Audra Franz

Research Project on:

  Mathematicians [1]

   Maria Gaetana Agnesi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Archimedes  



To research a notable mathematician and discover his/her contributions to modern   mathematics.

Students will be able to write a report and create a photo presentation on the notable mathematician.


Mathematicians have played an important role in helping shape the mathematics field into the one we know today in the modern world. From ancient times to the present, they have continued to contribute to the subject area and many more contributions will be made in the future.

Photorem allows one to share a photo album online with others.


Computer Lab


W rite a 2-3 page report (excluding title page and bibliography) on a famous mathematician.

  • Title Page must include the following elements:
    • Name of mathematician
    • Picture of mathematician (if available)
    • Dates of birth and death of mathematician
    • Your name, period and class (e.g. Joe Smith, Algebra 2, 2nd Period)
    • Date paper is to be turned in.
  • Report must include the following information:
    • Dates of birth and death of mathematician
    • Places of birth and death
    • Additional biographical information (education, famous teachers, etc.)
    • Most significant contribution(s) to the field of mathematics
    • Relevance of contribution(s) to mathematics today.
  • Bibliography
    • Cite all references using correct bibliographic format.

Students will then access and create an account. Once this has been achieved, students will upload pictures found of their mathematician to create a photo presentation of the life story of that mathematician. Students will then present this presentation to the class.


Students will have learned how the notable mathematician has contributed to modern mathematics.

They will also have learned how to accurately do a research report and be able to use Photorem to create a presentation for the class.

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