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"ScreenToaster is a free web-based screen recorder designed to capture screen activity in real-time to rapidly create and share tutorials, demos, training, lectures and more."

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What is ScreenToaster?
    A. About the company


How does ScreenToaster work?
    A. How does ScreenToaster relate to other applications?


Real World Application
    A. Educational Lesson Plans
         i. Elementary
         ii. Secondary
         iii. Post Secondary
    B. Business/Industry


Educational Value


How is ScreenToaster used internationally?





What is ScreenToaster?

ScreenToaster is a great way to help out those that want to get involved with the trend of video screening online. While using ScreenToaster, you are able to record, add subtitles, and embed videos. You are then able to upload these videos anywhere on the internet, even the ever-popular YouTube. ScreenToaster is a great way for educators or tech-savvy individuals to put videos online without many complicated steps. 

ScreenToaster may be used with simple browser and a internet connection, no installation of applications is needed. It is free and very easy to use. When you watch and upload to ScreenToaster or YouTube, you can then edit your recording. However, for more advanced editing options, you are also able to download video (in avi. format) so you can edit offline, if you wish. ScreenToaster keeps it simple for any user, but may also be used to develop a good base and then expand if desired.

Screen Toaster is a free online resource that can be used anywhere, anytime on most operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). You are now able to use this application via your cell phone! ScreenToaster is available on the Iphone, Android and Blackberry! 

About the company

ScreenToaster was released to the public in 2009 by a small company in Paris. The main goal of the company is to allow for an easier way to upload, embed, create, and stream videos.  There was a general consensus among the developers that many individuals who were not particularly tech-savvy are not able to use video technology on the internet. Their goal was to make the process much easier and faster. In order to make the process more efficient, the developers have several user-friendly software items that are used to create videos.

How does it work?

"Capturing data from your computer screen can save you from hours of explaining the process to others. It's one of the easiest ways to guide someone through several steps without having to explain the instructions over and over again."

"Sometimes it's easier for someone to understand what's going on by watching the steps in action. ScreenToaster makes the entire process of creating step by step demonstrations a painless procedure. It doesn't require you to download and install an application to get started. Within minutes of activating your account, you'll be well on your way to creating tons of new tutorials for everyone to view. The best part of using ScreenToaster is that it's really not complicated to use."

To use ScreenToaster, you need to go to their website

1:The first thing you need to do is register. You can do this by either by clicking on the register link at the top of the screen or by clicking on the Start Recording button. You do not have to register on ScreenToaster, however, you will only be able to watch and comment on all the public videos but won't be able to create your own videos. 

2: Once you have clicked on Register or Start Recording, you will be redirected to the registration page. Here is where you will choose your username, create your password. ScreenToaster requires your email address and that you except their "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy". Click Register once you have filled out all of the information. 

If you have filled everything out correctly, this notification will pop up where you have to option to start recording now or to be redirected to the ScreenToaster's main page. ScreenToaster will send you an email containing a confirmation link. You need to follow the instructions within that email to keep your account from being deleted.
Click Record if you would like to begin now! 

3: Once you click Record you will be redirected to the following screen. 

Go to where you would like to record, then press ALT + S and you have begun your first Screen Toast!! 

4: When you are ready to stop recording, press ALT + S again. The ScreenToaster page will redirected to the editing page below. This is where you can add subtitles, audio, save the file to your own computer, and/or upload the video to a different website such as YouTube. 

If you still need help, click on the following video to take you through a tutorial on the ScreenToaster website. 

How does ScreenToaster relate to other applications?

ScreenToaster feels that they are as established as Camtasia, which is a similar system. They differ in the respect that Camtasia users are often very knowledgeable about the process of video screening.  ScreenToaster is much easier to use, but perhaps a better product for only new video screening users. You simply sign up and then record your work. When compared to Jing, ScreenToaster is a much more efficient route to take when using video tools.  While ScreenToaster may not be as adequate as Camtasia, it is free. Neither of the other common products are free, which sets ScreenToaster apart from the competition. 

"ScreenToaster 2.0 takes on Jing and [...] ScreenToaster is definitely a contender for being one of the best and easiest to use tool available." ReadWriteWeb, Frederic Lardinois | January 13, 2009

Real World Application

Educational Lesson Plans

ScreenToaster is a relatively new application, however it is a great learning tool for students. ScreenToaster can be used in a variety of settings including the classroom. Teachers can use ScreenToaster as a way of introducing a new topic, showing students new techniques, the possibilities are endless! ScreenToaster gives students a new way of learning, one they probably have never experienced until now!

  1. In this lesson, students will use ScreenToaster to demonstrate how they can create a flier in Microsoft Publisher about a planet within our solar system.
    Lesson Plan 1.docx
    Lesson Plan 1.pdf
  2. In this lesson, students will use ScreenToaster to demonstrate that they are capable of creating a spreadsheet within Microsoft Excel using answers to math problems.
    Lesson Plan 2 (STEM).docx
    Lesson Plan 2 (STEM).pdf 
  3. In this lesson, students will use ScreenToaster to demonstrate that they can navigate through Microsoft Word while typing an essay that practices descriptive writing.
    Lesson Plan 3.docx
    Lesson Plan 3.pdf
  1. In this lesson plan, students will use ScreenToaster to demonstrate how to use a software program in a unique way. The students will have to learn how to  use their designated software program and ScreenToaster.
    Technology Lesson Plan. docx
    Technology Lesson Plan. pdf
  2. In this lesson plan, students will use ScreenToaster to demonstrate their understanding and findings on how coal burning is affecting our environment. The students will work in groups to find photographs of how coal burning is affecting our environment and then make a video of those found photographs using ScreenToaster.
    Science Lesson Plan.docx
    Science Lesson Plan. pdf
  3. In this lesson plan, students will watch a virtual movie of the poem "Jabberwocky" found on ScreenToaster. The students will work on identifying the misuses of grammar thorough the poem and then create their own rendition of the poem itself.
    English Lesson Plan. docx
    English Lesson Plan. pdf
  1. This lesson plan focuses around the students gaining basic knowledge and understanding of how to use Screentoaster by working in pairs to edit and publish a video using Screentoaster. 

EDCI 270 project #2 lesson plan 1.docx

EDCI 270 project #2 lesson plan 1.pdf    

      2.  In this lesson plan students will observe the teacher using ScreenToaster to edit and video and then, as a class, edit a video of their own.
EDCI 270 project #2 lesson plan 2 (1).docx
EDCI 270 project #2 lesson plan 2 (1).docx.pdf     
      3.  For this lesson plan the students will observe the teacher using ScreenToaster to edit and video and then be assigned a video editing of their own as a take   home assignment.
     EDCI 270 project #2 lesson plan 3 (1).docx

EDCI 270 project #2 lesson plan 3 (1).docx.pdf

How can ScreenToaster be used in a business/industry setting?

"ScreenToaster is the easiest way to rapidly create and share tutorials, demos, training and more." 

ScreenToaster can be used in a variety of settings, the possibilities are endless. Several companies use ScreenToaster and other applications like it to train their employees from diverse locations in the technology that their company uses. This application is a great way to communicate with employees and customers without needing to travel anywhere other than to the your computer screen! Because ScreenToaster is easy to use on a MAC or PC, the product is much more marketable to businesses.

ScreenToaster can also be used for business meeting, being able to connect to the entire world in a matter of seconds! The possibilities really are endless! 

Educational Value

An application like ScreenToaster can be very benefical for the classroom. It can save a teacher a great deal of time when she already has "demos" made to show her class instead of taking the time in class. This way the teacher has more class time to answer questions and focus more on their students! 

For example, if a teacher runs out of time while explaining how to work on a project within PowerPoint, she could simply email the class a video made using ScreenToaster. The children could watch the video while working on their project at home and feel as though they are in class again!

Another great feature about this product is how easily it can stream your videos to YouTube. This means that teachers can immediately provide a link to their YouTube video for parents, students, or fellow teachers to see.

How is ScreenToaster used internationally? 

ScreenToaster is a great tool that is currently being used on in international markets. Countries from around the world are finding this product very helpful for training their employees. Instead of having to individually teach an employee how to use new software, companies have found that they can make a video using ScreenToaster that explains the exact procedures that need to be learned. This makes for a more efficient company!