Hi everyone!

This page is for you to comment and share your ideas about our project.

The project is to create a WIKI page that gives information about a certian Web 2.0 application. The Web 2.0 application that we have been assigned to is JotSurvey. You can find information about this application on the application website --> http://jotform.com or other search engines such as www.google.com . The comments that you will be making will be based on ideas that you might have for our WIKI page, such as the set up or for presentation ideas like videos or posters. Once we have created our WIKI page, the student here will be presenting it to the rest of the students and to faculty. The comments will also be any information that you find about our application. The question that you will all be answering is...

i. For a more global perspective, how could this application be used in other

countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more

relevant to those outside of the US?

In other words, how could this application be used in Korea?

**We have assigned JotSurvey Roles and Responsibilities 

On this page you can see which of the above questions have been assigned to you and also there is a discription of the different roles that the memebers of our team can have. We have already assigned roles to the students here but if you are interested in helping with any of them please just let me know.

The names of all of the international partners are..

Meehyang Nam

Miree Choi

Seoyoung Park
Yuri Song

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