Zoho 24x7 is an easy, fast way to keep up with the capabilities and performance of your web sites.  One can check these from anywhere in the world.  You can also keep track of multiple step web sites as well as online business transactions.  One will also be instantly alerted for any time the website is down or not working properly.  There are also reports that can be viewed as well as trends that occur with the website.  It is also free to use, which is an additional plus.  There are also options of having a standard account, premium, or enterprise account.  A free account allows you to check two websites every hour.  Standard allows one to check a website every minute.  The premium is another step up by allowing the option to check the websites from any location.  An enterprise account allows all the premium account offers as well as better reports on the website such as information on down time and users.

Zoho Challenge

Zoho challenge allows to teachers to post exams, quizzes, and tests online.  It allows for multiple choice questions that can go into great detail on a subject.  The teacher can also put a time limit on the test, so that the student would be doing the test as if in a classroom setting.  Difficulty levels are found automatically as well as answers being given immediately upon answering a question.  The teacher can then check the student's details about the test that they just took as well as send an email to the student. 

Challenge allows the teacher to create several exams, quizzes, and tests.  They can also add students as needed.  Tests can also be scheduled as early as needed, even up to years before they will be used in for the class.  It makes it easy for teachers to see results of their students from the test as well as know who has passed each test.  There is also a report card that teachers can look at for each student in question.  Results from each exam, quiz, or test will also be viewed in a graph for the teacher to compare students progress in the class on the course's subject matter.

Writing an exam is quite simple to do.  Upon first logging into Zoho Challenge, they provide you with some sample questions.  Editing an exam is very simple as well.   Teachers can copy or delete questions very easily, as there is a copy and delete button.  There is a yet to be added button that informs the teacher of how many times the question appears in other exams.  Which can then help the students when studying for later exams.  Overall, Zoho Challenge is a great application that is very simple and easy to use for teachers.

Zoho Polls

Zoho Polls is a place where users can create polls (questions to survey) or answer any polls already created. When one go into a poll question, the results will be posted on the right side of the screen so one can see how the results of the poll are moving. When creating a poll, one can choose a rating poll or a voting poll. A rating poll is rating with stars and a voting poll is clicking on an available answer.  

Zoho Viewer

Zoho Viewer is a utility option on Zoho.com.  This program allows you to browse your personal files and post them online for others to view.  You can also set an expiration date on your post for a specific amount of time or to never expire.