Lesson Plan



In this lesson/assignment the players  will listen to a list of music by the head coach and I will give each player a different list depending on their position on the field.


Players will listen to music that will:

  • Relax them
  • Pump them up
  • Teach them how to do fundimentals right


  • This will branch the players out to different types of music


Players will need:

  • Computer/mp3 player/Ipod
  • headphones/speakers
  • the ability to hear


I will give the players a list of music for them to listen to on and expect them to listen to it least 2-4 songs a day and learn something and write about it on the website so I can read what they say. They will listen to music that will get them ready to play hard, some of the music will help them tighten up their fundimentals and formation, the final thing the music will help them relax before a big game or whenever they get nervous. I expect them to listen to this music and to use it whenever the times are necessary. I will ask them about the music every practice and see how it is helping them out or if I should make a different list for them. This website that they post their comments on should help me understand the players better and get a feel if my lesson/assignment is working.


I don’t plan on giving an evaluation like a quiz or test. I do expect to see comments on the website and if I do not see any, all of the players will have to run laps and do worse conditioning.