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| Website | [http://280slides.com/index.php|http://280slides.com/index.php] |
| Year Started | 2008 |
| Author | 280 North, Inc. |
| Purpose | Create exquisite presentations, that are able to be accessed and shared with anyone in the world. |

| Section | Table of Contents |
| I. | [Uses of 280 Slides? |#What are the Uses of 280 Slides?] |
| II. | [History |#History] |
| III. | [Using 280 Slides |#Using 280 Slides] |
| IV. | [Relating to Other Applications |#Relating to Other Applications] |
| V. | [Whats Unique About 280 Slides |#Whats Unique About 280 Slides] |
| VI. | [How can 280 Slides be Used in a Classroom Setting? |#How can 280 Slides be Used in a Classroom Setting?] |
| VII. | [How can 280 Slides be Used in Real World Settings?|#How can 280 Slides be Used in Real World Settings?] |
| VIII. | [#Examples of 280 Slides Being Used] |
| IX. | +User+[ Perspectives|#Global Perspectives] |
| X | [#References] |

h1. {color:#0000ff}What are the uses of 280 Slides?{color}{anchor:What are the Uses of 280 Slides?}

280 Slides is a free web application for creating slide presentations which can be accessed from anywhere and easily shared with anyone who has internet access. The layout is similar to PowerPoint, and offers a variety of the same easy to use features. 280 Slides has a built-in media search that allows for easy insertion of video, audio, and images from popular places like YouTube and Flicker. Presentations can be downloaded and saved in the PowerPoint 2007 format, shared via email, or embed in websites. 280 Slides makes it easy for students and colleagues to collaborate in creating presentations and to share them globally. This is great to use in work settings as well, or even in the classroom as far as developing quick lesson plans or presentations to use for jobs. 280 Slides is easy and free to use, which makes it a lot more attractive to users.
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h1. {color:#0000ff}History{color}{anchor:History}

{color:black}The web application, 280 Slides, was created by a San Francisco Bay area start-up company called 280 North.{color}{color:black} {color} {color:black}The company was founded in 2007 by Francisco Tolmasky, Tom Robinson, and Ross Boucher who set out to create the next generation of web applications through their new application framework called Cappuccino. {color}{color:black} {color}\\

{color:#3366ff}{*}MEET THE DEVELOPERS:*{color}

!pic dude 1.JPG!

{color:black}Francisco Tolmasky, who graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006, was the original author of Objective-J and is accountable for 280 Slides’ UI and other client-side code.{color}{color:black} {color} {color:black}His prior work experience includes aiding Apple, Inc. in the development of MobileSafari and Maps on the iPhone.{color}

  !dude 2.JPG!
{color:black}Tom Robinson graduated from the University of Southern California in 2007 with a Masters in Computer Science before founding 280 North.{color} {color:black} {color}{color:black}He is credited for the company’s server deployment and is responsible for{color} Objective-J/Cappuccino, among other things.
!dude 3.JPG!

{color:black}Ross Boucher, with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, works equally on server and client-side code which includes the text system in 280 Slides. Prior to 280 North, he worked at Apple, Inc. on a team responsible for music recommendations, chatting, and search for the iTunes Store.{color}
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h1. {color:#0000ff}Using 280 Slides{color}{anchor:Using 280 Slides}

h4. {color:#333399}{*}280 Slides is Free to Launch on your Web Browser:*{color}

1.      Access the 280 Slides website at [www.280slides.com|http://www.280slides.com/] and launch the free web application which will run directly in your browser.

2.      You will then be prompted with a “welcome” screen where you can select to create a new presentation, open a saved presentation, import an existing presentation, or take a tour of 280 Slides.


h4. {color:#333399}{*}Presentations are easy to create using 280 Slides.*{color}

{color:black}1.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}Select the “Create New Presentation” option.{color}

{color:black}2.    {color} {color:black}Select 1 of 9 background themes for your presentation.{color}

{color:black}3.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}Select from 3 slide layout choices;{color} {color:black}title slide, title and content slide, and blank slide.{color}

{color:black}4.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}Double click in the text boxes to begin adding your text.{color}{color:black} {color}

{color:black}5.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}Use the tool bar to customize your font type, size, and color, or to add any bulleted or numbered lists.{color}

{color:black}6.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}Click on the “Text” icon to add additional text boxes.{color}

{color:black}7.{color} {color:black}      {color} {color:black}Using the tool bar, click “New” to add another slide, “Duplicate” to repeat the slide, or “delete” to remove the slide from your{color}

{color:black}           presentation{color}

{color:black}8.{color} {color:black}       {color} {color:black}You may add presenter notes by clicking on “Notes” to open the notepad.{color}

{color:black}9.{color}{color:black}      {color} {color:black}Click “Present” to view your slide show.{color}

{color:black}10.{color}{color:black}       {color}{color:black}Click “Save” to store your presentation on 280 Slides’ server for retrieval from anywhere.{color}{color:black} {color} {color:black}This will require you to register with a{color}

{color:black}           valid email address.{color}

{color:black}11.{color}{color:black}   {color}   {color:black}Click “Share” to share your presentation.{color}


h4. {color:#333399}{*}280 Slides Offers 3 Ways to Share Your Presentations:*{color}

!picture 5.JPG!

{color:black}1.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}To publish your presentation 280 Slides will direct you to SlideShare.net where you will be prompted to set up an account with a user name and a password. This service is free and will allow you to share your presentation with a global audience.{color}

{color:black}2.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}You can email your presentation as an attachment. The presentation will automatically be sent in the PowerPoint 2007 format for easy opening by the recipient.{color}

{color:black}3.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}After saving the presentation on SlideShare.net you will receive an email containing an embed code that will allow you to embed the presentation in your own personal websites, blogs, or wikis.{color}

h4. {color:#333399}{*}280 Slides Allows You to Import Existing Presentations:*{color}

{color:black}1.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}Click the “Import” icon in the tool bar to import presentations from sources such as PowerPoint and Keynote.{color}

{color:black}2.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}Select the source and file you wish to upload.{color}

{color:black}3.{color}{color:black}     {color} {color:black}View, and/or Edit and Publish\!{color} 

h4. {color:#333399}280 Slides Allows You to Add Photos and Other Media:{color}

{color:black} 1.{color} {color:black}   {color} {color:black}Activate the media browser by clicking on “Pictures,” “Movies,” or “shapes” in the tool bar to easily add pictures, videos, or shapes to your slide.{color}


2.  To upload a picture, hit the "picture" icon.  Browse through your own pictures on your computer, or search online.

3.  To upload a movie, hit the "movie" icon.  Enter the URL, or search through titles online through sites like YouTube.com and Flickr.com

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h1. {color:#0000ff}Relating to other applications{color}{anchor:Relating to Other Applications}

280 Slides is comparable to other familiar presentation applications including Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote. 280 Slides uses a layout very similar to PowerPoint, and even allows the user to import existing PowerPoint presentations to view, edit, share, or download back to a PC in various formats including PowerPoint 2007, OpenDocument, and PDF. Unlike PowerPoint or Keynote, however, 280 Slides is a completely free web application that requires no software to install. The user simply must register with 280 Slides by providing a valid email and a password. Registration is free and takes less than a minute. 280 Slides also offers free online presentation storage through Slide Share so you can access it from any computer with internet service, share it on your social networking sites (such as LinkedIn), and embed it in websites, blogs, and wikis. For more information on Slide Share please visit www.slideshare.net .

The media browser in 280 Slides uses Google to search the web for images and videos from sites like YouTube and Flicker which can easily be embedded in the presentation with simple drag and drop or double-click actions. While 280 Slides offers the ability to easily create professional presentations, it provides a limited number of themes and templates and lacks the fancy slide transitions and animations we are accustomed to seeing in PowerPoint. It also is lacking in the variety of typefaces that PowerPoint has, however it does offer some classic typefaces that PowerPoint does not, such as Futura.
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h1. {color:#0000ff}What's unique about 280 Slides?{color}{anchor:Whats Unique About 280 Slides}

280 Slides provides an auto-save and recovery. If you ever have that moment where your computer freezes in the middle of a big project, there's no need to worry\! 280 Slides saves your information every few minutes. 280 Slides also restores your newest version when you log back on and reopen your presentation. There is no downloading or installation needed. 280 Slides runs inside your browser just like any other website. It is free and easy to use. You are able to easily upload pictures and videos to your presentation from your own personal documents or directly from popular web services like Flickr and YouTube. The Media Browser is a unique feature that allows you to browse the internet for photos and videos while never leaving the 280 Slides page. Since 280 slides is based off your browser, you are able to save your presentation and take it anywhere you have internet connection. 280 Slides is extremely compatible. You are able to upload your existing PowerPoint presentations and it will import them into 280 Slides. This way you won’t have to start from scratch. With just a single click you are able to download a copy of your presentation in your favorite format including the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 format. You can also put your presentation on SlideShare, e-mail it to a friend, or embed it directly on your own website, all with just a few clicks.

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h1. {color:#0000ff}How can 280 Slides be used in a classroom setting?{color}{anchor:How can 280 Slides be Used in a Classroom Setting?}

Listed below are a number of lesson plans that incorporate the use of 280 Slides into their curriculum.

| Section | Lesson Plans |
| *Elementary* | [Local Wildlife and Their Habitat|^Local Wildlife and Their Habitat.doc]     [PDF|^Local Wildlife and Their Habitat.pdf] \\
[Measuring Temperatures|^Measuring Temperatures Using Two States of Water.doc]     [PDF|^Measuring Temperatures Using Two States of Water.pdf] \\
[Counting Shapes|^counting shapes.doc]     [PDF|^counting shapes.pdf] \\ |
| *Secondary* | [Exploring Geographical Regions|^Exploring Geographical.doc]     [PDF|^Exploring Geographical Regions.pdf] \\
[Exploring the Planets|^Exploring The Planets.doc]     [PDF|^Exploring the Planets.pdf] \\
[The Fall of the Roman Empire|^The Fall of the Roman Empire.docx]     [PDF|^The Fall of the Roman Empire.pdf] \\
[American Civil War|^American Civil War.docx]      [PDF|^American Civil War.pdf] \\
 [Critiquing Impressionism|^Critiquing Impressionism.docx]      [PDF|^Critiquing Impressionism.pdf] \\ |
| *Post-Secondary* | [How to Become King|^How to Become King.doc]     [PDF|^How to Become King.pdf] \\
[Biodiversity|^biodiversity.doc]     [PDF|^biodiversity.pdf] \\
[Educational Technology: 280 Slides|^Educational Technology Post-secondary lesson plan.docx]     [PDF|^Educational Technology Post-secondary plan.pdf] \\ |

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h1. {color:#0000ff}How can 280 Slides be used in real world settings?{color}{anchor:How can 280 Slides be Used in Real World Settings?}

You can access and complete your saved presentation from anywhere internet is available. Groups of students or colleagues can work together in different locations to collaborate on a presentation. Presentations can easily be shared with large groups of individuals around the world without installing any new software. The website is only in english so the users must be able to understand English or the program may not be beneficial to them. Individuals meeting via video conference can view and discuss a presentation simultaneously. You can upload PowerPoint presentations for easy viewing, editing, and/or storage. You can save your presentation to Slide Share to embed in your personal websites or blogs. You can use your presentation to share new concepts or ideas to co-workers, friends, or students. You can use your presentation to market a new product or service. Students can demonstrate understanding through creating and sharing a presentation. You can use the media browser to insert your personal photos and videos to share at family gatherings.
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h1. {color:#0000ff}Examples of 280 Slides being used {color} {anchor:Examples of 280 Slides Being Used}

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h1. {color:#0000ff}User Perspectives{color}{anchor:Global Perspectives}

280 Slides can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. This means that you can also take your presentation anywhere where there is internet access as well, and not have to worry about carrying a flash drive or cd rom with you. Here is some feedback on 280 Slides from some of the web users. 280 Slides can also be used for a variety of career fields. Teachers, businessmen, advertisers, students, and many more can all benefit from this program. 

 "I can safely say that I was unprepared for experiencing such a leap in UI design for web applications. I've never seen such attention to detail in a web app's UI - and the best part is, the interface is still so responsive, unlike most hefty JS apps (try, for example, using Google Presentations). I sincerely hope this sets a new standard for all of us web developers for usability in our web applications. Thanks 280 for pushing us forward." - Matthew Moore

"Slides 280 \[looks\] like the future of web based programs and is by far the most polished web app I have ever seen or used." - Matt McCarthy

"280 Slides combines the best of cloud computing with the best of local computing. The ability to create and host presentations online means that you can avoid the cost of proprietary software. The option to download your presentations locally allows you to access them in instances of not having an Internet connection." - Free Technology for Teachers

It should be noted that 280 Slides is intended for English speaking viewers.  The website, and program launched within the viewer's browser, does not translate into other languages.  If the viewers are not fluent in English, this website would be difficult, or impossible, to use.  This limits who is able to utilize the site and program, but the access for the viewers is world-wide as long as there is internet access. 

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h1. {color:#0000ff}References{color}{anchor:References}














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