Music Genres  

( 3 rd grade)





Students will be introduced to all different genres of music.  They will learn how to distinguish the difference among them. And will also learn the art of performance to the music as well.





Students will learn the different genres.  With the learning the multiple types they will be able to determine their own style of music and what fits them best.  And how performance can make or break the music.






Responding to music: Evaluating music and music performances

3.7 Students express personal preferences for music. They compare musical compositions, evaluate performances, and demonstrate appropriate behavior when performing.





The teachers will provide the students with:

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Speaker

Students must bring:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Headphones







The students will be presented with all different types of music with all kinds of genres.  And will be given a week to determine which fits them best.  They will use Blip fm to sample each type of genre.  The students are not to work in a group, for this is an individual assignment.  After they have chosen a genre they must write a one page paper explaining their reasoning behind their decision.






Students will be given 10 points for participation in class. They will be asked to pick and genre that fits them.  With this genre they can either perform or right a one page paper as to why this genre fits the student best.  This will be worth 30 points.  At the end they will be given a quiz of the differences in genres, 30 points.