Technical Sketching

High School Engineering



Students will practice sketching 2-D images in order to understand the use of bounding boxes and the thickness of lines when determining important features of the image.


Students will be able to accurately sketch 2-D objects on tracing paper.



Tracing paper



Procedures 1

  1. Before students begin these steps, show a PowerPoint presentation demonstrating the steps they will follow.  Use to give examples of possible photographs and to access PowerPoint.
  2. Collect photographs that show 2-D images or patterns.  These can range from pictures of faces, to company logos, to fronts of buildings.  Stick with images that look flat.
  3. Lay tracing paper over an image and tape the paper down.
  4. Lightly sketch an overall bounding box of the object. Look at the image contained in the bounding box.  Mentally identify as many features on the object as you can.  The features may be small and self-contained or a collection of several smaller features.
  5. Refine the drawing by sketching a series of progressively smaller bounding boxes.  Start with the larger features.
  6. Darken some of the lines representing the image to highlight the most important lines of the feature.


Students will be able to accurately sketch a 2-D image in about 30 minutes.


HS.7.G Model potential designs in an efficient manner. 2



1 Adapted from Introduction to Graphics Communications for Engineers 2009.