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Current Educational Value

 Teachers across the United States are encouraging the use of  Voo2Do by their students, to help them get their assignments organized.  For this reason and others, Voo2Do is being recognized across the globe as a valuable source of education. 

Current Uses:

Forest Park High School lists Voo2Do on the school's website as an online education resource.  The school recommends that students and teachers use the application for time management. #1

Teacher, Tony Whittingham, is making his students complete a project using Voo2Do to organize the tasks of their project. This is his lesson plan for the project " #2  

In a 2006 article called,  "Seven Things To Watch in 2006 And Beyond," Voo2Do is rated as number two on the list. This shows how Voo2do has been around for the past three years and the recognition that it is currently receiving for its educational value. Making it number two on a list like that is quite a feat. #3  

A man named Chris Brogan, was trying to create an Online Workflow.  He wanted to make it so that a person could manage their projects and give them a network for collaboration, as well. He also wanted this system to be absolutely free.  One component of the design that he created included using Voo2Do to plan this Workflow and keep the project organized. #4

Voo2doo is helpful for busy people.That is the main target for voo2doo customers because busy people are the ones who need it the most. Busy people need a tool to help them organize their tasks and priorites. Students are also busy people who have a lot of projects and assignments to focus on. By the different applications voo2doo provides and using the time managment and groups, voo2doo can help students stay on task and do things on time. #5

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