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About the Developers


Purpose of FluidSurveys


How does FluidSurveys work?


How does FluidSurveys relate to other applications?


What makes FluidSurveys unique?


Lesson plans using FluidSurveys


Examples of the industrial uses


The Educational Value of FluidSurveys


How can FluidSurveys be used in other countries?




Career Opportunities


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Supplemental Material



I. About the Developers

Ei Fathi 12

Aydin Mirzaee 12

Rich Fialkoff 12

-Created FluidSurveys.
-Co-CEO of Inc. (company that creates web tools for around the world.)
-responsible for strategy, business development, marketing, sales, and finance of
-serves on many panels such as Ottawa Center for Research and Innovation (1999-2007), Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Advanced Technology Association, Board of C-com.-Also founded OrbitIQ and Telexis (marketing/network companies)

-Created FluidSurveys.
-Co-CEO of Inc.
-responsible for research and development, product strategy, marketing and sales of
-graduated from University of Ottawa with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Management
-Also founded Mobile 2.0 (now bOK Systems).
-Also played a role in Platform Network Management Division at Nortel Networks-Was Fundraising Chair for the Student World Assembly

-VP of US Sales.
-Responsible for business development, marketing and sales within the US.
-Over 25 years of experience, “helping software product and services companies evolve and grow.”
-President of OrbitIQ Americas Region
-Created Leverution Management-Held many other management positions.

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II. Purpose of FluidSurveys

The purpose of FluidSurveys is to provide users with easy-to-use survey software online. FluidSurveys has some of the most advanced survey-making features available and presents them in a convenient, user-friendly way. After purchasing an account, a user can easily create surveys, polls, invite anyone to participate and analyze their results through charts and graphs, and share these results with colleagues. FluidSurveys provides everything you need to conduct research surveys and create and share reports on your findings.3

Not sure if FluidSurveys is right for you?  FluidSurveys offers a no risk, two week free account to potential members.  At the end of two weeks, FluidSurveys presents users with the option to continue service on a subscription basis. 



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III. How does FluidSurveys work?

FluidSurveys is a very user-friendly application that can be used by computer pros and novices alike. Follow these easy steps and you will be creating surveys in no time!


1. Search for the site at:

2. Select the ‘sign up’ button to subscribe to FluidSurveys for FREE! The process is very simple, and the program asks for limited information from you.

3. Follow the promps the site gives you to sign up for a free account.

4. Start creating surveys! With the free trial, users can create basic trial surveys to test the question, answer, polling options, and much more. However, the free trial does limit the user to the basic applications of the site and limits the numbers of questions you can create.

5. After you have set up your account you can choose to ugrade your membership. There are three different options for an upgrade, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs! 5

6. Once you have created a survey, you can invite participants to take your survey via email. Finally, you can view your data/results in many different formats and then share your results with co-workers or your boss!

7. A helpful tool of FluidSurveys is under the BLOGS tab, users can find answers to hundreds of questions about the program and can also find video guides to help them. And if that doesn’t help, users are always welcome to contact the managers of the site directly. See for yourself at



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IV. How does FluidSurveys relate to other applications?

FluidSurveys is very flexible. It can be exported to PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and SPSS. FluidSurveys is an enterprise application that can not only be used on the web by the masses but also installed within a customer’s data centers and ran on their own servers. The software functions on both Linux and Windows platforms. Fluid Surveys is database agnostic, meaning it can function with all major database products, such as Oracle DB, Microsoft SQL server, My SQL, Postgre SQL, etc. To export the survey to PDFor Word and to export results into PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint you must have a paid account (Pro, Ultra, Enterprise.) Therefore, it can only be used in conjunction with other applications if you have a paid account. 2 4 5

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V. What makes FluidSurveys unique?

There are some interesting and unique things that can be done with The most appealing part of FluidSurveys is that users have the ability to create surveys and polls using the innovative drag and drop interface. The color, style, and format of result data for surveys and polls are completely customizable. This will allow customers to create a look that is perfect for their business, company, or website!  2 4

Advanced features such as piping, looping, advanced skipping, multi-logic branching, data extraction questions, advanced 3-D charts, and the ability to export in PDF, PowerPoint, PNG, Excel, and others give FluidSurvey users a multitude of options to fit their specific needs. There are many exciting features that users can take advantage of once their survey or poll has been completed. Users can view incoming data in real time and begin creating a report for that information right away.  Customers can cross-reference data with criteria such as age, gender, question answers, etc., which allows the results to be interpreted in a more in depth manner.  2 4 6

Here are some examples of graphs created using FluidSurveys:   

3-D Pie Chart

Mulit-Series Vertical

Multi-Series Line

Doughnut Chart

 Net Promoter Surveys

A Net Promoter Survey asks respondents “On a scale of 0-10..” This particular survey type also has a Net Promoter Score, which does the math of the results for you. The total score is found by subtracting the percent of people who gave you a detractor score (0-6) from the percent that gave you a promoter score (9 or 10). This particular question type allows a free two week trial. If you wish to continue using this type after that, you must purchase at least the Pro Plan.

To create a survey using this type of questionnaire, click on the “Add A Survey” button, write the name of the survey, and then click “Create New Survey”. Next, drag the Net Promoter Question Type, and expand the “Advanced Question” tab to select “Net Promoter”. Simply fill in the question title, add more questions if you wish, and publish. You can also make the survey “live” by changing the deployment status, and e-mailing it to specific people.

Pop Up Surveys

FluidSurveys now allows you to make Pop-Up Surveys to use on your website. Pop-Up surveys are the surveys that always pop up when visiting or leaving a website. When making pop up surveys, this helps you figure out what people think about your survey. FluidSurveys takes you step through step on how to make one and put it on your webpage.17



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VI. Lesson plans using FluidSurveys

All lesson plans are S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) based.


Using Microscopes (pdf)

Using Microscopes (word doc)

Earth Changes (pdf)

Earth Changes (word doc)

Water Pollution (pdf)

Water Pollution (word doc)

Recyling (pdf)

Recycling (word doc)

States of Matter (pdf)

States of Matter (word doc)


Power in the Tubes (pdf)

Power in the Tubes (word doc)

Measuring the Earth (pdf)

Measuring the Earth (word doc)

Ideal Gases (pdf)

Ideal Gases (word doc)

Reading/Music Trivia (pdf)

Reading/Music Trivia (word doc)

Ocean Currents (pdf)

Ocean Currents (word doc)



Newton's Laws (pdf)

Newton's Laws (word doc)

Simple Machines (pdf)

Simple Machines (word doc)

Human Pendulum (pdf)

Human Pendulum (word doc)

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VII. Examples of the industrial uses

FluidSurveys can be a great tool for businesses. This program can be used for customer surveys as well as surveying employees. The professional looking data is also great for business meetings. FluidSurveys can also be used to survey new employees to see if they have the right skills for the job. is a part of has links to its other two sites, FluidReview, which allows you to "Review Documents and Videos Collaboratively" and Review Room, which allows you to "Accept Applications and Proposals Online, Review them, and Make Decisions".  Used in conjunction with FluidSurveys, these programs allow virtually all aspects of educational projects to be done online.9

"Our clients include Colleges, Universities, Market Research Companies, Governments and Enterprises that expect only the highest quality software and customer service from us." This means that FluidSurveys has already been tested and has been proven to work on a university and college scale.2

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VIII. The educational value of FluidSurveys

This program can be used in many different ways in a classroom setting. For example, students can incorporate a survey into a class project (Ex: a health student can poll their classmates on their favorite types of snack foods.) When a teacher assigns a project for the first time, the students can use FluidSurveys to gather constructive feedback about the project. Teachers can also use this survey to figure out their students learning styles in order to more effectively teach. Teachers can also use FluidSurveys as a pretesting tool to gauge student understanding of a topic in order to modify lesson plans accordingly.2

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IX. How can FluidSurveys be used in other countries?

This application is very flexible. The program allows the user to change the language of the program to fit the needs of the audience. Since it is an online application, the surveys can be accessed on any computer that has an internet connection. This makes it convenient to connect and receive feedback with people from different countries. FluidSurveys has a Twitter page and many instructional videos are found on YouTube. FluidSurveys has a global impact when used with these two sites, as they are accessible all over the world.
"Everyone in Canada is looking for Canadian Online Survey Software as a result of certain privacy and security concerns. As a result of the US Patriot Act, Canadian Institutions are looking for companies that also store all of their data in Canada for security and privacy reasons. The good news is that FluidSurveys will store your data in Canada when you sign up from Canada." This is important because many international users are concerned that if they use an American company, the US government will be able to access sensitive information. This feature allows international users to feel comfortable using FluidSurveys because their information will not be privy to the US Patriot Act. 8

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X. Testimonials

"I worked on a techline and so I know from personal experience that your assistance has been above and beyond expectations. Thxs very much."

-Prof. R. Reagans
MIT Sloan School of Mgmt
Cambridge – MA, USA

*"The feedback from your service has been very positive from my Committee Chair and the IRB reviewers. They’ve responded how much they like the look and feel of your survey’s front end. My Committee Chair, who has been reviewing thesis submissions for years, was impressed by your analytical, data handling, and publishing tools. I think he may be a customer before too long.*
Thank you for this great tool."

-D. McCarter
Cal Poly Pomona
Californa, United States

"I used FluidSurveys as a teaching and learning tool within my introductory research methods course in Geography at Carleton University. FluidSurveys was an excellent tool for students to use in this early stage of their research methods learning, was user-friendly, and the company provided tremendous support for my students and teaching assistants. I want to express my sincere thanks for your support with FluidSurveys.
Given our positive experience this year, I intend to make this software a regular part of my course."

-G.J. Laider
Assistant Professor, Carleton University
Ottawa, Canada


XI. Career Opportunities

Currently looking for software developers and sales and client support personnel. 18 

XII. Contact Information


Chide It. Inc.

Phone Number:




1729 Bank Street - Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7Z5 Canada

1203 Geiger Ln., Suite 100
Bridgewater, NJ, 08807 USA


FluidSurveys has a section on their website that is just for blogging. This is a great aspect. They post all the information about new updates there for users to see. They also currently have a job opening posted. The blogging helps users post their feedback which helps make FluidSurveys even better!

XIII. Supplemental Material


This is the brochure we created to supplement our presentation at the EDCI 270 Showcase.

Brochure (pdf)

Brochure (pub)

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XIV. References









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