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A Purpose for

 This program is to remind you and to list things that you have planned.

The Inner-Workings uses a semantic technology in order to allow the user to actually verbally tell the program what event needs to be done and when it needs to be done. The only difficult issue is that the user must provide a specific time for the event (such as “7pm Tomorrow”).

 Use it to create sms, email or twitter reminders for yourself. can understand your natural language so you don't need to enter dates and times manually. This is very convenient and is not as time consuming as some other ways of reminders might be such as datebooks, or other things.

The Compatability of with Other Services

 Reminders from Task fm can be received via email, SMS, twitter or voice call.  It is easy to change the way you recieve your reminder with the click of a button.

Task fm can be used with email, twitter, Google Calendars, iCal, SMS, voice, AIM, gTalk, and MSN to send you reminders about your daily schedule.

 Being able to use Task fm with other applications that many people already use is very convenient.  Task fm works with the applications to send you reminders about your schedule, what you have planned for the day, and what you need to do.  It is a great way to never forget what is important to you, and easy to use because it is connected to other applications that you use daily.

Unique Applications to

 Having these 4 options of ways to recieve your reminders makes Task fm convenient for anyone.  For the less tech savvy, they can recieve voice calls.  Others spend most of their days at their computers, so the email option would work the best.  The variety in ways to recieve your reminders makes Task fm an option for everyone. 

 You can use phrases such as "next Tuesday at 6 p.m." or "tomorrow at 9 a.m." and Task fm will know what you are referring to and schedule it into your calendar. Applied to



1.  Science Project

In this lesson plan, students will use Task FM to keep track of the tasks they must complete before presenting their research at the science fair.

The students will have to learn how to use Task FM, learn how keep track of tasks, research a science topic, and then present their topic at the science fair.


The students will learn a list of ten new vocabulary words each week during the lesson unit.  They will create a list of the words on the program Task FM.  Through this program, they will keep track of which words they have learned and which ones they need to work on.  It will be up to the students to determine when they have fully learned a word.

Learning Environment

The students will work individually on their chosen science topic.  They will use a personal or lab computer to utilize Task FM in order to create a reminder list for the project.  They may also use the computer and library to do research.

Types of Students

The students will be in secondary education and in a science course.


Science (Scientific Thinking):  6.2


Lab or personal computer with internet access, mobile-phone, science fair topic, library, and Task FM.


1.     Students will pick a topic to research and then present at the bi-annual science fair.

2.     The students will need to sign up for Task FM and then they will also need to learn how to use Task FM.  With this program, they will create a reminder of tasks for their project.

3.     The students will have time to do research on their topic on the computers and in the library.  They must record their research and sources.

For the final presentation, the students must create at least one visual aid for the science fair.


After learning how to use Task FM, the students will use the program to create a reminder list for the items they need to accomplish while creating their presentation for the science fair.


Recorded research and sources = 50 points
Visual aid = 50 points
Science fair attendance and presentation = 100 points

Total = 200 points

2.  Timeline Presentation

In this lesson plan, students will use Task FM to create a reminder of tasks they must complete in order to finish their timeline presentation.

The students will have to learn how to use Task FM, create a reminder of tasks to be done, create a timeline of a person's life during World War II, create a visual aid, and finally create a presentation.


Students will be asked to make up a legend of discovering America.  Based on our class discussions and their own research each student will create a time line of events that could possibly have happened to a person who reached the New World.  Students will then give a short presentation to their classmates describing their made up legend.  Students will also be required to use Task FM to create and submit a reminder of things required to complete their project on time.

Learning Environment

The students will work individually.  They will use Task FM on a lab computer with the internet.  They will also be able to do research on their topic in the library.

Types of Students

The students will be in secondary education and in a history class.


United States History  USH.5.6


Lab computer with internet access, mobile-phone, information about the first Americans and explorers from Europe, and Task FM.


1.    Students will be provided with a list of legends and asked to pick one of them.

2.    Students will also be given a quick lesson in how to use Task FM to create to do lists of reminders.

3.    Students will then be asked to use Task FM to make a list of things the need to accomplish in order to complete their report on time. 

4.    The teacher will block off several days of library and computer lab time in order to give the students the chance to research using school materials.

5.    Students will then create lives, families, businesses and other specifics about the legend they have chosen.

A timeline of the legend must be included in the presentation.


After learning how to use Task FM, the students will use the program to list the things they need to accomplish in order to complete their report on time.


Creativity of a legend invented and accuracy of possible life events = 20 points
Visual aid (PowerPoint, poster, puppet show, etc…) = 30 points
Presentation skills (looking at audience, language, keeping audience hooked) = 35
Two-question evaluation about their classmates’ projects = 10 points

Total = 100 points

      Post Secondary




Students will:
·Repeat Imperative and Time
·Learn how to use
·Learn what memo is and how to write it.
·Create a week-memo for the teacher using

Learning Environment

The class will use mobile phones or computers with internet access in the computer lab.

Types of Students

The students will be in high school, 1-year students




Computers in computer lab with internet access, mobile phones.


1. The students will repeat grammar of Imperative (commands) and Time (pm, am etc).

2. The students will learn how to use with the help of their teacher.

3. Then, they will act as secretaries and the teacher will be their boss. The boss has a busy time-table for the next week, all the things are written on the screens of computers. The task of the students is to organize the time-table in a proper way. In pairs they will write memos.
4. After they have created their memos, they send them to the teacher’s computer or mobile phone to remind, using
5. When everybody has done it, the teacher reads, discusses memos with the class and evaluates it.


Using, the students will study how to write , send and use memos; they will study to remind some things to themselves or to other people.


The students will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Creativeness – 20 points
  • Work in pairs – 10 points
  • Grammar-20 points
    50 points

Applying to a Business Setting

Often times in a business training environment, the trainees are provided with a long and detailed training schedule that can be confusing, tedious, and difficult to remember. One way to help trainees remember all of the training events would be to add every task to a schedule. The trainer could simply log into the member site, add all of the trainees’ phone numbers and emails under their contact list, and then add all of the contacts to a group that has been previously specified. The trainer would then add an event, and under the “advanced” link below the text box the trainer would need to check the “send to group?” box and select their training group from the drop down box.   


Educational Potential of can be used easily for students in an educational advantage. It could be used as a task manager for a class, it could be applied as a syllabus and update students about upcoming homework exams and study sessions. It could also be a way to just manage your everyday schedule. Many students do not get homework done or do not study for exams because they forget and/or do not write it down. A teacher could make a group and update her students this way. This process would also be beneficial to students working on group projects for meetings and deadlines. Time management and task management would be beneficial to any student beacause it could help them stay on task and stay up to date with projects and deadlines. 

Applying on a Greater scale