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Table of Contents


What are the uses of Pixton?

What does it do?
I.1 Why is Pixton Educational?


Who uses Pixton?


History and Development
III.1 How Pixton works.


Getting More out of the Application


How Pixton relates to other Applications?
V.1 Comparison to Competitors
V.2 Unique Uses


Real World Application
VI.1 Educational Lesson Plans
     i. Elemantary
     ii. Secondary
     iii. Post Secondary
VI.2 Buisness Industry
     i. Business


Demonstration of Educational Value




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What does Pixton do?

The purpose of Pixton is to allow users to show their creativity by educational uses or even personal uses including the people and events that make up their lives.
Pixton is very user-friendly, designed in a safe way for kids. It's a nice, easy, fun way to reinforce all of the language arts skills, and a different way that might engage children. Pixton is different because comics are not hard to read and understand which might be better for certain students who do not have great reading skill, they will still be able to get the most out of this program. It is absolutely free and for people who don't have confidence in their drawing skills, it's the perfect tool. You do not have to have any technical skills to use either, which is another great aspect about Pixton! Pixton allows it's users to vote, comment, and share each comic stripe they make, and it also allows it's member to have the power to design the character the way they want.
Pixton is a multimedia tool based on how to make comics online, for free.  It can be found in 40 different languages which makes it more assessable for everyone which is why it is such an excellent educational tool. Most of the work with this program can be used with a copy-and-paste technique and you can choose whether to work from scratch or use finished templates. Also, you can choose to publish your work on the internet, on t-shirts, on posters or even save it for your own use. When the student creates a comic, he or she will be the writer, creator and the producer of the comic. This will increase the vocabulary of the student and expand their artistic skills. Also, Pixton forces students to increase their comprehension of the lesson as well as allowing them to express different kinds of feelings. With Pixton, you will get the students away from the desks for a while, which will increase their willingness to work harder and become more interested in the lesson they are learning.

1.1 Why is Pixton Educational?

Language arts skills are difficult to master and quite frankly many children find them boring. Luckily, comic strips have been teacher’s “secret weapon” for years to overcome this boredom. This video is about a woman from Knowledge Essentials that is being interviewed to talk about how is the newest spin to creating this old time “secret weapon” and how it can be used in any classroom to connect grammar and reading skills as well as creativity at the same time.


II. Who uses Pixton?

WARNING: PIXTON SHOULD ONLY BE USED IF ONE IS OVER 19 YEARS IF AGE OR WITH PARENTAL SUPERVISION! attracts people of all ages and thanks to the Internet almost anyone in the world use it. Pixton is internationally known on a large scale; people share their stories, tell jokes and express their opinions through comics and other people can take part in the fun and learn from them as well. With more than 46 different languages, Pixton becomes even more marketable.
Also, it can be used in school contexts. For example, students can learn a different language or make a comic to their accounting homework to make it more interesting for the other students.
Pixton is a global social community and a fun, innovative educational tool according to the article Comic with Pixton. Since it is such a simple tool, it's easy for everyone to use! Pixton is a great educational tool for students as well as businessmen and women. Pixton can be used in the classrooms to get students motivated to learn and encourage them to use their creative side to make their own comic. Pixton inspires students to learn by giving them a new way to express ideas, tell stories, and collaborate creatively in a private online environment. In addition, Pixton can be used in the work environment. People can use Pixton to create professionally rendered comics in a private online workspace. Also, for those who just enjoy a good laugh and are looking to have some fun, you can create your own comic at your leisure.

III. History and Development

In 2007, Clive Goodinson, the founder of Pixton, and Daina Goodinson, the co-founder and designer, imagined a place were people could meet, cooperate, and share ideas and stories. Combined with his love for comic series, such comics like Tintin, and his knowledge within computer programming, Clive struck upon the idea of a new kind of comic, where anyone could be author. What started as a simple interactive stick figure has quickly evolved to become a unique, proprietary technology for fully articulating 2.5-dimensional characters. With unrivaled expressive possibilities and an ever-expanding library of props and character attributes, Pixton is now the #1 website for making comics online.
Clive Goodinson is the creator of Pixton. Pixton is an award-winning global online community where people of all ages create, publish, share, and remix comics without having to draw. Pixton's proprietary comic creator, click-and-drag simplicity, articulable characters, and automatic translation redefine the comic as a mass-collaborative Web 2.0 medium. Article
Daina Goodinson, aka Deelite or Clive's wife, is responsible for all creative aspects of brand identity, development, marketing and sales according to Pixton's website. Her passions include world travel and photography, which may be a reason why has a feature where you can upload personal photos to add creativity to your own personal comic strip. However, Clive, aka The Jokester, is the true mastermind behind Pixton. An expert in the full spectrum of interactive technologies, Clive earned a Master of Science degree from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He immigrated to Canada from England when he was just a wee lad, or so Pixton's website informs us.
All of this information was adapted from Pixton.

I.1 How Pixton Works

Within Pixton's *[homepage,|]* you can create your own comic. Under the create tab you will be able to choose from 6 different types of comics: The Classic, The Sunday Funny, Super Long, Quickie, Poster, and Pixture. After you select which type of comic you would like to create, you have to create your own account and then you can get started on the fun!!/Pixton_Comics|!/Pixton_Comics  

IV. Getting More out of the Application

Pixton allows businesses and schools to buy a license to help inspire and motivate students to learn by giving them a whole new way to express ideas, tell stories, and collaborate creatively in a private online environment. The License includes a wide variety of things to help make the experience enjoyable while also being very well organized.

Pixton has licenses that can be purchased:


Pixton Education License

Pixton Business License

With a Pixton Education License you can:

  • Use the fully-loaded Comic Creator
  • Access from home or school
  • Import your class list for easy set-up
  • Create lessons with problem & solution
  • Create unlimited comics in all formats
  • Mark comics & send back for revision
  • Browse and share in Project Bank
  • Group messaging to students
  • Get full resolution printable PDFs
  • Get full resolution JPGs and PNGs
    Pixton Education licenses are as
    low as 12 cents per user per month! It's a great deal!

With a Pixton Business License you can: 

  • Use the fully-loaded Comic Creator 
  • Embeddable or fully private comics 
  • Download preview files for proofing 
  • ZIP package with JPG, PNG & PDFs 
  • Customize comic length & panel width 
  • Access exclusive props & characters 
  • Standard commercial licence or upgrade 
  • Variety of widgets to embed on the web 
    Pixton Business licenses are only $2.95 
    per comic and this online software has 
    won many awards so it is 
    very credible and reliable!
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Pixton or Pixton+ :
Licenses can be purchased for Pixton for a business or educational setting as described previously in 1.3 - Getting More Out of the Application.  However with Standard Pixton membership, the option is available to upgrade for a small monthly fee for more features like printing, props and other fun things.  Below is a list of free features with Pixton versus the additional features you receive when upgrading to Pixton+.
Standard Pixton (free!)
Pixton+ (as low as $4.95/month
Create and remix comics (click and drag)
Rate and Comment on other comics
Create your own profile page and pixture
Share your comics with friends, family and the world.
Earn badges, points and levels
Build a global fanbase
Send messages to friends and fans
Activate content filter for adults and kids
Make one-of-a-kind t-shirts and more
Use basic Pixton Comic Creator
Earn Pixton Reward Credits
Save prop groups to use again and again
Upload real pictures or images
Make original characters with enhanced features
Enhanced speech bubbles
Use fully-loaded Comic Creator
Create a banner image for your profile
Change multiple colors on props
Remix comics with select friends
Activate your rating power
Switch up your Pixture on comments
Private comics for friends and family
Track your fame with comic stats
Get full resolution printable PDF’s
Get full resolution JPGs and PNGs
Earn monthly Pixton Credits
*these additional features are automatically included within the Pixton+
Pixton Credits:
PIxton Credits allows you to:
Get extra props and characters, boost your comics for more views, *get full resolution printable PDF’s, and *get full resolution JPGs and PNGs.

V. How Pixton relates to other Applications

II.1 Comparison to Competitors

Pixton is a type of online studio that allows its users to create comics that portray their thoughts. Members can grab, create and remix their own Pixton comic characters and storylines with a click of the mouse. Pixton is based on a social and interactive game-like experience found nowhere else.
Pixton is a tool for making 2D comics that is incredibly customizable; you can change almost every aspect of a character including clothing, colors, facial expressions, and postures. Also, Pixton is safe for kids as well; they have a language filter that censors offensive language and the users can vote and flag each others' comics to be reviewed and removed if necessary. All of these services provide the ability to embed your comic strip on your website and share them with others. These views where seen in the article Comic with Pixton.
Pixton is similar to other online communication sites in that it allows users to contribute ideas and information that can be read by other internet users. The difference between Pixton and other sites is that Pixton users portray their thoughts in the form of comic strips rather than just plain informational sites. 
The closest site that I could find was
These sites are similar in a lot of ways. For example, you can create a comic and post it on a forum, but with Pixton you have the option to register a large number of people at once if you want to create accounts for a group of students and on the other site you cannot add that large of a group. Also, with Stripcreator you don’t have the option to combine your art with facebook and other sites like you can on Pixton.     

Code of Conduct

These simple rules govern how you interact with others as well as how you interact with Pixton.
If you break a rule, you may be SUSPENDED or BANNED. These rules have been taken directly from Pixton
Five easy rules to follow:
What isn't allowed on Pixton:

What to do if someone breaks the code:

  1. Respect your fellow Pixtonators
  2. Remix other people's work with respect
  3. Report trouble-makers to Pixton staff
  4. Preserve attribution on all comics
  5. Contact us with any comments or questions about Pixto
  1. Using comics or comments to have an argument
  2. Posting rude comments or messages
  3. Posting comments that are not about the comic
  4. Harassing someone for their personal beliefs
  5. Remixing a comic without adding something new
  6. Posting suggestive or indecent content
  7. Depicting nudity, even if you think it is artistic
  8. Using someone else's account or ask for passwords
  9. Impersonating a celebrity or Pixton staff
  10. Portraying Pixton staff in comics without prior permission
  11. Discussing Pixton's policies publicly on our website - contact us instead
  1. Click the 'Report' button on a comic or profile
  2. Click the 'Block' button on a message

    More Information

    You can find more detailed information in our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy

II.2 Unique Uses

Pixton can be used in many different ways. One way that makes it unique is it's feature that allows schools and business's to purchase a license and create comics suited to their needs.
Pixton is an award-winning global online community where people of all ages create, publish, share, and remix comics without having to draw. According to O'Reilly, Pixton's proprietary comic creator, click-and-drag simplicity, articulable characters, and automatic translation redefine the comic as a mass-collaborative Web 2.0 medium makes it unique compared to other web creations. It stands above the rest. Looking at all the awards, most would agree.
Pixton has received many awards including "Applied Arts Interactive Media," "Adobe Site of the Day," and "IParenting(Disney) Media Award." This is just a short list to show the accomplishments that follow the creators of Pixton. To see more awards Pixton has one please see their website.
Within the last year, Pixton has been rewarded Backbone Magazine’s Pick 20 Award, the only national ranking of its kind.  It identifies “the 20 companies that are driving innovation and changing the way we use the Internet.”  Pixton attracts members of all ages and languages and its membership has sky-rocketed, with over a quarter-million characters created, as of early 2009. To read more of this article, go to their Press Page.

VI. Real World Application

VI. Real World Application

III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

i. Elementary Lesson Plans 

(1) Animal Habitats!
In this lesson plan, students will use Pixton to create a comic about an animal in their habitat.
This lesson is about allowing the students use their creativity along with the information gained from an Animal Habitat unit to create comics that deal with the habitat the animal lives in. The comic should relate back to science based facts and be fun as well.
The point of this task is to give the student time to learn how to use technology to their benefit for the students who feel their artist skills are not as good as others.



(2) Seasons!
This lesson discusses the four different seasons and it also discusses the weather in each of those seasons. This lesson plan allows students to use their creativity to design their own educational comic with the help of other students in their class. The comic should reflect what they have learned about the four different seasons such as; different weather conditions, what to wear, and other miscellaneous facts.

Seasons.DOC (STEM)  

Seasons.PDF (STEM)

(3) Writing!
This lesson teaches students to read and comprehend text and it also discusses how to properly summarize a chapter of a book. This lesson plan allows students to creatively express information. The comic should be able to properly express the assigned material.



(4) Parts of a Flower!
Students will be able to identify the parts of a flower and use Pixton to provide a visual understanding of the part they have learned about the parts of the flower when presenting using Pixton.  The presentation used by Pixton will be assessed to make sure that the parts of the flower are correctly labeled and modified.

Parts of a Flower.docx

Parts of a Flower.pdf

(5) Frog’s Life Cycle!

Students will be given the chance to use Pixton to create a comic either based on the life cycle of a frog, or a story made up about a frog.  First they will be given a lecture on the life cycle, then they will be turned free to come up with a comic that relates to frogs.  It will access their knowledge on frogs, and allow them to be creative in the classroom.

?Hip-Hop comic strip.docx

?Hip-Hop comic strip.pdf

(6) "Healthy Choices" Story

Students will get to experience Pixton by creating a comic strip about the Heath topics that have been covered thus far in the year.  In groups, they will create a story about a character who did not follow the Heath topic, the repercussions, and the steps that the character could have taken to choose a healthier option. They will then present their Pixton comic strip to the class.



ii. Secondary Lesson Plans

(1) Chemistry!
This lesson discusses all of the different aspects of the periodic table, such as; atoms and electrons. With this information, students will be expected to use their creativity to produce an educational comic that can be used as an educational tool for other students in the class as well. This should be done alone so the students are using their own ideas to create a comic that is based on their own knowledge that they learned from the lesson. The comic should relate back to science based facts and be entertaining as well.

Chemistry.PDF (STEM)

Chemistry.DOC (STEM)

(2) Political Twist
In this lesson plan, students will use Pixton  to create a political cartoon.
The students will have to learn how to use Pixton after researching a political issue from the past or current. Then they will create a political cartoon or comic that represents that era. The students will also write a short summary about the the information behind the reason they created their project they way that they did.
The point of this task is to improve the students skills in looking at history a different way than just reading it from a textbook. They must think outside of the box and be creative while learning how to use technology.



(3) Editing Cartoons
This lesson lesson plan will help students spot grammatical errors in a fun way! Also by spotting the comedic differences in sentence structures. After fixing the grammar and structures, the students can alter the cartoon to better suit the dialogue!



iii. Post Secondary Lesson Plans

(1) Physics!
This lesson discusses the different elements of physics properites, such as; the speed of sound and velocity. With this information, students will be expected to use their creativity to produce an educational comic that can be used as an learning tool for other students in the class as well. This should be done alone so the students are using their own ideas to create a comic that is based on their own knowledge that they learned from the lesson. The comic should relate back to science based facts and be entertaining as well.

Physics.DOC (STEM)

Physics.PDF (STEM)

(2) Learning to Teach Math with a Science Twist
In this lesson plan, students will use Pixton to teach math in a science related manner.
The students will have to learn how to use Pixton and then will create comics to show a comical scene of learning. They will then write summaries based on their comic and teach the other students the math they used in the science related manner.
The point of this task is to improve the students skill in math, science, engineering and technology while having fun



(3) Political Activisim'
In this lesson plan, students will use Pixton to create a comic based on present events in the media.

After learning how to use Pixton, students will submit creative works in a light, class competition. This lesson will help the students become both more aware of current events and be more expressive with their creativity. 




III.2 Business and Industry

When it comes to getting down to business, it does not have to be all business, it can be fun too! By buying a business license, here are some things you can do. This list has been taken from Pixton .

    Enhance company communications

   Create custom merchandise

   Go viral with your message

   What are my license options?

   Standard commercial license

   Extended commercial license

   Special requests

      Want to use Pixton comics in your online course material? Contact us.

     These are subject to change. Please check back to see current license rules that will apply.

VII. Demonstration of Educational Value

Pixton is a website based on allowing ordinary people, with zero drawing skills, to create comics by "drag and release". This "drag and realease" technique allows the user to select objects and characters which have a default setting but can still be altered. The user can switch colors, sizes, and distances. Students are supposed to meet  proactive ways of learning and this website allows teachers to charm their students with the bliss of creativity. The tools are easy to learn, all you need is an imagination that can provide original ideas! For students who may be bad at drawing, Pixton comes in to remove the barriers between them, and open a way for their fantasies, creativity and reality to shine. Other than that Pixton is a new way of teaching thus students as well as teachers can find a challenge in the usage of the tools in which it provides.

VIII. References



IX. Shop Pixton

Shop Pixton:
Pixton merchandise can be purchased using your own comic strip and also with the famous “Pixton” logo.  Once you have finished your comic strip, you’re only a few steps away from adding it to a number of different things!  Products included for your purchase include items such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, key chains, etc.  There is a huge list of items and by going to the *[ShopPixton|]*, you can view for yourself all the fun things you can buy!

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