The objective is to show children how to use Phototrem. The children are going to create their own Rainforest using pictures they have found on the internet.  They must find five different pictures of animals that live in the rainforest and place them onto a Rain Forest background.  They have to edit each of their chosen pictures on Photorem, change the pictures color and enhance the photo however they choose.



- Access to Internet

- Pictures


  1. Go onto the Internet and pick five different pictures of animals.
  2. Save each picture you have found onto your computer
  3. Open www.photorem.com
  4. Upload each photo one at a time and edit each picture to your liking. (you have to change each pictures color, and enhance each picture however you please.)
  5. After creating each of your pictures save them back onto your computer
  6. Print out each picture
  7. Google pictures of Rainforest and print out a large picture of the Rainforest.
  8. Place each of your newly edited photorem pictures onto the Rainforest backgrounds.



The overall goal of this project is to create and art project that could be hung around the classroom. It gives the children and opportunity to be creative and make their own Rainforest with the animals they would like in it.  After the project is complete the children need to write a paragraph about how photorem was helpful and why they choose to edit the picture the way they did.


Kristin Neuendank