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Table of Contents

I. #Founders and Development of Qik

II. #The Purpose of Qik

III. How does Qik Work? How To Start Using Qik

IV. #Unique Ways of Using Qik outside of Education

V. How Is Qik Related to Other Applications?

VI. Using Qik for Educational/Learning Situations, Lesson Plans

VII. #Examples of Educational Value and Potential value of Qik

VIII. #International Purposes of Qik

IX. #References


Bhaskar Roy

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Mobile Live Video Sharing for Everyone, Everywhere!



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Founders and Development of Qik

Ramu Sunkara is the CEO of Qik, Inc. He received his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin and his Master of Business Administration from Boston College. Sunkara started as the lead architect at Digital. He was the Vice President of Real-Time Communications and Collaboration Products at oracle. He was also the Vice President of e-Business Suite at Oracle. Sunkara was also the Senior Director of Grid Computing Products at Oracle..17

He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Qik, Inc. Sunkara has also authored 16 US patents on software architecture.16


Vijay Tella is the Director of Products and Operations at Qik, Inc. He received his Bachelors in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology in madras. He received his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of California in Los Angeles, California. Tella was an Engineer, Director, and Vice President of Teknekron Software Systems from 1988-1997. He was the Senior Vice President in Engineering at TIBCO Software from 1997-2003. He was the Chief Strategy Officer and Fusion Middleware at Oracle from 2003-2007.18


Nikolay Abkairov is the Chief Technical Officer of Qik, Inc. He received his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Moscow. Previously, he was the Technical Division Director of SPIRIT DSP as well as leading technology development of Visivo.19


Bhaskar Roy is the Product Manager as well as the Director of Marketing for Qik, Inc. He received his Bachelor of Engineering and Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology. He also received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. Roy was previously a Senior Systems Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services from 1990-1998, Chief Operating Officer of Opsol Integrators Inc. from 1998-200, Founder of Eazen Inc. from 2001-2001. Roy was the Director and Product Manager of Oracle Corporation from 2003-2005, along with the Senor Principle Product Marketing Director of Oracle Corporation from 2005-2007. Roy is the Co-Founder of Qik, Inc.20


Brad Rode is the Business Manager and the Corporate Developer of Qik, Inc. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Alberta, Canada. Rode was the Senior Vice President and a founding team member at Taknekron Software Systems, Inc. He was also the Chief Operating Officer of Kabira Technologies, Inc. Rode was the Chief Executive Officer of iPin as well as the Executive Vice President of Products and Technology of TIBCO Software, Inc.21 

Ramu Sunkara (CEO), Vijay Tella (Product and Operations), Nikolay Abkairov (CTO), Bhaskar Roy (Product Management/Marketing), Brad Rode (Business / Corporate Development)1



The Purpose of Qik

Qik is a technology that has been developed for one sole purpose: streaming live videos online from your mobile phone. This new technology is being used around the world every day. Qik allows you to stream your live videos straight to the internet with only a two to five second delay. In a matter of seconds, people around the world are able to see you live. This technology provides an inexpensive, fast and easy way to capture any event that would normally fill an entire phone's memory storage or more. During a live stream, internet viewers can interact with you by sending in text chat messages that are displayed in real-time on the handset. This allows viewers to feel more involved in filmed events and to interact with the person filming by asking questions and making comments or suggestions to which the person filming can reply through the audio of the stream. The developers have made Qik reliable, fast and secure and they are always thinking of ways to innovate. Obviously, this new technology has opened the door to many uses that are  discussed in further detail below.2


How Does Qik Work?  How To Start Using Qik

Registering For Qik  

The first thing that all Qik users must do is to register for the application at the Qik sign-in webpage  To register, a small amount of information is needed.  A username and password is sufficient for the first page of setup.  This is of course for security purposes.  The page consists of selecting the brand of the phone and phone model.  If it does not show your phone model then an option titled "other" will be at the bottom of the list.  Click "other" and type in your phone model.  Once the phone brand and model have been chosen, the download page is next.  On the download page there will be three choices.  The first option is to get Qik via SMS.  The second option is to get Qik via PC.  The third option is to get Qik via WAP.  The first option is the most commonly used.  The phone number with an area code is needed.  Do not put in an incorrect mobile phone number, or else you will not be able to register.  It will then send a text to the phone.  This text will give further information about what website to visit to download the Qik application to the phone.  Once these things are done, you will be asked to fill out your profile.  Your name and a picture is enough information to get started.  You can later edit it if you want.  No credit card details are required for registration.  Qik is obviously still in the beginning stages of building their application to new extents.  Therefore, Qik does not provide compatibility with all mobile phones out in the market for sale.  Qik is currently available on more than 108 mobile phones.  To see a list of phones that Qik is compatible with, check this link Supported Phones.  Qik is very sorry if they are not compatible with your mobile phone device.  Qik is working hard to get more phones that support its outstanding application.  Time to enjoy the amazing features of Qik!2

Are you having problems registering for the Qik application? 

Please send an email to  Qik employees are on stand-by to answer your questions. 


Installing Qik on Your Phone

Once the SMS message has been sent to the phone go to from your phone browser.  All that is needed now is to select your phone model to download Qik.  Once the Qik application has been installed on your phone, which you should be notified, launch the Qik application.  The last part in installing the Qik application onto your phone is to select "create a new account."  This is the final step that is taken to install Qik on your mobile phone.  New phones that are being released by mobile phone companies are pre-installing Qik onto mobile phones.  This is an amazing step for Qik.  If the Qik application is pre-installed onto your mobile phone then first, simply find the Qik application.  Then select the Qik application.  As before when manually installing Qik, the last step is to create a new account.2    Enjoy! 

Are you having problems installing Qik onto your mobile phone?

Please send an email to  Qik employees are on stand-by to answer any questions.



How to Start Using Qik

 Qik uses the word "Stream", which means a video is put on the internet.  Qik wants their process of using their application to be effective and simple to use.  Simply find your Qik application on the mobile phone and select it.  Once you have selected the application Qik will start searching for an available network to stream videos to the internet live.  Please be patient.  The time in which this occurs depends solely on how powerful your wifi connection is and how advanced the wifi technology is on the mobile phone.  Please be patient while Qik searches incase your wifi connection is weak.  Once Qik has found an available connection, the next step is made to be especially easy for anyone to use.  By simply selecting the "Stream" button to record video live onto your account that you made on the Qik website.  You must be logged onto your account or else the video will not stream to the website.  The live video will instantly be streamed to, where your account is the username following ".com."



Now that you have created a video, you can view it on your account page.  Your account page has numerous features.  You may view any of your videos and delete them as you wish.  Privacy settings can be set for the videos, which are public or private.  Titles and descriptions can be given to videos as well.  A share tab is available, which allows you to enter in an email or a Qik username to notify people to watch the video.  A download tab is available, which allows you to download your video in a .flv or .mp4.  An "add to favorites tab" is available, which allows you to tag a video as a favorite of yours.  On the right of the video screen is another list of features, which are info, live chat, comments and map.  The info feature allows you to view the title, description, and the url link which was given to the video.  The live chat feature allows you to instant message other people.  The comments feature is a section for you to leave a comment on the video being viewed.  The map feature is a tool that can be selected to tell where the video was taken. 

Using the People Menu

 A useful tool on the Qik website is the ability to create Groups underneath the "People" menu.  Groups can be dedicated to certain interests.  For example, one can create a Group called "Educational uses for Qikkers."  This allows someone to post videos that pertain to educational  uses of Qik within or out of a classroom.  Another group that has been used is the Obama Group.  People that belong to the Obama Group or are interested can view videos, which were taken by Qik users,  that pertain to Barack Obama's journey in becoming the 44th President of the United States.  One can also invite others to join their group or a group that they are part of by allowing Qik to email them or notify them on their account.  Underneath the "People" Menu one can also view Top Qikkers.  Top Qikkers is a way for people to view videos that are popular and may be of interest.  Once Top Qikkers is clicked, it will bring up a list of people who have the most viewed videos, which indicates that it might be worthwhile to watch.   

Using the Events Menu

Anyone who is a member of Qik can post events.  These events pertain to certain viewings that are going to take place on the Qik website.  Anyone can view past or present events that have or are occurring on the Qik website.  If there is an important event happening that is posted, such as the Barack Obama's Inauguration, then people can view the event.  Notifications of events can be sent to Qik members to remind them of important dates and times.  This feature is critical because it allows people to know exactly when important things are going to appear on Qik, instead of worrying about when it is going to happen. 

Using the Video Menu

The video menu feature is available for all people to view any video that has been posted onto Qik, unless the video has been deleted by the producer.  Underneath the "Video" menu are Hot Video and View All.  Hot Video is a feature that allows people to view interesting videos that have a substantial amount of viewers.  View All is a feature that allows people to search for all videos that are on the Qik website.  A search engine is provided to type in a video that you know or think is on the Qik website. 

!qik account page.JPG!

Unique Ways of Using Qik Outside of Education

Now that Qik is available for mobile phone use, people are not sure what to do with it.  There are many good ideas and ways to use Qik which set Qik apart from other applications.  Qik is not only great because of the awesome technology that lies behind the application, but also because of the variety of ways in which people can use it to enhance aspects of their daily life.  Here are some unique ways of using Qik.  Not all of these ideas and uses may apply to you, but these may assist you to discover even more applications for this amazing technology


Qik and Qik users hold contests where users submit Qiks on a certain theme or topic to be eligible to win prizes. Qik has had a variety of unique contests held on their site.  One contest started by Qik was to Qik your Thanksgiving and Black Friday experiences.  The winner received an iTunes gift card from Qik.4 

Tracking Vacations and Trips

Qik is a good way to document trips and vacations to either share with your friends and family privately or with the world.  With Qik's new "share your location" tool, Qik will put the user's location on a map next to his/her video.  Users get to decide whether or not they want to share their location and how accurately they would like their position to be pinpointed.  Users can set their location tracker to hide their location, display the city, the street or even to track their precise position at any given time.5 

Broadcasting Events and News

Qik has a special section on their website for events.  Users and Qik post events and users stream their live Qiks so the world can witness the event also.  One event on Qik was Obama's Inauguration 2009.  For this 4 day event, Qik partnered with BBC, The Houston Chronicle and CBS and asked Qik users to post videos showing their experiences at the inauguration and their thoughts on the new Obama Administration.  Thirty-five users responded with 190 videos, which have received over 35,000 views.

Because of the portable nature of this mobile phone technology, many people are using Qik to broadcast live and breaking news which may not have otherwise been captured. It allows for on the spot reporting and information to be shared with viewers from all around the world.

Staying Connected to Family and Friends

In a fast paced society it is often difficult to stay connected with friends and family. Users of Qik can stream live videos of things that they are involved in, like family reunions, weddings, livestock shows, contests, sporting events, parties or even significant life events like a baby's first steps. It is possible to view other users' videos and to even participate in a live chat while the video is streaming. This technology enables you to share moments of your life with others.

Enhancing Business

Increasingly, companies are using Qik to advertise their products, and to let people know about new resources. Qik works particularly well for this application because it allows consumers to react to these posts and provide invaluable feedback for companies about their products and services.


How Is Qik Related to Other Applications?

As many may know, Qik has started to work with other web 2.0 applications.  This is very important for Qik users, because now Qik is even more fun to use.  Now your live videos can be seen by more and more people.  This is also important to Qik because it is becoming more popular by the minute when integrating with other web 2.0 applications.  These are just some of the numerous applications that Qik is related to. 


Qik enables you to go live on your Facebook profile.  Facebook is a free-access website that is owned and operated by Facebook. The people can join and connect with other people. People can also add new friends and send them messages and update their profiles. Qik is working hard to be able to stream live video to Facebook for all of your friends that are on your Facbook community. Your friends will be able to chat live to you on your phone, which is a feature that Facebook is well known for using.  The person taking the video on their phone will be able to talk to the person that is chatting with them on Facebook.  This technique is essentially the same way in which Qik streams live video to the Qik website, except it will be streaming live video to Facebook.  Currently, Facebook members can embed their Qik videos on their Facebook account.  It is the same way in which Facebook members put regular video on their accounts.6   


Another application that Qik enables you to work with is Seesmic and is actually a  technology partner of Qik. Seesmic is a website, which provides any information, text, graphics, videos,  and other materials.  The information, text, graphics and other material are created or provided by people which appear on the Seesmic website.  Seesmic also provides the ability to create, post, and playback videos on third party sites via the use of their video comment plug-in (  Seesmic allows members to post Qik videos on your Seesmic account.  This allows people that have Seesmic accounts to view your live streamed videos and have live video conversations directly from Qik (      


Qik enables you to go live on MySpace. MySpace is a place to connect with friends and you can find people you know and people you may not know.  Facebook is quite similar to MySpace and one will notice that some features, such as chatting live, are important.  Chatting live through MySpace you can share with your friends' videos, video clips, and music videos. Qik can stream live videos to MySpace just like it can stream live videos to Facebook.8


Qik and YouTube have worked diligently to integrate each others' technologies.  Once a video has been streamed to Qik, the Qik website saves the video.  Members of Qik that have accounts with YouTube, which is easy and painless to apply, can post their videos onto YouTube.  YouTube is a world wide website which people can post videos they have made either on their video cameras, mobile phones, or computers.  Viewers from all around the world are free to watch these videos that are shared, which can now be streamed from Qik. 


In short, Mogulus is a live, broadcast application on the internet with a browser of its own, which people can form live, scheduled, and on-demand internet television to share anywhere on the world wide web.  Many have guessed the extreme abilities of Qik.  Qik and Mogulus have become partners.  Qik can stream live videos to this live, broadcast application to share with anyone who has a Mogulus account.  Mogulus is so happy with Qik that their CEO gave a rewarding comment. 

"Qik is our primary partner to enable our producer to broadcast live from a phone to their Mogulus channel. Together we provide the most comprehensive LIVE broadcasting solution enabling Producers to broadcast live from any device, anywhere," said CEO of Mogulus, Max Haot. 22


Twitter is a "social networking and micro-blogging service" which allows its members to notify friends or family of updates on the Twitter website.  These updates that Twitter allows you to notify peoplewith are text-based messages.  These text-based messages are limited to 140 characters long, but most can get their point across just fine by this limit.  Think of Twitter like a bird tweeting or communicating with other birds through some kind of language.  Twitter's tweets are those text-based messages that are sent to the Twitter website for people to be notified.  Qik is actually partners with Twitter as well.  Qik members use Tweeter to notify their watchers when they start to stream live video onto the internet.  This is very convenient for Qik and Tweeter members. 

Ovi by Nokia

Qik is also a partner with Share On Ovi by Nokia. Qik has been invited by Nokia to be a Forum Nokia Pro Partner also. Ovi is the Nokia site with free storage for video or photos as well as having the ability to share the videos with others through the web. Ovi is absolutely free for all those wanting to sign up and take advantage of what they have to offer. In addition to being a site that has unlimited storage for your video and photo needs, Ovi supports many different media file types as well. There is a complete list on the official Ovi site of over 100 different media files so you do not have trouble sharing in almost every format that you would want.9

The video streaming is compatible with almost every blogging site. Other sites that that are able to stream live are 12 seconds, Blogger, Tumblr, and Wordpress. Some other sites for sharing the already streamed videos are Technorati,, Stumble It!, Digg It, and Wordpress.





Using Qik for Educational/Learning Situations, Lesson Plans

1.) Elementary

Dinosaurs Lesson Plan


Grade: 1st

Subject: Science 


  • The purpose of this lesson is for students to learn about dinosaurs and build a thinking process within students by discussing and completing an assignment. 
    A scientist from the American Museum of Natural History in Chicago will take a video showing and describing different dinosaurs while streaming the video to Qik. 


  • After watching a video showing and describing and different dinosaurs and streaming it to Qik, students will be able to demonstrate the characteristics of their favorite dinosaur by coloring and portraying a picture of their favorite dinosaur according to the worksheet.


  • Students will be graded according to a rubric.

    ____/5:    The student participated in discussion at least twice. _

     ____/10:  The student colored the dinosaurs neatly and matched five out of seven correct names of the dinosaurs.

    Total: ____/15

Dinosaurs at the Museum lesson plan.doc

 Four Seasons Lesson Plan

Grade: Kindergarten


  • The purpose of this lesson will be for elementary students to understand the difference between the four seasons and start to develop critical thinking.


  •  After watching Qik videos about different themes that relate to each season, students will be able to portray what a tree would look like in each season by adding to the blank trees and answering questions pertaining to the four seasons on a "multiple choice" worksheet.


  • Students will be graded according to this rubric:
    ____/5 : Draw each tree correctly according to the name of the season that is labeled underneath it._

     _____/5 : Each Student actively participates in asking questions during the live video._

     _____/10 : Students must answer at least four out of five questions correctly on the multiple choice quiz pertaining to the material they learned about the four seasons. _

    Total : ____/20

The Four Seasons Lesson Plan.doc

 Culture Lesson Plan

Grade: 5


  • The purpose of this lesson to help students become aware and respectful of other cultures.


  •  After viewing students' presentations on Qik of different cultures, students will comment and be able to use their new knowledge of culture and apply it to a multiple choice quiz.


  • Students will be graded by their comments on what they thought about the students' videos and also be graded on a multiple choice quiz pertaining to the different aspects of cultures that were presented.  Use this rubric.

             ___/5 : Nice, thoughtful reflections in comments_ 

             ____/20 :  Student dressed appropriately for their assigned culture.  The Student gave accurate facts about religion, traditions, and a fun fact.  Students successfully streamed live video to Qik.

             Total : ____/25

Culture Lesson Plan.doc

2.) Secondary

Spanish Lesson Plan

Here is an example of how to utilize the Qik application by viewing one of the videos posted on the website about a modern Hispanic artist and allow students to listen to a native speaker comment about one of her galleries.  


Hispanic Culture:  Artist Maria Elena Walsh Gallery viewing


11th and 12th




Students will learn to understand native speakers through viewing aHispanic video about a Hispanic artist, Maria Elena Walsh, and listening to comments made by the one who is filming.


Applies to ISTE standards 3A and 3D

  • 3A:  Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations.
  • 3D: Model and facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research and learning


Use this rubric to grade students on this short activity: 
 __/2 points  -Students can identify the artist 
 __/2 points  -Students are able to identify what types of artwork were presented.
 __/2 points  -Students contribute at least one piece of unique information.
 __/4 points  -Students must be able to communicate in Spanish what they have learned to the teacher. 
 __/10 Points

Here are two files for this lesson plan:  




Journalism Lesson Plan


The purpose of this lesson is for secondary students to learn about video journalism, especially regarding the current trends in news coverage and what makes a 'good' story


Students will be able to:

  • Formulate their own definition of 'news' and apply it in various situations
  • Critically analyze and evaluate national and international news broadcasts
  • Identify what makes for an interesting and engaging story
  • Develop thoughtful and engaging newscasts for their peers


Applies to ISTE standards 3A and 3C 

  • 3A:  Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations
  • 3C: Communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital-age media and formats


The teacher will evaluate what the students have learned through the assessment and monitoring of their uploaded video broadcasts

 Economics Lesson Plan

Grade: 12

Class: Economics


  • The purpose of this lesson is to help students become aware of the real world life and learn about a possible occupation that they might want to endure in the future.


  •  After the students have interviewed a person in an occupation of interest, the students will be able to comment on their classmates' interviews on Qik and write a paper that should include a reflection on their job shadow*.*


Applies to ISTE standards 4B and 3A

  • 3A: Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations.
  • 4B: Address the diverse needs of all learners by using learner-centered strategies and providing equitable access to appropriate digital tools and resources.


  • Students will be graded on their comments and the paper they write according to this rubric:

    _____/20 : Comments: Students must give their thoughts on what they think about the occupation.  They should include reasons on why or why not it is an occupation that they would be_
    interested according to the interview.  Students must comment on three videos using the comment feature that Qik provides.

     ____/50 : Paper: Students must give a reflection pertaining to their day during the job shadow.  The questions they asked during their interview must be addressed and reflected on in the paper. 

    Total : ____/70

Economics Job Shadowing Lesson Plan.doc

3.) Post Secondary 

Genetics/ Cloning Lesson Plan 

Post Secondary: Science major

Difficulty of Class: 100 level range


  • The purpose of this lesson is to inform and educate students about cloning.
  • Students should learn the different types of cloning and the risks of this controversial procedure.


  • After students have been introduced to different topics on cloning and viewing Qik videos with interaction about aspects of cloning, the students will be able to participate in a class discussion about cloning and write an essay pertaining the technology of cloning.


Applies to ISTE standards 4A and 4C

  • 4A: Advocate, model, and teach safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology, including respect for copyright, intellectual property, and the appropriate documentation of sources.
  • 4C: Promote and model digital etiquette and responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information.


  • After the discussion about cloning, the students will be assigned one of these specific topics: Therapeutic Cloning, Reproductive Cloning, and Recombinant DNA Technology/DNA Cloning. 

    _____/25 : Participated actively in both the "live chat" and discussion with in class.  The student included meaningful aspects in the discussion, which aided other students understanding of cloning_

    ____/25 : The students are to write an essay about the topic and answer the following questions:
    -How can cloning technologies be used?
    -Have there been animals cloned, if so which animals?
    -Is it possible for organs to be cloned? Explain.
    The essay meets the requirements for these questions and uses examples from class discussion to further answer the questions.  No grammatical errors.

    Total : ____/50  

Cloning Post Secondary Lesson Plan.doc

 DNA Lesson Plan

Post Secondary: Science Major

Difficulty: 100 level range



  • The purpose of this lesson is for students to understand the importance of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).
  • Students should learn what DNA consists of and the importance of it.


  • Once the students have viewed the Qik video using the "live chat" feature and have been lectured about DNA, students will be able to take a 5 question quiz about when DNA was founded and the effects it brought to our society.


Applies to ISTE standards 2D and 2B

  • 2B: Develop technology-enriched learning environments that enable all students to pursue their individual curiosities and become active participants in setting their own educational goals, managing their own learning, and assessing their own progress.
  • 2D: Provide students with multiple and varied formative and summative assessments aligned with content and technology standards and use resulting data to inform learning and teaching.


  • The students will be given a quiz over DNA.  The quiz will consist of 5 short essay questions.  The questions will test the students on what they should have learned while participating in the DNA discussion.

    _____/ 30 Each question is worth 10 points

    Total : _____/30


DNA Post Secondary Lesson Plan.doc

Evolution Lesson Plan

Post Secondary: Science Major

Difficulty: 300 level range


  • The purpose of this lesson is to educate students on how to look for specific signs of evolution while observing animals.


  • After the students have been introduced to evolution, lectured on what to look for in signs of evolution, and complete their field work, students will be able to write a paper relating back to their findings during field work and demonstrate how they knew evolution had occurred.


Applies to ISTE standards 3A and 4D

  • 3A: Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations.
  • 4D: Develop and model cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with colleagues and students of other cultures using digital-age communication and collaboration tools


  • Students will write a paper about their findings and relate it back to class lectures. The papers will be graded according to this rubric:

     ___/15 : Report of what tasks each partner did within the field work. 

     _____/25 : A description of the features that gave the sign of evolution.  Explain how they evolved and relate back to class lectures.

     _____/25 : A clear, concise reflection on their findings and observations of the animals in their field work.

    _____/15 : No grammatical mistakes.  Paper organization is concrete.

    Total : _____/80

Evolution Post Secondary Lesson Plan.doc

4.) Business


  • The purpose of this application is for people in the business world to successfully communicate using the Qik application during a presentation.


  • The goal of this application is to successfully communicate a presentation to other businessmen not in attendance at the meeting.


  • Internet with a quick connection for people not attending the meeting 
  •  A smart phone for someone in attendance at the meeting


  • A member of the audience of the meeting will use the Qik application on their smart phone to stream live action of the meeting from their phone to the internet.
  • The members not attending the meeting will watch from their computer and comment or ask any questions during the meeting as if they were there.


  • The evaluation of this application would be whether or not the meeting was successful for people not attending the presentation.
  • How well did it work?
  • What were the complications that people had?
  • Was the technology good enough to sustain the application of Qik?
  • How efficient was Qik?
  • Would you use it again?


  • The purpose of using this application of Qik is for a realtor to successfully show a house to people interested in the business market.


  • The goal of this application is for a realtor to use their smart phone to record and stream the footage on the internet to potential buyers.


  • The realtor would have a smart phone with the Qik application.
  • The potential buyers would have a computer with quick internet speed.


  • The realtor would record and stream the live footage from their phone to the internet.
  • The potential buyers would express their interest in seeing other parts of the house as well as posing question about the house to the realtor.


  • The evaluation of this application would be the success of how efficiently the realtor was able to show the house and share information to the potential buyers.
  • Some questions to be posed to both parties include:
  • How well did it work?
  • What were the complications that people had?
  • Was the technology good enough to sustain the application of Qik?
  • How efficient was Qik?
  • Would you use it again?



  • The purpose of this application is for an interview using the Qik application with a CEO, the interviewer, and the potential employee.


  • The goals of this application is to successfully complete an interview by having the interviewer use the Qik application and allow the CEO to be present even though he/she is not able to make the interview


  •  A smart phone with the Qik application
  •  A computer with quick internet connection for the people not in attendance at the interview


  •  An interviewer will hold an interview with a potential employee of the company.  
  • The interviewer will use a smart phone with the Qik application to record the interview and stream the live footage to the CEO or person in charge of hiring.
  • That person will then ask questions regarding the interview and the potential employee through the internet.


  • The evaluation of this procedure will be how successful the interview was completed.
  • Some questions to take into consideration would be:
  • How well did it work?
  • What were the complications that people had?
  • Was the technology good enough to sustain the application of Qik?
  • How efficient was Qik?
  • Would you use it again?



Examples of Educational Value and Potential Value of Qik

Educational Value

Because Qik is such a new technology (launched in 2008), it is difficult to find many examples of educational applications of Qik that have been or are currently being used. There is a university in Finland, The University of Helsinki, that currently puts some of their lectures, presentations, etc. online throughout the Qik website. They are among the first in the world to do so. Other than the few examples of universities or schools that stream online, we can only speculate about the purpose that this technology may serve in the future of education. It provides the obvious virtual aspect of learning which can happen from classrooms in different countries around the world. It provides a way for students to document their experience whether it be streaming the notes of a class online for storage or other educational purposes. It also allows students to document educational experiences as a group project progresses for others to see online or for their own benefit. A teacher can also live time transfer lesson plans from outside the classroom straight into their classroom and use it as an educational tool. This allows the students to even participate in the lesson in an immediate manner.10

(PowerPoint presentation in adobe form from Qik, Inc.)

Potential Value


International Purposes

Because of Qik's capacity to reach and interact with an audience worldwide, there are many examples of this technology being used in a variety of international settings. Qik's ability to facilitate individual expression and the ease that people have in broadcasting their thoughts and opinions online has had both positive and negative reactions from different countries. Here are some examples of the international responses to and applications of Qik.



Qik's popularity has greatly increased in this country after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong demonstrated the technology on his Nokia phone during his address at the National Day Rally in 2008. In his speech, the prime minister praised Qik and assured the crowd that the Singapore government has been, and will continue to interact with citizens through this new media on the internet. Through his use of Qik to record the crowd and part of his speech, Lee Hsien Loong was able to share his thoughts not only with citizens in Singapore, but with an international audience as well. This also brings Qik into prominence within the political sphere.12


In Tibet's Tiananmen Square, protesters decrying the human rights violations were recorded by a tourist using The person who captured the video, Noel Hidalgo, was deported from China because of his release of this video. In the subsequent days, video sharing sites including Qik and Youtube were placed on the banned site list in China. This highlights the potential legal ramifications that this technology may have in certain countries.13

United Kingdom

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has formed a partnership with in order to give a voice to viewers in the UK as well as internationally. Qik is most notably utilized in their 'Have your say' section which allows viewers to broadcast their opinions on the BBC website. A select number of these videos are also included in television and online broadcasts through this corporation. The utilization of this technology closes the gap between broadcasting corporations and their viewers and makes news and current events more interactive and accessible to the general public.14


Australia is a vast country, and because of this, many students, both in school and in the post secondary education sector use distance programs in order to complete their studies. The Australian Government Education site, 'Study in Australia' reports that Australia leads the world in "the delivery of distance education programs". Further, for the benefit of the students, "institutions use leading technologies and innovative approaches to deliver programs that can be tailored to meet students' needs". Because of the mobility and accessibility of Qik, it has been predicted that this mobile technology will have an increasing place in Australian education in the future.15



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