Lesson Plan #4


Cloud Coverage


Students will create a blog reporting their cloud and weather findings over a seven day period. They will also upload cloud pictures to their blog.


By observing the clouds over a seven day period and recording their observations on Windows Live Writer, students will:

  • Learn the different types of clouds in the sky
  • Become better observers of the sky as they will see different types of clouds over several days.
  • Learn how to operate a blog application (Windows Live Writer)


Chart or graph weather observations such as cloud cover, cloud type and type of precipitation on a daily basis over a period of weeks. [1]


  • The book High in the Clouds by Paul McCartney
  • The book The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola
  • Windows Live Writer
  • Computer
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Camera


  1. Read the book, High in the Clouds by Paul McCartney and The Cloud Book by Tome de Paola to the students. This will introduce them to the different clouds.
  2. Explain the different cloud types (Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus, and Cumulonimbus)
  3. Explain to the students they will be observing the sky and the clouds for the next week (7 days.)
  4. Introduce and explain the application, Windows Live Writer to the students
  5. Instruct the students to write down their observations of the clouds each day and then to record their observations in Windows Live Writer. Windows Live Writer will allow the students to express their observations of the sky, and the application will allow them to upload pictures they took of the sky each day.
  1. Their observations should include:
  • The types of clouds they see
  • The color of the sky
  • The temperature outside
  • Pictures of the sky


To ensure the students understand how to observe the sky and understand the different cloud types, students will present their recordings on Windows Live Writer to the class.