MySpace is a popular social networking web site where people connect with friends and make new ones. This page is an introduction on how to use MySpace.MySpace allows people to connect with their friends and make new ones. Users on MySpace have a personal page where they can post information about themselves, pictures, music and video clips and other information. They can also create a blog which entries are displayed on their personal page. Having a presence on MySpace will allow you to interact with existing friends, as well as giving you a platform to meet new friends.Using MySpace is easy. Simply sign up for an account following the steps below and start connecting with your friends and making new ones.

Step 1: Signing Up

  1. Sign up for an account. To create a basic profile, you will be asked to enter some information about yourself, such as name, gender, birth date and e-mail address. You will also be asked to choose a password.
  2. During the signing up process, you will be asked if you want to upload a photo. You will also be asked if you want to add your friends.

Step 2: Adding Friends

  1. To add friends to your network, search by their e-mail address or name. You can also import an address book from your e-mail account and MySpace search for you.
  2. MySpace also allows you to search by categories such as school or business.
  3. When finding someone you know on MySpace, Click on "add to friends" on the person's contact information. He or she can either decline or agree.

Step 3: Making Friends

  1. One option is to browse through different users by searching using different criteria.
  2. Another option is to join forums on MySpace to meet friends.
  3. You can also join groups, which are sorted by different topics, to make friends.
  4. When meeting someone you are interested in, follow the same process of clicking on "add to friends".

Step 4: Your Profile Page

  1. There are many options for your profile page. For example, you can add a photo gallery, embed videos, and post audio clips.
  2. Make use of your MySpace blog. Create blog entries to share your thoughts and opinions. Links to some of the blog entries will be posted on your profile page.
  3. Your friends will also help you to develop your page by posting comments on your profile page.

Step 5: Other Features

Table of Contents:

#Introduction to MySpace

Who's Using MySpace

#Global Usage

Lesson Plans

Safety Issues


Important Links


MySpace Official Website


MySpace Tutorial Video


Video of Setting Up MySpace Page


  Did you know?

*If MySpace were a country, it would be the 8th largest in the world.

*MySpace has over 40 billion page views monthly.

*Google signed a $900 million deal to have their name advertised throughout MySpace.

*MySpace is available in 15 different languages.

*MySpace was bought by News Corp, the parent company of Fox Broadcasting, for $580 million.

*MySpace employs over 300 workers.

*As of January 2009, Myspace users as a whole spent an approximate 20.1 billion minutes on the site per month.            

History of MySpace

 Myspace was originally started by eUniverse in 1998. At the launch, the project leads were Chris DeWolfe, Tom Anderson, and Josh Berman. When it launched, Social Networking had not yet come into it's own on the internet; making marketing it quite difficult. Initially, the eUniverse team members themselves evangelized their product, have contests to see which of them could sign up the most users. As it progressed, it seemed less and less likely that MySpace would be able to turn a profit. Indeed, prior to 2003, it didn't even make a blip on the traffic radar of the internet. November of 2003 was where it's very existence became evident. Slightly prior to that, it was actually losing ground as far as traffic went. Traffic then grew at a steady rate until around November of 2005, where traffic started a steep climb to the top. As is the nature of social applications and websites, it was experiencing the viral growth that generally leads to success. Sure enough, traffic continued climbing at an ever increasing rate until eventually, MySpace was solidly planted within the top 10 most visited sites on the internet.

Tips to Go from MySpace Newbie to MySpace Pro

It’s tough being a MySpace newcomer with an empty Web page and just one friend while others have fancy pages and thousands of MySpace friends. Take a few steps to make your page tell the world that you’re a MySpace veteran:

How to Make Your MySpace Profile Secure
Alter your MySpace profile settings to limit who can see the information you post to the site; you'll increase your online security. Keep your MySpace page safe from unwanted contact by using the following tips:

1) The menu bar located above "Hello, EDCI" has several links and drop down menus that read, "Home", "Mail", "Profile", "Friends", "Music", "Videos", and "More."  Through the utilization of these links a member can reach any page and person located within MySpace. 

2) The first link on the left is called "Home." A user can click on this link at any time from any page on MySpace to return to screen shown here. 

3) The second link on the left is called "Mail." This is a drop down menu where the account user can gain accessibility to their inbox, the ability to compose a message to send to any other MySpace user, view friend requests, locate sent and saved mail, and finally, manage their address book.  

4)  The third link on menu bar is called "Profile." This is also a drop down menu where an account holder can view "My Profile" which shows the user what the public sees when looking at this profile.

5) On the "Profile" drop down menu, the account user can also choose "Edit Profile" which allows the account holder to edit "Personal Information," "Groups," "Comments," as well as "Account Settings."

| Next an account user can place their cursor over the "Friends" drop down menu. 
From this point a user can view "My Friends" which provides a list of all MySpace
 users added as a friend of one's profile. 
From the "My Friends" tab, an account holder can access any friend profile available
my simply clicking on the picture. 

Also on the "Friends" drop down menu, an account user can find friends who are
online, those who have updated their profiles, friends with updated status
and mood, new bulletins, and provides the ability to browse for new friends.
From the "Profile" drop down menu the user can access options to:

MySpace Music: 

 Myspace Music: The final three links on the menu bar are called "Music," "Videos," and "More."

The "Music" link directs users straight to the "MySpace Music" site. This page designed for artists and fans alike.
Here artists can post their music, videos, tour dates, and album releases among other related pieces of information to their profiles for their fans, as well as record labels who wish to sign any unsigned artists, to view.
Signed bands with record deals such as Lifehouse are available on MySpace Music as well as unsigned artists waiting for their big break! Bands such as My Chemical Romance and Hawthorne Heights were discovered through MySpace Music. [14]
Any aspiring artists or average person can upload their music, recordings, or routines onto MySpace Music.
It's a great tool to reach millions of people and bands across the globe. 
MySpace music also gives users the option to create their own playlist for their profiles, as seen on Tom's page.

Myspace Videos: The next link is called "Videos" and will transfer the user directly to

This site allows the user to upload original or personalized videos for public view, as well as professional shows such as SNL's Nikey Turkey skit pictured here.

These videos can also be linked directly to a personal MySpace account to play on their profile page.

Another interesting feature of the video page is that MySpace has set up the ability for short clips of TV shows and movies to be played upon its site that can be viewed by both MySpace members and nonmembers. [14]

How MySpace can be used with multiple applications

In this page one can learn how to use MySpace. This page will show multiple applications available on MySpace. Some of these applications are key to fully enjoying one's MySpace experience. 

Users can access the applications menu and browse through and choose which applications to add to their account.

New ways to use MySpace

MySpace allows for users to customize their page in various ways.  Users can upload videos of themselves or their friends, change their profile picture, and add new pictures.  MySpace also allows its users to customize their web pages with pre-made profile designs, customized HTML codes, and music; allowing for an extremely personal page.

Myspace Mobile:

Now Myspace users can be connected anytime, anywhere, through mobile phones. Using Myspace Mobile, or, users have access to myspace on the go, optimized from any phone. With, users can:


-          View and send messages

-          Browse photos

-          Update your mood and status

-          View friend profiles

-          Approve friend requests

-          Send bulletins

-          Read and post blogs


All a user needs to have access to Myspace Mobile is a mobile phone with internet browser with data service from phone carrier. Most phones will have a "web", "internet", or "browser" icon in the menu. The user should select this icon, and then enter into the browser and login using the same login as their regular myspace account.

Myspace on the iphone and ipod:

Myspace is also available on the iphone and ipod as an application. It is free and simple to use. The user can just click on the application, which is the myspace icon, and login with thier regular username and password.

This Myspace icon for the application will look like this:


How to Upload Videos and music:

1. Go to your homepage on MySpace and click on "View My Videos," or click the Video link in the menu bar.

2. You will click on the "Upload Videos" button in the top right corner of the page.

3. You will be asked to give a description on your video such as title, category of video, description, etc.

4. Browse for the video on the PC, select the file, and then click "Upload".

5. Users can also choose to record a new video using their web cam.

6. Once uploaded, the video will appear on the users account. 

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Who Is Using MySpace?

With social networking pages growing in popularity, one might wonder, "Who uses these websites?" The typical MySpace users are teens and young adults looking for a sense of "community." It should be noted, however, that MySpace has a minimum age requirement of 14 to sign up. Regardless, some young teens find ways to get around these rules and about 11.9 % of MySpace users are from the age of 12-17. In addition to social networking, many bands use MySpace as a means of publicity, as well as to disseminate their music across the Internet.

This table shows the percentage of ages of visitors that use the internet in general and the ages of the visitors that use MySpace:

Audience Ages

Total Internet

















Global Usage

MySpace has many global uses and is available in many different countries. In other words, the ability to partake in a free networking service that allows users to create "profile" pages, upload photographs, music, videos and much more is available to many nations and ethnic groups. This site can also be used to "meet" new friends on a global scale. MySpace can be used to stay in touch with pen pals. Because of these reasons, MySpace has grown tremendously on a global level. In fact, public test pages were opened in Germany and France in September of 2007. MySpace already has a presence in Britain, Australia and Ireland.[12] The MySpace company plans to continue to expand globally. The reality is, if MySpace continues to come up with unique features and educational uses it will only continue to grow into a larger and more prominent networking service.

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MySpace Lesson Plans

Secondary Schools 

Agriculture Class


For this project, students will learn how to research and create a biography of an United States Department of Agriculture employee.  This will teach them research skills, and information about current and former employees that worked in the house.  This will take about two- three 70 minute class periods.


After completing this assignment, students will know how to correctly access and site information from both printed and internet resources, and will have  completed a written paper  with correct Standard English five paragraphs about their selected employee. 


10.4.4 - Use clear research questions and suitable research methods, including the investigation of text and electronic resources and the conducting of personal interviews, to compile and present evidence from primary and secondary print or Internet sources. 
10.4.7 - Integrate quotations and citations into a written text while maintaining the flow of ideas. 
10.4.8 - Use appropriate conventions for documentation in text, notes, and bibliographies following the formats in different style manuals. 
10.4.9 - Use a computer to design and publish documents by using advanced publishing software and graphic programs.


  • Access to a computer that allows MySpace, as well as the internet.
  • A library
  • Word Processor


  1.  Have students choose an United States Department of Agriculture employee, either alive or deceased, that they would like to learn more about.
  2. Once chosen, students should research the employee's life, works, accomplishments, hardships, what they have done to help with Agriculture, etc.
  3. Instruction of how to get onto MySpace.
  4. Instruct the students on how to create an account.
  5. Instruct the students on how to edit and c add images and text to their profile
  6. Create a MySpace account under that Employee's name.'
  7. Through the use of MySpace features, students will create an account as if they are the employee.  Writing in the First Person, students will create an "autobiography" of the employee, incorporating favorites relevant to the time period of the employee.
  8.  The students will then be asked to improve the appearance of their profile; they should add color, a background, pictures, and/or videos to enhance their profile.
  9. Show the students how to add and accept “friend” requests.
  10. Instruct the students to add every student in the class, in order to view their employees  profile.
  11. Instruct the students to save their work and view other student’s profiles
  12. After all the pages have been completed, students and each student to their page and will view their classmates' pages to learn more about the various employees.
  13. Have students create a separate short bibliography of the websites and books used to complete their project.


Through revision processes, students will complete pages with relevant and correct sentences and paragraphs depicting their employee.  Students will be evaluated on how well they portrayed their employee relative to the time period and truth of their statements.  The bibliography will be analyzed for proper APA/MLA citations.  Students will also complete a easement sheet to evaluate other students' pages. 

Secondary Education

Agriculture Class lesson plan (Beth Hartman)


Teach students how to use social networking sites effectively for things other than social networking.


Students will use myspace to research agricultural topics and influencers.
Students will then create a professional profile of themselves that will be set-up like an online resume.
Students will also be required to submit changes to a profile created by the teacher - of the course.  
The students should make formatting changes and create professional looking profiles for both parts of the assignment.


This assignment will give students experience with a more professional type of editing a website and will also help them to discover new innovative agriculture subjects.  It helps them sharpen their resume skills.


10.4.4 - Using clear questions and suitable research methods, investigation of text and electronic resources and the conducting personal interviews, compiling and presenting evidence from primary and secondary print or Internet sources.
10.4.9 - Use a computer to design and publish documents by using advanced publishing software and graphic programs.


Access to internet
Myspace Profiles

Agriculture Lesson Plan
 By: Joshua M. Edwards


Each student will be assigned a different country and asked to create a MySpace for that country. Within the MySpace, they will explain the countries agriculture systems. (i.e. agriculture systems, imports, exports etc.) This will develop student’s research and presenting abilities.


1. The students will create a MySpace for their assigned country.
2. They will then research the agriculture systems in those countries.
4. Organize the information into a presentable profile that can be used by other students to learn about each other’s countries.
5. Students will make one status update concerning their country every week.


I will measure learning, but the student’s ability to actively and accurately display information through their profile and updates.


- Using clear questions and suitable research methods, investigation of text and electronic resources and the conducting personal interviews, compiling and presenting evidence from primary and secondary print or Internet sources.
- Use a computer to design and publish documents by using advanced publishing software and graphic programs.


- Computer
- Internet Access
- MySpace Access

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MySpace Safety Issues

Online Predators:

According to Dr. Marcel Chappuis, "Whenever a teenager or child is allowed to communicate with adults (or adults posing as teens/children) during chats, emails, or Instant Messages, a potentially dangerous situation could arise if an online predator pursues them.[1]"  On MySpace's safety page, Hemanshu Nigam, MySpace Safety and Security rep, Hemanshu has posted in his blog a Joint Statement on Key Principles of Social Networking Sites Safety, which includes statements about the precautions MySpace has taken to ensure the safety of its users.  On the issue of minor safety, Hemanshu states that,"MySpace has implemented technologies and procedures to help prevent children under 14 from using MySpace and to help protect minors age 14 and above from exposure to inappropriate content and unwanted contact by adults.[2]"  Because of the possibility students will encounter predators online, it is important to talk to them about precautions they must take.  MySpace isn't the only place for young adults to encounter scams and predators, but it is incredibly important for students to be careful who they add and talk to while online.  MySpace, in conjunction with iKeepSafe, an online safety organization designed to help parents keep their children safe online, posted on their safety page, an online PSA about talking to students about the safety issues with meeting people online, linked to below.

Don't Stop the Dialogue Video[3]

According to, 51.6% if MySpace users are registered as 35 years old and older, and 11.9% are ages 12 to 17.  This in an alarming rate for parents concerned that their student's page can be accessed by an online predator.  Fortunately there are steps that can be taken, and have been taken, to lower the risk to our children.  As a teacher planning on using MySpace, be sure to talk to students about the dangers involved with meeting and interacting with people who they do not know on MySpace, even if they have a cute profile picture and seem incredibly friendly.

According to Teens Get Savvy about Online Safety, 66% of teens who have a profile on a social networking site have set their profile to private[4].  Although this number is relatively high, be sure that your students use the safety features available on MySpace and block their profiles to anyone who does not know their personal e-mail address and last name.  This will insure that only classmates and personal friends can find and add your students as friends.

Page Content:

It is important to realize that everyone can view a MySpace page if unrestricted, and that no content on MySpace is intended to be private. This raises an issue in personal privacy regarding photos, blogs, and user opinions.  As students create their pages for the class project,  it is strongly recommended that certain guidelines be set regarding what content will be allowed.  When accessing MySpace for the first time, students will discover a plethora of information that can be added to their pages.  Here is a list of some items displayed on a personal page, as well as suggestions on how to monitor them.

Name - Students could include their first names, but never their last.  If possible, have your students pick nicknames so that real names need to be exposed.

Display Picture - Although display pictures are a form of personal expression, taking digital photos of each student within the classroom and only allowing that photo to be posted would ensure  non-explicit photos and uniformity throughout the class.

Status and Mood - This feature allows students to enter a message, such as - Tommy is enjoying his class project! - and also to select a mood from a drop down list.  Some of the terms in this list, although descriptive and could be use for vocabulary expansion, are explicit and inappropriate for class settings.  Perhaps suggest this section of the page be left blank in order to avoid any inappropriate terms.

Page Background Music / Videos - MySpace allows its users to post one song and one video to be displayed on the user page.  Because teachers cannot censure the music and videos posted to MySpace, it would be best to avoid posting all together, unless a study of music is occurring.

Applications - MySpace applications are risky.  Some are games that one would find on or innocent crossword puzzles, but others, such as 'Hot A** of the Day", could lead to problems on what students who are underage can or cannot view on their pages.  Limiting applications to zero will keep the page professional and educational.

Personal Information such as:

These next 5 boxes are designed for listing interests in those areas.

Groups - MySpace groups are used to link and meet people who share the same interests.  Unless a group is teacher approved, students should save groups for their own personal, non-class related pages.

Profile Themes - Profile Themes are offered through MySpace and are pre-edited codes to change the background and text boxes of a user page.  All of the provided themes are tasteful, so allowing students to express themselves through these themes would be reasonable.  The site also gives users a chance to edit existing theme colors and photos.

Teacher Concerns:

As a teacher on MySpace, it is important to assure students that you will not be accessing their private MySpace pages.  Even though it is public domain, there are trust issues involved that don't need to be breached because of a little curiosity.  Assuring students that they are free to have a private MySpace page where they can express themselves in whatever ways they wish is important to implementing MySpace in the class room.


MySpace Safety Home Page

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