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Unique ways of using Tinychat


Getting Started


History and Development


Components of Tinychat


Uses of Tinychat in Lesson Plans


International Uses





Founded by:

Daniel Blake

Year Founded:

May 2009

Type of Web 2.0:





 How To Video:

This video will allow anyone to navigate the site and get familar with this program. It shows how to set up an account, join an existing chat room, and how to set up a chat room of your very own. By using this program, it allows you to have a conversation with more that one person at a time. This program is excellent for a group of friends communicating or getting back in touch with eachother. It can also be used with business conferences, like communicating with people in different states and countries. The site below is a video that will help you to maneuver through TinyChat website.

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How To Video on TinyChat 


I.  Intro


     TinyChat was created by six individuals, Martin Redmond, Michael Stern, Dan Blake, Travis Heinstrom, Jolie O'Dell, and Fred Winetown. Tinychat delivers "dead-simple" audio and video web communication services. Tiny chat provides disposable conference rooms with a simple url for up to 300 people and up to 12 live audio video streams, that just work, no signup. Facebook and twitter connect allowing the users to not need to register.

·        The Tinychat company profile on CrunchBase claims that you do not need additional downloads or plug-ins aside from flash to use Tinychat and that it should work with any browser. It also claims that Tinychat's API allows developers to easily integrate all of the parts of Tinychat into their own applications by using XML or JSON.

·        Tinychat offers the option of paying $20 per month for Pro version which allows for the ability to "reserve names for up to five rooms, more privacy controls (including password protected rooms), and, maybe most importantly, the ability to record and save your conferenferece" (Lardinois, http://www.readwriteweb.com) Pro version also allows you to download your video streams as FLV files and edit them in a video editor of your choice. Pro version users can also embed videos into their recorded chat.  (1)



 II. Purpose

     The purpose of tinychat is to give users a chance to chat with other users over video.    Many different types of people can use this from users who are trying to contact multiple family and friends from long distance places.  Also, students could use this site to have group meetings about studying for exams or working on a group project.  Most importantly when trying to meet with multiple business associates members could create a chat room to converse with each other through the site.

     Another benefit and purpose of tinychat is that users can create public chat rooms that anyone can gain access to, or on the other side members can create a room that is private and closed to certain members of facebook, twitter, or tinychat itself.  This feature also makes it so anyone can use the site even if they haven’t created a tinychat account. (2)


III. Unique ways of using Tinychat

     There are many unique ways that Tinychat can be implemented into the classroom setting.  For instance, communicating with others students overseas or even giving an injured or sick student the opportunity to participate in the class room.  The possibilities are endless. With a free video chat room software such as Tinychat the school may even be able to let students participate in classes only available at another school or give teachers more flexibility to teach a class during family emergencies. Jim McDermott claims that “the application in education is outrageous” In his online article “Oovoo Versus Tinychat for Use in Educational Applications” (McDermott 2009). McDermott claims that video chartrooms such as Tinychat or Oovoo can be used to host a special guest, help students interview an expert from a different school, or even hold a multi-class room debate. McDermott chose Tinychat over Oovoo (a similar video-chat website) because it is risk free and does not require an account or any installations, which is quite convenient especially for a teacher (McDermott 2009). McDermott classroom ideas are innovative, but you do not have to limit yourself to the classroom there are many other environments in which Tinychat may impactful, for example, the business world. A video-chat website such as Tinychat could play a major role in communicating with collogues overseas. Tinychat could make it possible to hold conferences with employees who travel abroad or with business partners overseas. As previously mentioned, Tinychat can give sick or injured students the opportunity to participate in school, the same option applies to a sick or injured worker who may not physically be able to attend a board meeting. Tinychat can give company employees the ability to participate in important meeting even when sick or hospitalized. The ease of use and the fact that

      Some good examples of tiny chat being used in the classroom is when a teacher is on maternity leave, or if the teacher/student is sick or has a family emergency then they can use tiny chat as a good way to stay in touch and be involved with the classroom still. Another example that is being used a lot is having online discussions with students and the teacher together. The teacher assigns a class reading and then at the end all of the students and teacher go online and have a discussion together about what they read. The teacher would be involved with the discussion so he/she can answer any questions and also so they can monitor what the students are saying and make sure they stay on the right track. Another example is similar to an online discussion, but the students use it as a way to communicate when they have problems on homework. This allows the students to ask each other questions and for other students to help out their classmates. Virtual office hours are another great example for using tiny chat. This could help make it more convenient; if a student has a question at the last minute and does not have time to come into the teacher’s office, they can just connect on tiny chat and talk it out. (3)


IV. Getting Started

     Tinychat is a very simple to use delivering audio and video web communication services that can hold up to 12 live streams. To get started with Tinychat you just browse the website a little bit and “create your own chat room” by clicking on the labeled button. You can then share your chat room with your team or group. Each member will then create a nickname then click on “start broadcasting” and you are ready to go! Now you can see how simple this is with clean interface. Tinychat is used with Adobe Flash most computers have this software however, if you don’t it is a simple download if you go to the adobe website and download the latest flash software. Flash is used by many applications using audio and video so it will always come in handy. Some other extras include a facebook application to add and bring others to the attention of how great Tinychat is. To top it all off, it is free with no downloading required. If you love it so much you can download the Pro-account. This allows you to have 5 named rooms with password protection and higher quality of videos. It also saves your chat room conversations and its only $14.95 a month.(4)



V. History and Development

      On February 18, 2009, Daniel Blake launched Tinychat, a super simple, text chat web site. Tinychat was an immediate hit with users who loved how easy it was.  On March 9, 2009, programmers Martin Redmond and Michael Stern launched Talkabee, a web site that shared the simplicity of Tinychat with the addition of audio and later video too. April 5, 2009, Dan contacted Martin and Michael via twitter. The three formed an equal partnership and combined the two sites under the name Tinychat and the corporation Numerl.com LLC. Together simplified video conferencing and bring audio, video, and text chat together into one website. On May 27, 2009, an entirely new Tinychat, with live audio and video, was launched and immediately embraced by users.

      Tinychat, established May 27, 2009 is video conferencing website that provides users with the ability to chat and broadcast themselves.  There is
no sign up necessary, and over 300 participants can chat concurrently with up to 12 simultaneous audio and video broadcasts.  Several celebrities,
including Kevin Bacon, Amy Poehler, Kristin Chenoweth, and Chris Brown have used Tinychat to communicate with fans. (5)



 VI.  Components of Tinychat

        Tinychat allows people to create their own chat room and then chat with whoever they want to.  People are able to video chat with 12 people at a time and have up to 400 people in a chat room at once someone could also talk to just one person at a time if they wished.  The person that creates the chat room monitors who can and can’t join. They can also remove people from the chat room if they want to for whatever reason.  Chat rooms are disposable so once someone is done with the room, they can simply get rid of it.  A nice feature about Tinychat is that it’s not necessary to sign up for it to use it. It also is very easy to use! People can see other peoples twitter page via Tinychat so that they can find out other information about the people if they want to.  The best part about all of this is that there are several privacy features that can make your chats as private or open as you want them to be.  Tinychat is also constantly being updated with better, more efficient features. (6)


VII. Uses of Tinychat in Lesson Plans

Elementary Lesson Plans

Elephant Lesson plan

     This lesson plan is aimed toward elementary students.  They are going to be previously studying elephants in class, and then will learn about a specific one at the zoo near them.  The teacher and students will get to interact with the elephants instructor/caretaker and the students will get to ask question they have to the instructor. 

Word      PDF

Human Body Exhibit

     This lesson plan is designed to be used in 4th-6th grade. The students get to take a virtual field trip through the Museum of Science and Industry located in Chicago. This “field trip” is specifically for the students to see an exhibit that is based on the human body.

Word      PDF



Virtual Job Shadow

 In this lesson plan the children are taken on a virtual job shadow through a police station in order to see the different jobs, procedures, and events that go on in the daily life of an employee of the police station.

Word      PDF Virtual Job Shadow.pdf

Secondary Lesson Plans


Scientific Journal

In this lesson plan, the students will be presented with the necessary skills and information to develop a scientific journal. 

Word      PDF


     In this lesson plan, students will participate in a class debate about a current issue in society with another class in a different state/ country using TinyChat to create a chat room. 

Word      PDF

Foreign Language

In this lesson plan, students will participate in various activities to find out information on the following topics: history, population, places of interest of our town including video, photos.

Word     PDF

Pythagorean Theorem

Here is the lesson plan where students will learn how to use the pythagorean theorem. It is for an online class where the students will use Tinychat to communicate with the teacher and receive information on the topic and ask questions they might have.



Post-Secondary Lesson Plans

To Kill a Mockingbird

     To Kill A Mocking Bird is a book with a high school reading level however, it can be read as a college student and analyzed in a completely different way. Included in this book are a lot of racial issues and sexual issues. To teach lessons throughout the book, the teacher must be prepared to deal with the thoughts of a society that is different than what we are used to right now.

Word      PDF

English Experiment 

     In this lesson plan, students will determine what inexpensive idea or concept they would like to share with their fellow students. 

Word      PDF


     In this lesson plan, the students will research the origin and course of the flu A/H1N1 in different countries.  

Word      PDF

Field Experience Placements

Word      PDF

 Food Group Discovery

This lesson plan is designed for a middle school or high school Family and Consumer Science foods class.

 Word        PDF

Aquatic Video Chat

This lesson plan is designed for Elementary students. This lesson has students interacting with an Aquatic Instructor to ask questions and learn about new aquatic animals. 

Word       PDF


VIII. International Uses

     Tinychat in other countries could be used in pretty much the same way the United States uses it.  A country for example; France could use it to discuss business propositions with businesses within the United States or other European Nation.  Also, they could use this site to talk to friends over distances and basically do anything people in the United States can do.  Since most of Europe uses the Euro as their currency they could use this site to discuss issues pertaining to their economy via tinychat rather than have to meet in person in one of the countries in the European Union.


IX. Privacy Policy

TinyChat has a simple program for privacy. The information you give to the cite will be what people can identify you by or to get a hold of you. The terms  are subject to change anytime, but the cite will send an email notification of this before it does go into effect. 

This program uses cookies, which collect information. This is a small data file that can be transferred to your computer’s hard disk. This is for record-keeping purposes. This is used to save your user ID and login and to also make it easier to sign in and out of the program. TinyChat is not allowed to disclose any personal information about you unless given permission by the user. This allows the users to be safe and remain unknown if wanted that way. (7)


X. Resources

1. This is the link to Tiny Chat’s about page. This page explains what Tiny Chat is all about. Also on this page, are the chat links of the creators of the webpage and web application. This page also has the links that describe what other companies say about Tiny Chat. On this page, you can also find questions and answers related to chatting problems and common questions. 

This link explains that Tiny Chat is user friendly. It explains that you can open chat up as a Facebook application. The website explains that you can chat with up to 12 people at one time and 100 users can watch the video stream live. The website also explains paying money for a better picture quality.

 2. This is the link to Tiny Chat’s about page. This page explains what Tiny Chat is all about. Also on this page, are the chat links of the creators of the webpage and web application. This page also has the links that describe what other companies say about Tiny Chat. On this page, you can also find questions and answers related to chatting problems and common questions.

3. The third reference talks about how Tinychat would be able to be used in a classroom setting. It goes as far as to explain the role of everyone in the classroom. It talks about what the teacher and students will do and how they can send messages to each other. It even gives you different ideas and ways that someone would go about incorporating Tinychat while they are teaching their lesson plans. It even lets people add comments if they have an idea or suggestion for another way to use Tinychat. 

4.This is the link to Tiny Chat’s about page. This page explains what Tiny Chat is all about. Also on this page, are the chat links of the creators of the webpage and web application. This page also has the links that describe what other companies say about Tiny Chat. On this page, you can also find questions and answers related to chatting problems and common questions.

5. This link is no longer available as of 10/12/2011. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

6. This link is describing Tinychat and how it has added screen sharing and video conferencing. It talks about signing up for the sight and how you will be able to invite other people to chat with you. It tells you the software that Tinychat uses as well as explaining the twenty dollar a month fee in order to have a premium account. It finally goes on to talk about how Tinychat is different from other video chat services on the web. Tinychat is a cheap and easy way for people and smaller businesses to be able to video chat.

7. This link to TinyChat describes all the Privacy Policy information. It states that all the information provided on this site will only be used if given personal permission to use. The information you provide when setting up an account helps friends be able to locate you, so the producers highly recommend to not use anything too personal just for safety reasons. This site is subject to change the Privacy Policies, but the users will be informed of the change before it happens. 


XI. References 

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