Matthew Wilson

18 October 2011


Enlightenment Lesson Plan


IN.WH.6- Students will examine the causes, events and global consequences of the scientific, political, cultural and industrial revolutions that originated in Western Europe and profoundly influenced the world from 1500 to 1900.


The Enlightenment was an intellectual movement in the 18 th Century in Europe.  It sought to mobilize the power of reason in order to reform society and advance knowledge.  The center of the Enlightenment was in France with figures like Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Voltaire. 


Photorem is an online photo sharing website that allows you to share a photo album with others. 


Given the website Photorem and knowledge of the Enlightenment, the students will create a photo album that is symbolic of Enlightenment ideas with at least 75% accuracy.


  • Time: 2-3 days
  • Computers
  • Photorem website
  • Photos of Enlightenment ideals
  • Enlightenment worksheet






Day 1

      The students will receive the standard lecture on what the Enlightenment is, the main figures, and the ideals they portrayed.  This can be found in the textbook.  Assign the worksheet to be done at home for homework.

Day 2

       Collect the homework from the students.  Then walk down to the computer lab and instruct them to go to and create an account.  Then describe that they will be creating a photo album that describes the Enlightenment.  It can be using modern pictures or using portraits or landscapes from the era.  These photo albums must portray at least 5 of the ideals in the textbook.  The photo album must have at least 10 pictures.

Day 3

       Go back to the computer lab and allow the students to work on their photo albums for half a period.  Then instruct them to share their album with you through email. They should write up a reason why they believe that the pictures represented the Enlightenment. They can either turn it in at the end of the period or they can complete it at home and email it along with the album to you.

*Note that you can assign the reasoning paper as homework on the second day to decrease the total number of days.


You can assess the lesson by seeing if the students have understood the ideals of the Enlightenment.  If they have understood the Enlightenment ideals they will have explained why they chose the pictures they did.  If they are plausible, then give it a passing grade.  Grade the paper on content, word choice, and sentence fluency.  The worksheet should also be factored in.


Pictures in album-30% (correct usage of Photorem)