Grade 5  






Students will be planning an imaginary camping trip to research mammals in nature using the web application BackPackIt.


After collaborating with group members and planning their trip students will be able to use BackPackIt effectively and describe their trip and what mammals they will experience on their trip in a one page paper.


5.4.7 Explain that living things, such as plants and animals, differ in their characteristics, and that sometimes these differences can give members of these groups (plants and animals) an advantage in surviving and reproducing.

Materials: Students will need access to a computer with internet access to be able to plan their trip using BackPackIt .com.  

  • Students will put in groups of three or four.
  • Students will access the internet and log on to
  • The y will then find their group members online and begin discussing using BackPackIt’s various tools to plan a camping trip for three days in which they will be researching mammals in their natural habitat.
  • Each group will need to include the following in their planning:

-          Where they will be camping

-          What supplies they will need for three days and who will bring them

-          What mammals they will see while camping and the mammals regular living habits (diet, home, physical characteristics)

  • After each group has collaborated on BackPackIt, they will need to organize their plans and information into a one page paper.


*deer picture

*horse picture

*tiger picture

*example lesson plan