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*This page provides a general outline to assist in the organization of research topics related to your assigned Web 2.0 Application.

Web 2.0 Formatting Examples:

1) Plurk

2) Facebook Chat

I. History

-Questions to consider: How was the application developed? How does the application work? Are there any ways to use this application alongside others?

<Rachel- The smub team is made up of three people: CEO Thierry Lamouline, Chairman Cyril Balas, and CTO Stephane Petrot.

 <Michelle- " CEO Thierry Lamouline (Mountain View) is an Internet pioneer and founder of three Internet companies since 2000, dedicated to making the Web simpler to use and more connected with the real world. Thierry has a wife and two daughters. He enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, diving, and ... astrophysics.

Chairman Cyril Balas (Lyon) has founded or run over a half-dozen companies ranging from programming services to state-of-the-art medical labs. Cyril is an avid traveler and cross-country skiier; he is married with two sons and a daughter.

CTO Stephane Petrot (airborne between France and the Silicon Valley) is a veteran in global network architecture and systems optimization. When he's not whipping our debug team, he enjoys every kind of sport, as long as it's outdoors." Found from:

II. How "Application Title" Relates to other Applications

-Questions to consider: How does this application compare to the competitors? What are some unique uses of this specific application?

<Michelle- "To get started bookmarking with Smub, register for a free account.
Once you're registered, you can begin bookmarking your favorite links. To bookmark a link:

1) Smub it by typing "" before the http in your browser's address bar or by using Smub's  bookmarklets, toolbar or right-click-to-smub function.
2) Once you smub your link, you'll be presented with several icons for your favorite social networking sites, your email and your bookmarks. Click the bookmark icon to save the bookmark to your account.
3) You can then name your bookmark and add keyword tags and comments." Found from

<Rachel - is "a drop-dead simple social sharing and bookmarking tool that proves especially useful for iPhone and other smart phone users."  found from

<Rachel - Smub stands for: smart multi-use bookmarking

 <Kaitlin- Smub can be used with popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and many others." found from

<Tayler-  With, once you register it is ideal to keep yourself logged in so that your username and password are not necessary everytime you wish to add a new link.

<Tayler- makes it simple to post webpage links to sites such as facebook and twitter as well as quickly sharing links via text and e-mail without needing  copy and paste buttons.

<Jordan- allows users to make links private so confidential information is not shared with other users.  An example of something that would be best kept private is links to your online banking and online bill payment sites.  Found from

<Tayler- Once a bookmark has been made with, it is simple to retrieve by being logged in, and clicking on My Bookmarks. Bookmarks can be sorted in different ways such as tags, dates, and names.

<Jordan- allows user to embed a gadget into their webpage with code supplied by the website. Found from

<michelle- The Smub Toolbar currently works with FireFox 2.0 or later and Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (7.0,8.0) on both Macs and PCs.


III. Real World Application

-This section will include 3 Lesson Plans for each Elementary, Secondary, and Post Secondary levels. One out of the three needs to be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) related. 

-An additional section under this heading will provide information about how this application can be used in a Business/Industry Setting.

<Jordan- An industry application of is an employee is able to share business about the company to coworkers. can also be used to bookmark a company blog page that has electronic memos instead of paper copies, reducing the amount of paper used by the company, which would save money.>

 <Kaitlin - A college student could use to save all their bookmarks from a Computer Science lab (or any lab) during lab and be able to access them from their home computer if they need to get to them later. This is much more convenient than writing down the website or having to copy and paste it to email it to yourself.

<Brad- While student teaching the teacher could save all their bookmarks with Smub.  This would benefit them so that when they needed to access them throughout the lesson plan they would be a quick click away.

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

<Kaitlin - If a teacher wanted to share a website with his or her students without having to have them copy it or print it out for everyone she could just send out a quick email to everyone in the class with the link. makes it much easier to place the link in the email with just the click of a button.

<Brad- Many time’s teachers show video clips off the internet in class.  Smub new toolbar allows you to directly go to any site you have bookmarked saving valuable class time.

 <Tayler- This Web 2.0 application can be used for educational purposes like group projects. This is a simple way for group members to share links and ideas with one another that they have found about their specific topic. It makes it easy for students to email, text, and even blog the webpage that they wish to show their group.

<Brad- The Smub bookmarklets allows you to share links and information.  Therefore if you are teaching a younger class that struggles with typing in websites you can share links so that sites are only a click away.

<Kaitlin: Lesson plans added as attatchment

V. How "Application Name" is used Internationally?

-Provide examples and/or information about how this application can be used in countries outside of the United States.

<Michelle-"The Smub team splits its time between Lyon, France, and Mountain View, California."Found from:

VI. References

<Rachel -

<Michelle -,


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