Secondary US History Lesson Plan

(Picture slideshow WWII)

Grade 11


Following this activity, students will be able to:

  • Explain the progression of WWII
  • Explain events of WWII
  • See what went on during the war.


USH 5.1 : Compare and contrast President Roosevelt’s world view with that of Germany’s Adolf Hitler

USH 5.2 : Identify and describe key events that resulted in the United States entry into WWII

USH 5.3 : Identify and describe key leaders and events during WWII


  • Computer
  • Pictures
  • Projector


  1. Give students a lecture on the important events leading up to and during the United States involvement in WWII
  2. Use PowerPoint in the lecture to show some picture of the war and the important events
  3. Show students how to create an account on Photorem
  4. Have the students create a slideshow timeline of the important events in the United States involvement in the war, have them label and date each picture
  5. Have students present slideshows to the class and explain what is going on in all of their pictures



  • Tests
  • Quiz
  • Discussion