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Created by: Bailey Remec, Erin Bauer, Staci Certa, Kaleb Layman, Michael Hook, Riley Lerch, Qiang Deng, Tian Lai, Yue Liang, Zhe Sun

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I.    History  

II.    Purpose

III.   How Toodledo works

IV.   Relation to other applications

V.    Unique ways of using Toodledo

VI.   Application in learning settings

VII.  Lesson Plans

  1. Elementary Lesson plans
  2. Secondary Lesson plans
  3. Post Secondary Lesson plans

VIII.   Examples of educational value

IX.    How Toodledo is used within a business/industry training situation

X.   How Toodledo is used in other countries

XI.  References




                                                                           was created by Jake Olefsky in April 2006. He describes himself as a website inventor and engineer. Originally he created this application for his own to-do lists. As he used this to-do list more and more he added more features.  Eventually he determined that his might be an application that other people might find useful too. The website has not yet been updated. This company is located in Seattle, WA.

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The purpose of Toodledo is to promote organization. It is a task manager website that was started to help the user stay on task and accomplish their objective. The website was made so the user can set up and follow their own schedule with their tasks to complete. It is also used as a management site for groups collaborating together to complete the same goal.

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How Toodledo works

In order to begin working with Toodledo all one needs to do is go to The application is completely free. Click on Register. On the next screen one will need to type in a registered e-mail address and pick a password. Click Sign In. The user is now ready to start making their goals.

Toodledo has many applications on the site to use. The applications on the site include:

How To Get Started:

To register on Toodledo you go to On the opening page at the bottom left corner there is a button you can click on that says “Register: it’s free!” After you click on this button  you are redirected to a screen that asks you to answer your email, a password, confirm that password, check box that says “I agree with all terms and conditions,” and click register. After this you are officially a Toodledo user and can begin to organize using your Toodledo account.

Once registered, a user can configure their account settings by clicking on the link in the Tip section. This is where a user can add or remove fields that are visible on their screen.  Next, a user can create their first task by clicking on Quick Add Task. A user can change the date and priority at any time by clicking on the designated areas. The format can be changed by clicking on the View By section in the upper left corner. Tasks can be organized by priority, a calendar, due dates and folders. By clicking on the Notebook tab, a user will see a button that reads Add Page. A Toodledo user can easily add a page and save it so that their memo will be displayed in their notebook. These are the basics! Continue reading for more specific functions and instructions.

Did you know about Pro?

A Toodledo user can subscribe to an upgrade to Toodledo Pro at any time. This feature allows users to see graphs of their statistics, attach files to their tasks, and gain access to a Scheduler.

A Pro Account is a feature only available to paid subscribers. A subscription costs $14.95 and expires after one year. Subscriptions can be renewed at any time. Refunds are available within 30 days of the purchase date.

Limits on Information Storage

There are some limits on the amount of information that can be stored.  Most customers do not come close to reaching these limits.

If you are a ProPlus member, you have a limit of 5GB of file storage.

-The first featured tool is sharing. The sharing application allows the user to share their to-do lists with other people. For example, when working on a project with a group, everyone would be able to have access to information and be able to communicate with each other, which helps each member complete the task more efficiently. Users can share their tasks with a group or just with one individual. To share individually or privately, Toodledo gives the user a user id to give to those individuals, so they may have access.

- The Scheduler is a really great feature. All the user has to do is type in how much time they have to complete an activity and Toodledo will look at your to-do list and tell you what to get done.The scheduler and the goals feature go hand-in-hand with each other. The scheduler will make the best use of one's time with their tasks they need to get done. There is a downside however, this feature can only be used by Pro Users. This would require that the user upgrade to use this feature. Although this feature is handy it is not necessary to use the site.


The “timer” column is used to keep track of the complete amount of time spent on a project.  This tool could be useful in billing clients, and filling out time cards for your own personal use. There is also a “length” column.  This is a little different because it only estimates time.

When a project is started, the play button   needs to be clicked in order to start the timer. If the timer needs to be paused, then click the pause button  .

Multiple timers can be used at one time.  The website will keep track of all timers if the browser is closed and even if the computer is off. The timers will not update in real time until the refresh button is clicked on the browser.

Another really useful tool is the goals tool. This tool allows the user to set goals for themselves. These goals can be lifelong, long-term, and short-term goals. This allows the user to really understand what they want out of life. After the goal is set, the user can then link certain items from their to-do list to this goal. This is a helpful feature because it keeps all of the user's goals and ambitions in one place. Not only that but it lets the user track their progress on their way to that goal. If the user does decide to upgrade to the Pro-User account, it keeps track of the number of tasks that contributed to each goal.

Next is the files section. This section is very useful. It allows the user to post files and attach them to their to-do list. This file uploader can hold up to 1 GB of infotmation. This could be a good way for the user to keeps track of their tasks and what needs to be accomplished.This section is for Pro-Users only. That means the user has to pay a fee to use this service. A sample of uploaded files is shown below.

The purpose of goal chains is to make an overall goal with tasks for you to accomplish to reach that goal. To make a goal chain go to the top tabs and click on the tab that says “organize” then click on the word “goals” underneath the organize tab. You will be redirected to a page that at the top is called “Manage goals.” Underneath the words “Manage goals” are a paragraph and then a box that says “add goal.” Next to “add goal” is a box where you can give your goal a title. Give your goal a title then, by the “add goal” button is a drop box. If you click the arrow you have an option of making your goal lifelong, long-term, or short-term. Click how long you want your goal to last then click “add goal.” Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the orange button that says “save changes.” Now, you have your goal made. To make a task that correlates with the goal click on the task tab at the top of the page. This will redirect you to the task page. Underneath the tasks tab is a box that says “add task.” Next to the add task button is a box that allows you to title your new task. Give your new task a title and then click on the button that says “add task.” Underneath your task are boxes that say folder, goal, due date, repeat, repeat from, and priority level. Go to the goal drop box, click the down arrow, and then click the goal you just created. Then click on the due date box and give your task a due date. Next click the drop box that says repeat and decide if you want your task to repeat and choose where you want it to repeat from. Last, give your task a priority level. Underneath all of the boxes you just completed you are able to leave yourself a note about the task. To finish, click the orange button that says “save.” You now have completed a goal chain and created a task to complete your goal.

Next is the notebook feature. This application allows the user to make notes. These notes typically are things that do not belong in a to-do list or goal. It allows the user to have a place this type of information so that it is organized and will not get lost.  These notes can be imported from other sources or exported. This allows the user to have flexibility with their information, and gives it a place so it will not be misplaced.

The next section is the statistics section. This section allows users to track how many tasks they have completed and where they need to focus more attention. This makes charts of the performance of the user over the last month. This gives the user the opportunity to be introspective and notice where their weaknesses are. This feature is only available only for Pro-Users. This upgrade costs money before the application can be used.

-The history tool, basically allows one to see past completed tasks. The tasks are put into order by date. Toodledo gives the user the option in how one would like the tasks that have been completed to show up in and in what order, by date and/or file.

-A great tool on Toodledo, is the booklet tool. The booklet allows the user to make a little foldable booklet, perfect for just slipping into your pocket! The booklet would "contain your hotlist, top 110 most important tasks, and written notes"( There is also a customizing feature, in which one would have to upgrade to, to add the three areas the user would prefer to have in the booklet.

-The forum tool allows Toodledo users to discuss the site. There is news, questions, tips, etc. that Toodledo users talk about in this section of the site.

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Relation to other applications

Toodledo can be used in conjunction with a lot of applications. It can be used on mobile phones including the iPhone. It can also be used with email, Apple Dashboard Widget, Pageflakes and Tsheets. Apple Dashboard Widget is a way to view, edit and add tasks if using a Mac. Pageflakes can be used as a start page where tasks can be viewed, edited and added. Tsheets is a web-based time sheet that turns a computer or mobile device into a time clock. 

Toodledo can even be used in Microsoft Office Outlook, and Adobe Air. Toodledo can integrate the calendar application with Google Calendar and Apple's iCal. Also, with the import/export/sync feature a user can add items to Toodledo from their phone, email, twitter, etc. Toodledo works well with Firefox and Google browsers.
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Unique ways of using Toodledo

A helpful tool on Toodledo is the to-do list booklet.  Toodledo allows the user to print out a little booklet that one can fold and put into their pocket and carry around with them.  So, if the user is away from their computer, they can still see what they need to get done.  Some neat things about the booklet are there are checkboxes with numbers in them that tell the user how many days until the task needs to be completed. Priority tasks, tasks that are the most important to be completed, have a star next to them.  This tool can be very helpful in that one does not have to write down their list of things to do in a separate planner for when they are away from their computer.  It also saves time so the user can accomplish more of their tasks.

Another tool called manage files is very useful, especially in an educational environment. You can upload a file, such as a paper or a project, and add it to 'manage files'. This way one does not have to attach the file to their email, where others may be able to gain access to it.

The sharing tool is great too. For example,if there is a task the user is working on with others, they are able to share the accomplishments with everyone and be able to communicate with others in the group. This way one will be able to work on tasks almost individually by seeing what needs to be done and what has already been finished.

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Application in learning settings

Toodledo can also be useful in educational and learning situations.  The site has a tool called manage files.  This tool allows users to upload files to their online account.  So, if a student is working on a project or paper they can upload it to their ToodleDo account and be able to access their files at home or school without the hassle of remembering a jump drive.  It also protects their work from others viewing their work, because if they email it to themselves and it gets out into cyberspace, then anyone can find it and view it. This tool can help protect people's privacy and their work from unwanted viewers.  A problem with using Toodledo in an educational setting is that many of the features require a fee to use. Many times schools do not have the funds to pay this fee for an online application. This might be a feature that inhibits it's use in an educational setting.

Table of contents

Lesson Plans

i) Elementary Lesson Plans

1st Grade Social Studies: Accepting Differences
Download: Word  PDF

4th Grade Social Studies: Discovering the American Revolution
Download: Word  PDF

5th Grade Science: Observing Nature (STEM-based)
Download: Word  PDF

5th-6th Grade English: Creating Your Own Poem (Brittany's Lesson Plan)

Download:Word  PDF

ii) Secondary Lesson Plans

World War II
Download: Word  PDF

Physics (STEM-based)
Download: Word  PDF

Career Internship
Download: Word  PDF     


Download: Word  PDF

iii) Post Secondary Lesson Plans

English: Researching 2.0
Download: Word  PDF

Life Goals
Download: Word  PDF

Science: Growth Project (STEM-based)
Download: Word  PDF

Table of contents

Examples of educational value

An example of Toodledo used in a education situation could be that a teacher may print out a booklet for his/her students.  The teacher could make a separate section for their classes, so when they choose what goes in the booklet they can pick specific sections.  By printing booklets for their students they could have a pocket size to-do list, with a hotlist or priority tasks to do.  The booklet may include due dates for the students in order for them to know what is due first.  It could help keep the students stay on track and remember all their assignments for that class. The booklet would be similar to a syllabus, but easier to keep with them instead of a packet of papers.

Another example of using Toodledo in an educational setting, could be the manage files tool. A teacher could upload different files she would like to share with the class. If the teacher used the sharing tool, the students could access the manage files and be able to see the documents the teacher wanted them to have.

One way Toodledo can be used is a teacher could have all students at the beginning of the year create a goal that they want to accomplish by the end of the year. Examples could be, to become a more productive studier, become a better listener, or become a better reader. Then using goal chains students could create tasks that they need to complete to reach their goal by the end of the year. Doing this gives students something to work toward and accomplishing their goal can give them a sense of accomplishment.

Table of contents

How Toodledo is used within a business/industry training situation

Toodledo could be very useful in a business situation.  If a group of employees at a business are teaming together to do a project, Toodledo could be used to help them all complete the project on time and communicate information and data by using the sharing tool.  If all the information was in one place, then it would be easier to look back at the information, than to scroll through your email list looking for the email with the information you need. By installing Toodledo on all the employees computers it will be simple to share information, goals, and progress.  With this tool, Toodledo could be a big hit in the business world. 

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How Toodledo is used in other countries

At this time, Toodledo is only based in English. However, we are currently working hard to offer Toodledo in different languages. Are you multilingual? Consider translating our program by going to:

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