Biology 1

Indiana Science Standards



Students will be able to name the major structures of the human digestive system and explain their functions by doing a lab and completing a chart listing all the structures. Students will also complete a survey about the functions.


-         Sugar

-         Cornstarch

-         Iodine

-         Funnel

-         Filter paper

-         2 small beakers and 100 ml. water

-         1 measuring spoon

-         Eye dropper

-         SurveyMonkey evaluation


1.      Line the funnel with the filter paper.

2.      Mix 1 spoon of cornstarch and 1 spoon of sugar with 100 ml of water in the beaker.

3.      Hold the funnel over the cup and pour half of the starch, sugar, and water solution into the funnel.

4.      Allow a few drops of the liquid to drip into the cup.

5.      Add 1 drop of iodine to the remaining liquid in the cup that passed through the filter paper.

6.      Add 2 drops of iodine to the remaining starch, sugar, and water solution in the beaker.


By completing a chart of the structures of the digestive system, students will have a clear understanding of how each structure functions (i.e. the mouth breaks down starches). The instructor will prepare a survey on Survey Monkey to enable students to determine how each structure functions in the digestive system. By doing Survey Monkey , the instructor will have a better understanding of the each student's knowledge of the digestive system.

Standards Met:

Standard 4: Understanding how the human digestive system functions.