Do It, Do It, Done

- Welcome to Project 2!! The students here at Purdue University are so excited that you all will be working with us on this project. My name is Sara Barrett and I am the Project Manager for the Do it, Do it, Done application. Anytime you guys have any questions or comments or just need anything my email is

- This project is basically the making of a WIKI chapter about a specific application, which I mentioned ours above. In this chapter we will discribe the applications use and how it can be applied for educational purposes. Different parts of the chapter can include: the purpose, the history or development of the applicaiton, how to use it, its relation to other applications, its unique use, lesson plans, educational value, international use, and anything else we want to add!

- The other team members include Brooke Wilson, Jose Carrillo, Josh Thomack, Kieran McMullen, Laura Compton, and Samantha Steinhaus- these are the other students from Purdue. The students from the EWHA Womens's University include- Euikyoung Shin, Somi, Kim, and Yu in Jeong.

- Everyone has different jobs ranging from the writers to those creating lesson plans. Please feel free to jump into any job that you deem needs to be done or that you would just like to add your own opinions to. It would be great to have your opinions for the international use but dont limit yourself to only that!!!

Let's make a great WIKI chapter! (big grin)

- Sara BarrettĀ