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This page collects useful information to keep track of the work on the pixel DQM. 

Meetings – Friday's 14.00 (CERN time) 

Task List

Please add tasks and put your name in whichever task you are working on.  For more tasks contact Francesco Fiori directly. 

How to test a new development (useful links and instructions):

  1. Create the CMSSW area in one of the development releases (typically one CMSSW_X_Y_Z_preT).
  2. Download the relevant packages you want to modify. 
  3. Do the changes and test the senquence. 
  4. To test the sequence using data you can use the online/offline client:
  5. To set-up your own GUI to show your results you should follow the instructions there:


Please update here your availability to devote time to code-development as well as time of presence at CERN so we can try to organise on-call shifts during that time. 

New Lane

Availability to work (code/validation)



Availability to work in code/validation

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