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Founded in 2007, is a forum for public opinion where members can create their own online polls but also vote on other people’s polls. The site is almost solely used by American citizens and almost all the polls on the site have something to do with the America's lifestyle, society and government. But it doesn’t stop people from other countries to use the site.
The website is using a Web 2.0 application where users vote and express their opinions in several different categories. In order to register as a member, Katie Persenarie- an e-mail address is needed along with a postal code if the new member lives in the US, UK or Canada.

As a member you get access to all the features on the website, such as creating your own polls, comment on other people’s polls and rate them on a five star scale. The whole site is free and whoever wants can join

*Megan-*Youpolls also provides user community which guides users with tools to promote their specific poll to the entire online community and a forum to help easily come up with certain discussions around their specific topic.

Youpolls information


Developed by



July, 2007

Based in

Dallas, Texas


Creating and answering online polls


Tables of Contents


I.1 Development
I.2 How Youpolls works


How Youpolls Relates To Other Applications
II.1 How to Join
II.2 Comparison to Competitors
II.3 Unique Uses


Real World Application


Demonstration of Educational Value


How Youpolls is Used Internationally



I. History

I.1 Development

Youpolls is a forum for public opinion, held by a private company, based in Dallas, Texas. The website was launched in July 2007.

I.2 How Youpolls works

To start using Youpolls, go to and register for an account.

After registering, you get access to a personal page from where you can create new polls, manage your account and view your account statistics.


To create your own polls, press the 'Add New Poll' button. This brings up a new screen with several costomizable options for your poll. When all the required information are filled in you can preview your poll with the 'Preview Poll' button. When satisfied, publish the poll by pressing the 'Publish Poll' button. It then becomes avaliable for the public to vote and express their opinions in the commentary field.

When creating a poll, the page will look like this:


Help center - Youpolls have a detailed help center with detailed information about most of the sites functions. Getting help is easy. Just press the 'Help' button top right corner of the screen. If you can't find your problem in the different headers that are avaliable, there is a search bar where you can easily find what you are looking for.

Comments - You can easily express you opinions by adding a comment to a poll you have participated in. To comment, first make sure you are logged in, then just press the comment button that is visible on every avaliable poll.

II. How Youpolls Relates to other Applications

II.1 How to join

Joining Youpolls is a very simple procedure. Just press the 'sign up' button on the top of the Youpolls homepage. When on the register page, just fill in the required information, such as a username, a password, postal code, gender, date of birth and your e-mail. When all the required fields are filled in, press the 'register' button. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you typed in.

Now go to your inbox folder and open the e-mail you have received from Youpolls. To complete your registration, press the activation link that is provided to you.

The registration is now completed, and the only thing you have to do to get full access to all of Youpolls' features, is to log in with your username and password.

Katie Persenaire-  If for some reason you forget your username or password, it is okay.  Right under the spaces filling in your username and password, there is something that says Forgot: Username/Password.  All you need to do is click on which one you have forgotten.  If you forgot your username, it will ask you for your e-mail address so that they can e-mail you a new one.  If you forgot your password, they will ask you for your e-mail and username so that they can e-mail you a new password.  If you have forgotten both, then you e-mail the in administration by clicking on the word contact, which will take you to a page where you fill out your name and e-mail address.

II. 2 How does this application compare to the competitors?

There are other Web 2.0 applications that are quite similar with a few diffrences. One such Web 2.0 is Zoho Polls. Zoho Polls is a place where the users can create polls (questions to survey) or answer any polls already created. When one go into a poll question, the results will be posted on the right side of the screen so one can see how the results of the poll are moving. When creating a poll, one can choose a rating poll or a voting poll. A rating poll is rating with stars and a voting poll is clicking on an available answer (Zoho Polls website).

II.3 What are some unique uses of this specific application?

There are some things that make specific; 

CHELSEA: *YouPolls provides more options for replying to polls than only the answers provided by the creators or the poll. Anyone is allowed to comment on a poll to justify their replies considering the answers are vague and generalized. One may respond to a poll with the best choice listed and want to explain their reasoning. With comments, it also engages conversation and mature debate among those with the same interests. 

III. Real World Application

Post secondary school.

Description: In this lesson plan students will have studied a text about modern society from an existing poll. After they’ve read the text, they will log on to and vote on the poll that’s related to the text that they’ve read. By taking in all the results and putting them together the teacher will be able to start discussions in the classroom.

With this exercise the students will be able to practise their ability to take a stand and debate in favour of their personal opinions.

HILARY NELSON*  YouPolls can be used directly while in the teaching field. YouPolls would be a successful for teachers to have all students participate in order to find out general information among other student populations.

CHELSEA: YouPolls is a great way for teachers to teach their students about polls and statistics while giving them an introduction into technology and using the internet. Students could research a topic and incorporate polls, answering questions similar to:

Do you believe the results from this poll are bias in anyway?

What fraction of those who voted agreed with the poll?


Lesson plan (pdf)

Lesson plan (docx)

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Internet is relatively new, and it creates great potentials to share and give knowledge. Even though we have great opportunities to use the internets capacity we don’t use it very often in our education. Through the internet you can connect with people from all over the world from different cultures. This is something that can increase the student’s knowledge and understanding of different cultures. Web 2.0 creates new opportunities for the schools to use internet in educational purpose, you have your own login which forces the teachers to have an eye on each student and can, if they feel necessary, adjust instructions. is a great way for students to see different kinds of polls and what these have resulted in. students can vote in the different polls and create their own. The most positive thing with these polls is that people from all over the world can comment on them. Another way to use is to create a basis for discussion in the classroom as students can easily see other people’s opinions in different matters and then discuss them.

HILARY NELSON* Often times, when taking a poll, students limit their horizons to only getting data from people within convenient distance. YouPolls will allow them to simply post a link in order to put up a poll, which will then demonstrate the new advancements in technology that they have learned. 

V. How Youpolls is used Internationally?

Based on the type of polls and their content, one can see that is primarily used by people in the USA. This could have to do with the fact that is made by Americans and based in the USA. Even though the site can be used by everyone in the world it seems that few outside USA know about its existents hence the massive overrepresentation of polls considering the American society. It’s apparent that isn’t really adapted for people outside the USA as most polls are about American sports, politics and entertainment etc. As it is now people that aren’t Americans can be intimidated by the large quantity of USA based polls.

Katie Persenarie- The Youpolls site does have as one of its categories world news.  This category of polls could be very interesting to take place in, especially if many countries participated in it.  The world new category promotes international use.  A problem; however, is when clicking on the world news category, there are not a lot of world news polls that come up.  It is mostly polls about current events in American politics.  Having more world news polls actually about world news would help promote international use.

Some other things that should be done to widen the interest of around the world is if the creators make it easier to find more exact categories. Instead of sports there could be soccer, hockey, snowboard etc. this could be accomplished by creating more different categories instead of using only the “advanced search”. This would enable more people outside America to use the homepage as they would have an easier time to find things that interest them.

Megan- YouPolls also has a twitter that people can follow. On their twitter page, they update with new polls that have been recently added to the YouPolls website. The location of the YouPolls Twitter website is located in New York. YouPolls twitter is free of charge and is a very good way to keep up with hot new polls on YouPolls. The twitter link is

VI. References