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Role 1: Researchers- Analyze and synthesize the Web 2.0 Product Information

-Research everything about the application, how it works, how it could be used in education, how it has been used in other settings, etc.

-Research literature that has been written about the application 


Role 2: Instructional Designers- Outline the goals of the project and the set up the key instructional activities for the WIKI chapter and Showcase.

-Design key pieces for the full project: what is to be included, how many examples, how to structure graphic, use of video, etc.


Role 3: Writers- Actually write the major portion of the chapter

-Use material given to them from the researchers

-Work closely with the researchers and designers to make sure everything possible is covered in an understandable manner 


Role 4: Presentors- Present at the big fair at the end!

Role 5: Evaluators-   Those who will look over the written work and make all kinds of suggestions

-In charge of evaluating the performance of other groups at the showcase

-In charge of evaluating the performance of other groups at the showcase

-Report via written evaluations about what has been accomplished, what worked and what could be improved, what those improvements could possibly be, etc.

Role 6: Marketing- Determine how to best "sell" the product for the showcase

-How to get attention both for the WIKI Chapter and the showcase presentation 

Role 7: Connectors-Those that search out how to make the project better

-Connect directly with the creator of the application. Get them involved

-Brainstorm constantly about educational application

-Find unique/infomative/productive ways to show how it could be used

-Think about this as a competition: how will you get individuals to pay attention to your application?

-Use of marketing strategies

-Figure out ways to have your group work and be viewed as a cohesive group (similar t-shirts, logo, name, etc.)

-Work constantly on the WIKI discussion area: learn to communicate freely on the board and then integrate your work within the WIKI