Wildlife Animals in Indiana

Grade Level: 2-3

Writing Lesson

Note: This lesson would be easier to complete if students had established basic computing knowledge.



Students will work on a computer to find different pictures of different wildlife that inhabit Indiana. They will use Seesmic, an online site to post their pictures and then create narratives based on their pictures and those of their peers..


- Computer with internet connection, Seesmic account, and pictures of the following animals:

-                 White-tailed deer
-                 Red-tailed hawk
-                 Eastern wild turkey
-                 Bobwhite
-                 Quail
-                 Eastern garter snake
-                 Cottontail

-                 Opossum              
-                 Raccoon
-                 Beaver
-                 Red fox
-                 Striped skunk
-                 Coyote          


1.           Assign each student to at least three of the animals on this list. Upload pictures from a list of wildlife animals found in Indiana.

2.           Pull up account of pictures through on projector for students.

3.           Tell students purpose and description of lesson.
                *Example: "While using the pictures for inspiration, I want you to write a story about the animals in the picture. Don't worry too much about spelling, just focus on creating a detailed description."

4.           Allow students to write for 15-20 minutes.    

5.           Ask a few students to share stories.

6.           After the students have shared allow them to record themselves reading the stories on Seesmic (with prior parental permission).


-This lesson covers standard five writing application for second grade students in Indiana.

-This lesson also incorporates standard two design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assements of NETS.

**This lesson is great for journal entries, and is easy to make variations or to apply to different topics.