Ninth Grade




Meant to be a project at the end of the semester in a poetry class, this project is meant to provide students with the knowledge of and ability to use PhotoRem’s photo editing and presentation tools, while allowing them to look into their own lives and see what has inspires them, and what influence it had on the poetry they wrote previously in the class.




After having learned about poetry throughout the semester, what inspired the great poets and having written their own poetry students will be expected to decide what it is that has inspired them.   In order to show their knowledge of the technology presented to them, after reading this page  they will be expected to create a coherent and creative presentation using and present it to the class.




Students will be expected to:

  • Have a basic knowledge of, how to upload pictures and other media as well as edit, and create a presentation.
  • Have the ability to use technology to better their presentation, making it more creative by integrating various things using the PhotoRem website.
  • Present their presentation to the class using




Each student will need digital copies of photos, documents and any other media they choose to incorporated into their presentation, as well a computer access, which will be provided by the school for at least two class sessions.




During class students will be expected to:

  • Discuss and understand what has inspired great poets through out history.
  • Assess what has inspired them throughout their lives and in their poetry.
  • Read the wiki page on what is and how to use it.
  • Successfully create a presentation using
  • Present their presentation to the class in a creative and coherent way.




Students will be assessed on their ability demonstrate their knowledge of, by showing that they have successfully uploaded photos, documents, and other media, used at least 3 of the various editing tools and presented their inspiration to the class in a creative and understandable manner.




Example above it the opening page of