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Plurks Uses in Education
  1. Plurk can be used to ask questions about topics that they may not understand. Elementary students are young and still learning basic concepts and Plurk is easy enough to navigate that with Guidance it can be used well.
  2. Elementary students can share their posts "Plurks" with all users or select users "Cliques".
  1. Plurk can be helpful in discussions for secondary and post secondary for discussion outside of the classroom
  2. Plurk connects you to friends and acquaintances to comment on your "Plurks"
  1. Plurk can be a fun way to communicate with your peers. People can ask questions with an alias name so they are not embarrassed.
  2. Plurk is very visual, with the use of the time line it can be an easy way to meet new people and share ideas.
  3. Additionally, Plurk can be used as a journal for Elementary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary instruction.
  1. Plurk will be very helpful for communicating with customers and producers across the world.
  2. Plurk could be a fun way for a business team to communicate ideas about a project they are working on, instead of boring everyday e-mail.
Plurk: The Teacher

Plurk is a great way to communicate with parents of students, use it as a discussion board.

If you'd like to know more about Plurk and how it deals with education, you can find other teachers and administrators that are actually members of Plurk.

Ph.D. Bill Graziadei's Plurk page is a great source of all things education. He posts embedded links to Youtube, and different articles and videos about education and technology in the classroom.   1

Plurk 4 Educators

  • Are you looking for someone on Plurk that is an educator (K-12 & HigherEd) in the same area as you? Check out the list below and add your Plurk anchor name/link,e.g., wgraziadei - along with a brief description to the list too!

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1. Plurk 4 Educators:

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