_Created by: Nick Spegal, Mark Schmitt, Lizette Sandoval, Jacob Bright, Shelby Lesko, and Whitney Wheeler._

_Edited by: Amanda Brooks, Erica Grote, and Mackenzie Ness_

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h4. {color:#99cc00}       Dropvine was created to enable users to share links through the internet. The application makes the process of sharing links very easy. Dropvine is a place you can go simply to share links with friends, colleagues, or classmates without being bombarded with other information as it is when you share links through e-mail and social networks. Dropbox eliminates the middle-man in link sharing and is perfect for personal enjoyment or work related purposes.{color}


{center}| h3. {color:#31872c}Section{color} | h3. {color:#31872c}Table of Contents{color} |
| {color:#31872c}1.{color} | [History|#History] |
| {color:#31872c}2.{color} | [How To Join|#join|take user to section 2] |
| {color:#31872c}3.{color} | [How Dropvine Relates to Other Applications|#Other] |
| {color:#31872c}4.{color} | [Real-World Application and Who Can Use It|#Real] |
| {color:#31872c}5.{color} | {color:#003366}[Dropvine Use In Lesson Plans|#lesson|take user to section 5]{color} |
| {color:#31872c}6.{color} | [Demonstration of Educational Value|#EdValue|take user to section 6] |
| {color:#31872c}7.{color} | [How Dropvine Is Used Internationally|#International] |
| {color:#31872c}8.{color} | [Courtesy Warning |#Courtesy] |
| {color:#31872c}9.{color} | [References|#References] |{center}


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h3. {color:#31872c}1. History{color}
Dropvine was launched on Sunday, April 12, 2009[^1^|#one] and was made using the PHP web programming language. Dropvine's server is located in Atlanta, Georgia. On March 28, 2010, dropvine.com was estimated to be worth 1554.90 USD (United States Dollars).[^3^|#three] It is an online web 2.0 technology that allows its users to share links they have come across on the internet.  Users can comment on the shared links, as well as view them even without a dropvine account.[^2^|#two] Dropvine is considered the most popular web application of its kind.


h3. {color:#31872c} 2. How To Join{color}
Dropvine is a very easy web application to join and is free of cost. The Dropvine website provides step by step instructions on how to join the application. When on the website, [dropvine.com|http://www.dropvine.com/] , the option to sign up is located at the bottom of the homepage. The only information needed to create an account with Dropvine is a valid e-mail account. The sign up section asks for a valid e-mail address, a password, and the current time of joining. Also, the Terms of Use must be read and agreed to before the account can be made. One these steps are completed, an account will be valid and the user can fully utilize the Dropvine website.

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h3. {color:#31872c}3. How Dropvine Relates to other Applications{color}
Dropvine is similar to other applications such as Facebook. Facebook is used for networking, keeping in touch with friends, and now several other applications have been added. With dropvine you are able to share links between friends. On facebook they allow web link sharing and posting on other people’s facebooks. Both applications share information and links between friends.[^4^|#four] Link Market is another application similar to Dropvine. It has been around since 2003. Link Market grew from a small link exchange website to a giant link exchange market place. Webmasters from around the world found and made partnerships with other webmasters through link exchange.[^5^|#five] StumbleUpon allows people to add friends to their site and share links, like Dropvine. “The basic idea of each social link community is that people share their discovered links with others via the Internet. Actually it’s only allowed to send those links to your social community friends. Having a lot of friends with the same interest like yourself is something very valuable to generate a lot of traffic to your website or weblog.”[^6^|#six]


h3. {color:#31872c}4. Real-World Application and Who Can Use It{color}
Dropvine is a useful application for anyone. It can be a fun way to share memorable links to your closest friends, peers, or collegues. Dropvine allows people to entertain one another with youtube videos or share intellectual articles with one another from across the globe. It is easy to use and allows people from varying computer skills and technological knowledge to use the application easily. Dropvine can also be incorporated into the schools or the workplace.

By using Dropvine, you have the ability to use it as a bookmarklet; allowing quick and easy sending of the current page that you are viewing.[^7^|#seven] Your links can still be sent to those who don't have an account, they will still receive a notification email the first time.[^8^|#eight] Those who aren't signed up and wish to no longer receive links from Dropvine can permanently unsubscribe from being emailed.[^9^|#nine] When you send them a link, the inbox will be created automatically and they will also get an email notification.[^10^|#ten] 


Using the bookmarklet to send a link from a page being viewed.  

h3. {color:#99cc00} Features{color}[{color:#99cc00}11{color}|#eleven]

* Share cool web links you come across in few seconds.
* No toolbar installation required, just bookmarklet.
* Your friends don’t need to sign up first to get the links.
* Commenting on the shared links is allowed.

Dropvine was created to speed up the process of sending a link to one or multiple people. This only takes about five seconds.[^12^|#twelve]


h3. {color:#31872c}5. Dropvine Use In Lesson Plans{color}
Since Dropvine is so useful in the everyday world teachers are starting to incorporate the application into their own lesson plans to implement technology into their students education. Below are a few examples of how teachers at different grade levels use Dropbox with their students.

h3. {color:#008000}Elementary{color}


[Basic Math|^Math.doc] _.doc_
[Basic Math|^math.pdf] _.pdf_

_This lesson plan will help elementary students learn and understand basic math skills. They need to learn basic addition and subtraction rules in order to be successful in learning harder math material._

[Whales|^Whales.doc] _.doc_
[Whales|^whales.pdf] _.pdf_

_Learning about whales will help students understand that different types of species live on Earth today. Teaching the students about species that live in the ocean will be a fun experience, and the students will also enjoy giving their own feedback on their favorite whale._

[^Photosynthesis Lesson.doc]

[^Photosynthesis Lesson.pdf]

_This lesson plan will help students learn the basics of photosynthesis. It is important to learn where it all starts, because without plans we would not be able to survive. This gives them an opportunity to search the web, and learn the facts about photosynthesis._

 [^Human Body.docx]

[^Human Body.pdf]

_This lesson plan provides students with a fun, hands-on way of learning about the human body systems. The lesson will provide students with experience in technology all while the students are learning about the importance of the different body systems and organs._

_[5 Senses.|^5 Senses.docx]__ doc_
_[5 Senses.|^5 Senses.pdf]__ pdf_

_This lesson plan will help students learn the 5 senses by using hands on activities and also by incorporating technology. This will give students the opportunity to learn about the senses in multiple ways by using new applications and by getting experience during class time._

h3. {color:#008000}Secondary{color}

{color:#008000}[^Categorizing Animals.docx]{color}

{color:#008000}[^Categorizing Animals.pdf]{color}

{color:#000000}{_}This lesson will teach students about the different categories of animals. They will use the Internet to find information and to find pictures. They will also use peer editing to check each other's work._{color}

[^Holocaust Timeline.docx]

[^Holocaust Timeline.pdf] 

_This lesson will help give students a better understanding about the length of which the Holocaust was. It will also help the students recognize the major events that took place during this time in history. _

[^The Presidents.doc]

[^The Presidents.pdf] 

_This lesson will give students an opportunity to research in depth about one of our countries presidents. They are all important in different ways and for different reasons, but for this lesson the students will choose just one to focus on._

[Insects|^Insects.doc] _.doc_
[Insects|^Incect.pdf] _.pdf_

_This lesson gives students the opportunity to get outdoors and see what other creatures they share this planet with. This insect collection is a good way of teaching students the differences in insects so they can understand more about them._

[Calculus|^Calc.doc] _.doc_
[Calculus|^calculus.pdf] _.pdf_

_This lesson lets students explore the history of calculus and see how it is used today. This is a great way to give students a feel for why calculus is important and why they should be excited to study it_.

h3. {color:#008000}Post-Secondary{color}


[Art Therapy Lesson Plan |^EDCI 270 Project 2 lesson plan.docx]_.doc_

[Art Therapy Lesson Plan|^EDCI 270 Project 2 lesson plan.pdf]. _pdf_

_This lesson plan is designed to get those students with special needs involved in using and understanding real world technology, along with incorporating art therapy for a means of expression._

[Famous Artists|^FamousArtists.doc] _.doc_
[Famous Artists|^famousartist.pdf] _.pdf_

_This lesson plan will help the students to explore a famous artist of choice. This is a great way for the students to become familiar with different styles of art._

[Speech Debate|^SpeechDebate.doc] _.doc_
[Speech Debate|^speechdebate.pdf] _.pdf_

_This lesson plan will help the students explore and debate a topic. The students will become experts on their topic of choice and be able to show their passion for it._

[Digestive System|^DigestiveSystem.doc] _.doc_
[Digestive System|^digestivesystem.pdf] _.pdf_

_This lesson plan will help students explore and learn more about the human body. Students will research and understand the functions of the body when food is digested in humans.  _


h3. {color:#31872c}6. Demonstration of Educational Value{color}
Dropvine is a helpful tool that can send links directly to friends. When a person may discover content that a friend will be interested in they can send the link right through Dropvine.[^13^|#thirteen] The educational value here is that, if for example, a person needs specific information on a certain topic, friends can help and send important research links through Dropvine. Dropvine is a valuable educational tool because the basic use of the program is to share links and information with friends. Dropvine will also give users a great web experience.[^14^|#fourteen] The program allows for commenting on links, and therefore friends can either thank you for the great information you have passed along, or they can also let you know  the link you have sent is not of good use for them.[^15^|#fifteen] Simple tools that can help extend the surf and search capabilities of Firefox and Explorer web browsers are bookmarklets. The Dropvine bookmarklets allows quick sending of a current page you are viewing. For example: Youtube[^16^|#sixteen]

When you send a link to someone through Dropvine, it shows up in their Dropvine inbox and their email inbox, so they don't have to be logged on to Dropvine to view it.[^17^|#seventeen] If your friends don't have a Dropvine account, they will still receive the links you send them.  Their Dropvine inbox gets created automatically for them.[^18^|#eighteen]


h3. {color:#31872c}7. How Dropvine is used Internationally{color}
Dropvine can be just as useful internationally as it is locally.  Sharing information with international partners can be quick and painless.  As long as there is an internet connection, you can easily share links back and forth using Dropvine.  Links can also be sent to multiple partners in different locations at the same time.  It's just one more way that Dropvine makes sharing links a simple process.


h3. {color:#31872c}{*}8. Courtesy Warning{*}{color}
* Don't post links that are offensive to others in any way. 
* Don't post anything you wouldn't want everybody to know about
* Don't share your password with anybody
* Be careful about the videos you are in, they could be shared through this website
* Be careful with who you share links with, it may not be the person you think it is


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