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               What are the uses of Plurk? What does it do?

What purpose does Plurk serve?

The purpose of Plurk is to allow users to showcase the events that make up their lives and follow the events of the people that matter to them.

 What does Plurk do?

Plurk provides an easy way for users to chronicle and share the things they do, the way they feel, and all the other things in between that make up their lives, with the people close to them.  Plurk brings people together in a public forum of expression which allows them to easily keep in touch with friends near and far while making new ones along the way. 

What can Plurk members do?

Plurk members can: 

Here is a video detailing the use and functions of Plurk:

Who uses Plurk?

Anyone who wants to share who they are, what they do, what they feel, and their likes and dislikes with other people.

Table of Contents


I.1 Development
I.2 How Plurk works?
I.3 Getting more out of the application


How Plurk relates to other applications?
II.1 Comparison to Competitors
II.2 Unique Uses


Real World Application
III.1 Educational Lesson Plans
i. Elementary
ii. Secondary
iii. Post Secondary
III.2 Business/Industry


Demonstration of Educational Value


How Plurk is used Internationally



About the Application
  • Title of Application: Plurk
  • Owned by: Plurk, Inc
  • Created By: The A-Team 1
  • Date Site was Published: May 12th, 2008  2
  • Plurk was created as a communication medium to balance blogs and social networks as well as a balance between e-mail and instant messaging.

The name Plurk is derived from...

  • People + Lurk = Plurk
  • Play + Work: Play-Work.
  • Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Karma  3

Plurk is a Web 2.0 social network

  • These social networks, or online communities, give people the chance to explore other peoples' interests as well as share their own through interactions with instant messaging, e-mails, or blogging.
  • Plurk can be used to post topics and ideas in a chronological order, which allows other users to respond to your Plurk much like a blog.
  • It is an easy way to hold a conversation through a style similar to instant messaging.
  • Plurk can also be used to post deadlines and other important memos for not only yourself, but for others to see as well. 4

I. History

    I.1 Development

Research Information
Plurk has its own Wiki page as well, which has extra information that you may not be able to find on the basic Plurk page. It can be found here:

Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as plurks) through short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length.
Updates are then shown on the user's home page using a timeline which lists all the updates received in chronological order, and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. Users can respond to other users' updates from their timeline through the website, by instant messaging, or by text messaging.

    I.2 How Plurk works

    I.3 Getting more out of the application

General Terms of Use and Conditions of Plurk   

Usernames don't take up the text allowance in messages.

There's a bug with the Alert count, where it shows something is there, but really isn't.

Messages, or Plurks, allow for a variety of different message types.

As more people come on-line, the site begins to slow.

Threaded conversations, similar to Pownce.

It's not possible to have multiple conversations open at once.

Use of a time line, which runs horizontally across the screen, with the past to the right.

Despite support for mobile Plurking, there appears to be no support for geolocation/geotagging.

Support for YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket et cetera, all within the time line frame.

Does not have an "ignore future responses on this post" option (by user, by time frame, or by manual select).

A quirky, but intuitive interface.

Lacks a Firefox Add-on, or a desktop client application. 6

Ability to create Cliques, which are small groups of friends, with chat functions.

Inability to edit Plurk message replies.

All new Plurks and responses are compiled automatically.


A slick Private Messaging system similar to Facebook; also when you hover over a Plurk, you'll see a downward triangle beside the persons picture / name, which gives you a Private Messaging option.


Plurk uses Karma as a metric for people's activity. As the Karma score increases, more options / features are made available.


It's possible to use Private Messages in a Plurk page as a separate conversation window, without the time line.


Scrolling through the time line supports the scroll wheel on a mouse, as well as the arrow keys.


It's possible to edit Plurk messages.


Mobile option.


Table of Contents

II. How Plurk relates to other applications

    II.1 Comparison to Competitors

There are several applications that are similar to Plurk; i.e Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce. 7

Plurk cannot be directly used with other applications, but there are things that you can do in conjunction with other sites, such as:


Twitter, like Plurk, is a social network. The updates posted on Twitter are called tweets. They are displayed on the user's profile page and are sent out to other users. 8 Twitter is simpler than Plurk, and the user has the option to delete replies left by other users on Twitter. Plurk, on the other hand, does not have that option. However, Twitter users are not able to upload pictures and/or videos onto their page, whereas Plurk users are. Both Twitter and Plurk have 140 character limits per post. 9

Here is a video describing the differences and similarities of Plurk and Twitter:


Jaiku is also another social network that was recently purchased by Google. Like Plurk, Jaiku can be accessed not only from the computer, but also from mobile phones. 10 Users wishing to create a Jaiku account must request a code from the Jaiku creators. They will not receive a code until an account is made available. One of the special characteristics of Jaiku is Lifestream. Lifestream shares different activities and posts that users have put up on their site. It also shares pictures through flickr and music through 11


Pownce is also a social network. The main functions of Pownce are to share messages, files, photos, events and links with friends. Pownce has been referred to as "Twitter on steroids". 12 Users are able to create their own networks of friends to share these messages, files, photos, events, and links with. Only the people that the user chooses may see their information and postings. Pownce is free for all users to use. 13

    II.2 Unique Uses

Table of Contents

III. Real World Application

    III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

Plurk: The Teacher

        Plurk is a great way to communicate with parents of students, as well as the students themselves. It can also be used as a discussion board.

        Plurk can be used as a medium. You can find teachers from all over the country on Plurk and everyone is willing to share their ideas if you are willing to ask. 

        i. Elementary

  1. Plurk can be used to ask questions about topics that they may not understand. Elementary students are young and still learning basic concepts and Plurk is easy enough to navigate that with guidance it can be used well.
  2. Elementary students can share their posts with all users or select users.

Plurking to exchange ideas.doc  

Plurking to exchange ideas.pdf



Get Elemental.doc

Get Elemental.pdf

        ii. Secondary

  1. Plurk can be helpful in discussions for secondary and post secondary for discussion outside of the classroom.
  2. Plurk connects users to friends and acquaintances to comment on their "Plurks"
  3. Plurk can be a fun way to study language, its uses, and its many applications.
  4. Plurk can be a great way for students to share their work with parents, other students, community members, and other learners at a distance.

The Real Bionic Man.pdf

The Real Bionic Man.docx

Journaling with Anne Frank.doc

Journaling with Anne Frank.pdf


Artists as Explorers.doc

Artists as Explorers.pdf


My Life on the Front Line.doc

My Life on the Front Line.pdf


Social Groups.doc

Social Groups.pdf


Using Social Media to Explore Themes in Literature.docx

Using Social Media to Explore Themes in Literature.pdf


Chinese Food.docx

Chinese Food.pdf

        iii. Post Secondary

  1. Plurk can be a fun way to communicate with peers.
  2. Plurk is very visual, with the use of the time line it can be an easy way to meet new people and share ideas.
  3. Additionally, Plurk can be used as a journal for Elementary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary instruction.

Using Plurk in College.doc  

Using Plurk in College.pdf

    III.2 Business/Industry

  1. Plurk will be very helpful for communicating with customers and producers across the world.
  2. Plurk could be a fun way for a business team to communicate ideas about a project they are working on.

How to use Plurk in Business.doc

How to use Plurk in Business.pdf

Table of Contents

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Some brief examples include:
Table of Contents

V. How Plurk is used Internationally

Language Barriers

Currently Plurk has 22 languages that it can be translated into, although it does not translate the actual Plurks on people's profiles. If someone Plurked in English then it will remain in English, but everything else will be in the language selected.

Such Languages accessible are:  

Plurk in other Countries

Since Plurk can be translated into several languages it is easier for people all over the world to join the micro-blogging site. Though Plurk was first opened in May of 2008 already there has been a lot of talk about Plurk and its perks.

One example of Plurk in another country is a man by user name of Setengah Mateng! He is an 18 year old from Indonesia. His video was about Twitter and Plurk and how in Indonesia there has been a mass movement of people joining Plurk. He also explains how a friend of his informed him that Plurk is for the extrovert, because it allows for a discussion between people of the world.
His video can be found here: ( 20 Users

Plurk is not only in Indonesia, but many other countries use Plurk. Below is a screenshot taken displaying the top 15 countries that use Plurk. 21

Plurk in Korea

Although Plurk is not common in Korea, there is a similar application that can be used, which allows students to learn more diversity of cultures through this similar application.

1. Ilchon- "Ilchon" means the user name of a cybuddy in cyworld. You can get in touch with them on-line to chat. You don't have to meet face to face anymore. Moreover, Ilchon is a special category to each user. And you can open your room to only Ilchon. 23 

- The cyworld show the login of 'Ilchon' by changing the 'off ' -> 'on'

2. Plurk's Karma

Every Plurker has his or her own karma value. The higher the Karma score, the more applications and features are available for the user. Users earn karma by doing things on Plurk. It is recalculated every day and can be within these intervals:

6.Ilchon (pyoung)

     If you're one of a user's ilchons, you can comment about your friend (ilchon) in this block. But you can write only one sentence in the block.  

Cyworld is also used for educational purposes. For example, by showing videos users have edited in class. Students can understand different types of information. And for teachers, they just upload some educational information into their space; from there, students can study the information frequently and naturally while they surf the site. This is similar to Plurk, and can be used in the same way when dealing with Education.

Table of Contents

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