Secondary US History Lesson Plan

(Slideshow Industrial Revolution)

Grade 11


Following this activity, students will be able to:

  • Explain the US’s economic progression after becoming a nation of industry
  • Give example of progression and setbacks during the time
  • Explain what was gained by the Industrial Revolution for the United States


USH 2.1 : Describe economic developments that transformed the US into a major industrial power and identify the factors necessary for industrialization

USH 2.3 : Identify the contributions of individuals and groups and explain developments associated with industrialization

USH 2.4 : Describe growth of labor unions and the labor movement and identify important leaders associated with these movements

USH 2.5 : Compare and contrast government attempts to regulate business and industry


  • Computer
  • Pictures
  • Projector


  1. Give students a lecture on the United enter the Industrial Revolution, and explain all of the economics factors that happened during this time period
  2. Also use PowerPoint to show some pictures and more information of things that went on during this time
  3. Use Photorem to show the progression of the Industrialization of the United States from the beginning to end of the revolution


  • Tests
  • Quiz
  • Discussion