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I. Developers


A Purpose for


The Inner Workings




Unique Applications

VI. in Education


In the Business Setting


Educational Potential

IX. on a Greater Scale


International Perspective


References Developers 1

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Photo of Developer

Date Developed

Anthony Feint-

an Australian Entrepreneur

May 13th, 2009

(A. Feint, personal communication, January 19, 2009).

A Purpose for

This purpose of is to remind you of scheduled events you have added so that you will not need to remember them.  All you have to do is create a reminder on the site, by e-mail, or you can actually make an event by twitter. is kind of like a calendar that you can have on your phone, only better.  You can have as many events as you want on, you can have it sent to you multiple ways, and you can make the events multiple ways.  It is an easier and more efficient way of getting reminders. 


The Inner-Workings uses a semantic technology in order to allow the user to actually verbally tell the program what event needs to be done and when it needs to be done. The only difficult issue is that the user must provide a specific time for the event (such as “7pm Tomorrow”).

Use it to create SMS, email or twitter reminders for yourself. can understand your natural language so you don't need to enter dates and times manually. This is very convenient and is not as time consuming as some other ways of reminders might be such as datebooks, or other things.

The Compatibility of with Other Services is compatible with various programs that many people use daily.  Reminders can be received via email, text message, twitter, voice call, Google Calendars, iCal, AIM, gTalk and MSN, with just the click of a button.  It is very convenient and the applications send you unlimited daily reminders about your schedule, what you have planned for the day, and what you need to do. The use of with other programs makes life so much easier because it is already set up and you don't have to worry about missing any important events.

 How to integrate with the following programs: works with Google Calendars by syncing it with  You must download Google Calendar Sync and Agree to the terms of service and finish the installation.  Then you can choose to sync it with and select the appropriate time zone.

You can receive reminders through your iPhone via voice call, text message, or email.  To receive a voice call or text message, all you need to do is write the message on the website and click on "SMS" or "call". To receive an email, you must send your reminder to

To use with Twitter, you need to register your Twitter account on the website.'s twitter will send your Twitter account a tweet and begin following you.  Once you get the notification, you can start using through your Twitter.

Unique Applications to

Having these four options of ways to receive your reminders makes convenient for anyone.  For the less tech savvy, they can receive voice calls.  Others spend most of their days at their computers, so the email option would work the best.  The variety in ways to receive your reminders makes an option for everyone. 

You can use phrases such as "next Tuesday at 6 p.m." or "tomorrow at 9 a.m." and will know what you are referring to and schedule it into your calendar.

Another unique application on would have to be the ability to send simple reminders to others. The ability may be useful in group situations to send messages to remind others of important information with just a click of a button. Being able to send to others also allows you to send things to others maybe even in a foreign country. With internet capability you can send them reminds through emails, etc.

Compared to, Remember the Milk does not have the capabilities that has.  It is way more complicated with all the different tabs you have to choose from.  You also can have different lists, that seems to be a hassle and tackles that with being able to have all types of events on one list.

Compared to, Ta-da List is more of a list creator. is more of a calendar that reminds you of events you have created. is something people can use every day and Ta-da List is something people might use if they were going to Christmas shopping or going to the grocery store.

Compared to, Voo2do is to help organize projects.  Where can help all-round, with any type of project or event. can remind you of important due dates or 'mile markers' within a project and help keep you on task.  You also can have send you reminders through e-mail, texts, twitter, etc. Applied to Education


In this lesson plan, students will use to learn the geographical position of Siberia (Russia).  Students use to remind themselves about key points of the report.  DOC or PDF 

In this lesson plan, students will use to list their observations of the different insects. DOC or PDF

In this lesson plan, students will use to keep track of the plans of short stories retelling.  The students will have to learn how to use, make up the plan of retelling 2-3 short stories and then presenting their reports. DOC or PDF


In this lesson plan, students will use to keep track of the tasks they must complete before presenting their research at the science fair. DOC or PDF

In this lesson plan, students will use to lay out books that they will need to read and have deadlines for all of them. DOC or PDF

In this lesson plan, students will use to create a reminder of tasks that they must complete in order to finish their timeline presentation. DOC or PDF

      Post Secondary

In this lesson plan, students will use to help manage their time. DOC or PDF

In this lesson plan, students will use to create a reminder of tasks they must complete in order to finish their presentation. DOC or PDF

In this lesson plan, students will use to create a reminder of tasks on literature. DOC or PDF

Applying to a Business Setting

Often times in a business training environment, the trainees are provided with a long and detailed training schedule that can be confusing, tedious, and difficult to remember. One way to help trainees remember all of the training events would be to add every task to a schedule. The trainer could simply log into the member site, add all of the trainees’ phone numbers and emails under their contact list, and then add all of the contacts to a group that has been previously specified. The trainer would then add an event, and under the “advanced” link below the text box the trainer would need to check the “send to group?” box and select their training group from the drop down box.   


Educational Potential of can be used easily for students in an educational advantage. It could be used as a task manager for a class, it could be applied as a syllabus and update students about upcoming homework exams and study sessions. It could also be a way to just manage your everyday schedule. Many students do not get homework done or do not study for exams because they forget and/or do not write it down. A teacher could make a group and update her students this way. This process would also be beneficial to students working on group projects for meetings and deadlines. Time management and task management would be beneficial to any student because it could help them stay on task and stay up to date with projects and deadlines.

How-to-Use Photos


first you will login to the website at and you will go to contacts and click on add group

when you click add group you will be asked to add a group name

then you will return to the page where you clicked add group and then you click on add contacts and
you can file the contacts you add into groups

go to Reminders and click on advanced and then you will add a reminder and click on send to group and then submit it

Applying on a Greater Scale can be applied to everyone in any life style. People can use for anything, to store a list of things you need to get a the grocery store, to remind you of an important meeting or interview you have coming up, or tell you a deadline on a paper that is due very soon. Anyone can use it and it is quite easy to use. is not only for the busy people who work 9-5 everyday, but is for anyone and everyone who want to use it. It can be for the stay at home mom, teacher, lawyer, etc. can also be used in other countries - the program itself if compatible with multiple languages. So if you are in Quebec and want to remind yourself to tune into the Montreal Canadians game Tuesday evening, you would be able to speak to in French Canadian.

International Perspective

Our international partners from Russia - Anna Toskina, Anna Krivoshapkina, and Marina Kharlampieva - had never experienced anything like The closest thing they might have had to it would be an calendar on a phone.  To keep important events and reminders they said that they would normally just write it down on a paper calendar or notebook.  They thought that this was a really cool application that they could use in real life.


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