Earth Day Project  


2 nd Grade

Created by Haley Kaub






  1. Students will listen to Gover's 10 Terrific Ways to Help our Wonderful World , written by Anna Ross and illustrated by Tom Leigh.
  2. Given a list of things a child can do for his or her environment, students will:
  • Choose a topic.
  • Have their parents or the teacher help him/her get a picture of helping environment.
  • Write a paragraph about what student did and why his/her topic helps the environment.
  • Read their Paragraph to the class while his/her Photorem slideshow picture is up.

Background and Introduction

“Earth Day is a Birthday!! Just like a birthday is a special day to celebrate a person, Earth Day is a special day that celebrates the Earth. Earth Day was born on April 22, 1970, in San Francisco, California. Every year, America and over 100 different countries join together in the celebration of Earth Day on April 22 nd . Earth Day is the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide. On Earth Day, we remember to appreciate nature and learn ways to protect our environment. Find ways that you can help keep the planet clean and help protect our environment!”


  1. Talk about Earth Day. Explain that it is important to protect mother Earth so we have a healthy, safe environment to live in.
  2. Read Book to Children.
  3. Ask children what they think they can do for their world.
  4. Go over the list of topics and ask why they think each one helps the environment.
  5. Send around sign up sheet for topics.
  6. Explain that the students may do this at home or at recess with the teacher’s camera if they do not own a camera.
  7. Scan in the photos and upload them onto Photorem into a Presentation.
  8. Have each student read their paragraph while his/her picture is up.



  • Camera
  • Paper
  • Adult

List of Topics

  • Reuse Scrap Paper
  • Brush Teeth With Water Off
  • Turn off Lights When Leaving Room
  • Drink Out of a Glass, Not Water Bottle
  • Plant a Tree/Flower
  • Walk Somewhere/ Car Pool
  • Use Reusable Grocery Bag
  • Recycle Can, Plastic, Paper Material
  • Air Dry Laundry
  • Turn the Computer off at night
  • Do a Craft With Used Household Materials
  • Use a Cloth Towel Instead of Paper
  • Donate clothes/ toys to another child
  • Turn of the TV, Game, or Computer and Do Something Fun Outside Instead!



Students’ paragraphs should include a beginning, middle, and end. There should be capital letters and end punctuation. Lastly, Students will be graded on whether or not their sentences make sense.

Use of Photorem:

In this lesson, the program Photorem will be used to edit and organize photos taken of the students doing things for their environment. The slideshow enhances the learning experience because students are able to show their classmates what they did to help their environment instead of just telling them about it.

Sources used to create this lesson plan: