 30 stickers on one sheet which would be 450 stickers. This would be cheap and would look professional.

  2. Unknown User (lmitchel)

    I think somewhere near the top of the page we need to have "lit trips" defined in a dictionary type look. Just because that is a term we use often, even in the beginning of the wiki that may be a little confusing to some. We can outline that it is about a journey through literature...

    /lit trip/ (n.) - ...

    Maybe under the History and Development tab...?

  3. Unknown User (sbaute)

    Hey guys,

    When I was home this weekend, I forgot to get the bags for the presentation stuff.  I was at the mall and didnt even think about it until I had left and was on the interstate heading back to my house.  I didnt have any more time to go back to the mall.  I am really sorry about that.  Let me know if I need to make a walmart run this week/weekend to pick up the bags.  Again I am sooo sorry.

  4. Unknown User (wilson27)

    what are we going to wear for your presentation?  Do we need to dress similarly?

  5. Unknown User (wilson27)

    what are we going to wear for your presentation?  Do we need to dress similarly?  I have access to an embardary machine and could embardary "Google Lit Trips" on shirts for us to wear.

    1. Unknown User (sbaute)

      I think that would be an awesome idea to have green and blue polos with the embroidery of Google Lit Trips.  We should discuss this in class tomorrow