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Development of Animoto


Purpose of Animoto


How does Animoto work?


Animoto's educational value

A. Lesson Plans
1. Elementary
2. Secondary
3. Post Secondary


Relationship to other applications


Business and Industry


International use


Animoto examples

A. Lesson Plans
B. Business
C. Recreational





Development of Animoto 

Animoto was founded in New York in August of 2006 by a bunch of film/television producers who love technology. The goal in creating Animoto was to design a video editing/sharing product on the web that mimicked the quality of content that you would find in a film or on television. Using the newly developed Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology, which has the ability to think like a director and editor, Animoto is able to create professional-worthy videos in a matter of minutes. Today, Animoto is thriving and has gained much acclaim for its innovative ideas. 3 

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Purpose of Animoto 

Animoto breaks the mold from the traditional slideshow and allows anyone the opportunity to create professionally produced videos. With the help of the revolutionary web application, businesses can better promote their products, photographers can showcase their client's pictures in a customized way, and non-for-profit organizations can enhance their campaigns. Each Animoto video is completely unique and never duplicated--even if the same song and images are chosen. The guys at Animoto state that, "...the result is a video that has the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a movie trailer." 3

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How does Animoto work? 

Animoto uses images, video clips, and music to create a one of a kind Animoto video. Because Animoto uses Cinematic Artificial Intelligence it is unlike slideshows-- it does not use templates. Watch the 60 second Animoto video that displays how Animoto works, and shows what Animoto does.

Here is a 60 second wrap up of what animoto does:



Now you will find the step-by-step process to making an animoto video. 

 STEP 1. Click on the Sign Up button on the top right hand corner of the screen.


STEP 2. Select the plan that you would prefer. Keep in mind that every plan except lite costs money.  
STEP 3. After you have selected a plan type, the “Create an account” screen will appear. Fill out all the needed information and click sign up.

STEP 4. Once you have signed up, you are automatically logged in and this screen pops up. Click on the Get Started button to create your first video.

STEP 5. Next the “Pick a video style” screen will pop-up. Choose the style you would like and select create video under the style have chosen.

STEP 6. Once you have picked a video style, you must click on the “make a 30-second video for free” button at the bottom of this screen.

STEP 7. Now you may select the photos you want for your video by uploading it from your computer, selecting a picture from Animoto, or retrieving a photo from another website.

STEP 8.  If you choose to upload a video from your computer, then this screen will appear for you to browse your computer for the desired pictures.


STEP 9. If you choose to select a photo from Animoto, then this screen will appear. You click on images and browse through the selection.

STEP 10. If you chose to retrieve an image from another website, then this screen will come up. Choose the website you wish you retrieve the image from.

STEP 11. After you have selected all the pictures you want for your video, then you can move on to the music section by clicking on the music tab along the left side of the screen and this will be what you see. You can choose to either select music from Animoto’s selection or upload it from your computer.

STEP 12. If you chose to select music from Animoto, then this screen will appear. Click on the category of music you wish to browse through.

STEP 13. Once you have chose a category for music, then the tracks available will appear as shown below and you can click on the green select button for that song.

STEP 14. Once you have chose the music you want, then you will be brought to the finalize screen. Here you may choose to edit your video with the different options shown below.

 STEP 15. The last step before creating your video is choosing the title of your video and clicking the Create Video button.


STEP 16. Now you are finished creating your video and while the computer is creating your video, this screen appears. It will take a few minutes for the video to be done.

                                                                       congrats! you've now made your own animoto. easy, huh?!

Here is the video I just made with you!

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Animoto's Educational Value 

Lesson Plans: 

The following are examples of lesson plans that can be taught using Animoto. Use one of our lesson plans to create an Animoto video!


1. What Coins do they have? -- Mathematics (STEM)

Animoto can be used in this lesson plan by having the students make a video displaying money

values along with the combinations of money that equal that value

Download: [.DOC]   [.PDF] 9

2. States -- Social Studies

Each student is assigned a state and presents their state in an Animoto using pictures and the state's song.

Download: [.DOC]   [.PDF]

3. Alphabet -- Writing

Each student is assigned a letter from the alphabet and are required to bring in an item that begins with that letter. An animoto video is then created using pictures of the items they brought in.

Download: [.DOC]   [.PDF]

 4. Kindergarten-Farm Animals

 Have the students watch the Animoto video showing different animals and their names are being said as each one shows up on the screen. Then show a second video which is the same as the first only without the audio so the chidren can try to remember the name themselves and say it out loud during the movie.

Download:  ^Project 1 lesson plan.docx  ^Project 1 lesson plan.pdf

 5. 5th grade Social Studies

Each student will view an Animoto video about fun facts of Indiana.

Download: ^Project 1.docx  ^Project 1.pdf

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1. Introduction to Function Notation -- Mathematics (STEM)

This lesson plan introduces students to Function Notation. The lesson is taught through a compelling Animoto video that captures the audience's attention from the beginning.

Download: [.DOC]   [.PDF] 10 12

2. Eating For Your Future -- Health Science

This lesson plan allows students to explore healthy eating along with the benefits from doing so. After the students find healthy recipes they will display their findings through a captivating Animoto video. 

Download: [.DOC]   [.PDF] 11

3. Creating a Movie Trailer -- Theatre

In this lesson plan, students creat a full movie concept including setting, plot, and character development. They then use Animoto to creat a movie trailer.

Download: [.DOC]    [.PDF]

 4. Social Studies

Students will make a campaign video using Animoto for the candidates of the American 1864 election.

 Download: ^EDCI 270 Project 1- Lesson plan.docx  ^EDCI 270 Project 1 Lesson Plan .pdf

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Post Secondary

1. Building a Robot -- Science Technology (STEM)

The students create an Animoto video about their construction of their robot, and can include a short video of their robot working.

Download: [.DOC]   [.PDF]

2. Dissecting Frogs -- Biology 13

The students create Animoto videos based on dissecting frogs.

Download: [.DOC]   [.PDF]

3. Shakespeare Reading Analysis -- English

Animoto can be used by having the students make a video displaying a piece of Shakespeare's work through pictures and text.

Download: [.DOC]   [.PDF]


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Relationship to other Applications  

Compared to other Applications Animoto is very unique. It is a more simpler way of putting images, video, and music together. Most applications put your pictures/video/music into a template to generate an outcome. Every Animoto is unique because it does not use a template.14

Animoto can be used with many different applications. First of all, you can connect animoto with your facebook, flickr, smugmug, picasa, or photobucket to retrieve any pictures or videos from those sites to animoto. You can also download an animoto app onto your iPhone to make videos that way. Once you have finished your animoto video, there are countless ways to share it. You can import it directly to your smugmug or youtube account or e-mail it to anyone. You can copy the link to send to people, or share it directly to your facebook account. Click here to see all applications that you can directly share your Animoto video on.

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Business and Industry

Animoto can be used in businesses to enhance their websites, create interesting and visually pleasing PowerPoints for presentations, and make their e-newsletters and blogs more attention grabbing. Animoto can also be used to create videos for lots of various uses. For instance businesses can use Animoto to make promotional videos and upload the videos on YouTube to share with the world.  These videos can also be used on televisions in the work place-- supplying visiting clients an interesting and professional video to watch while they wait. Finally, Animoto DVDs can be sold to the businesses' clients so that they can share the product with their friends---increasing the opportunity for more people to hear about their product.  8

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International use

Although Animoto is on the world-wide web (allowing anyone access to use it), Animoto has not been translated into any other language but English. Because of this fact, Animoto has created an affiliates program that allows anyone to create a short tutorial guide in another language and will gain commission for doing so. 4  

Our international partners from Turkey created a tutorial in their language regarding how to use Animoto, here is an Animoto video showcasing their powerpoint.


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Animoto Examples

Lesson Plans

Here is an Animoto video that focuses on introducing students to Function Notation. This video is aimed for secondary students who are in Algebra. 13 


Here is an example of how a Professional Wedding Photographer can use Animoto to showcase their work for potential customers.15


Here is an example of an Animoto made just for fun! It was made to show a trip to New York City.

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 What better way to show the awards animoto has won than by showing them in an animoto?! Check it out below. (Chloe Howerton)

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This page was brought to you by [L-R]: Adam Gable, Matt Trabaris, Jennie Davis, Kaitlynn French, Kay Nanninga, & Chloe Howerton 
 International Partners from Turkey: Burcin Yalman, Irem Sak, Erinc Alkim, Yaylali

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