Welcome to our user's group! For now, we have the links to our meetings below, which include agendas, notes, and Connect recordings.

Upcoming Meeting
Our two meetings for the fall semester of 2013 have been scheduled! The first meeting will be Tuesday, September 24th at 1:30 PM in LWSN 1142. The second meeting will be Wednesday, November 20th at 1:30 in LWSN 1142. The content for both meetings is still being determined, however we look forward to bringing in Purdue faculty and staff as guest speakers and keeping you up to date about mobile hardware, software/apps, and our efforts to enhance education on campus.

Last Meeting

Our last meeting had two guest speakers.  Dr. Lorraine Kisselburgh from the Brian Lamb School of Communication presented about her use of iPads with her courses.  She also brought her iPad cart to demonstrate its functionality.  The second guest speaker was Dean Brusnighan from ITaP who presented on mobile productivity applications with assistive technology uses.

Email List

If you'd like to be added to the email list, which will send periodic (no more than twice a month, and generally less than that) reminders about the user's group and other announcements, please contact Christopher Mong - cmong@purdue.edu.


If you'd like to get into the Mixable group and start reading/contributing to it, there's a brief tutorial here: http://www.screencast.com/t/opGzWPjZKSq

User's Group Meetings

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