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Signing up for an Office 365 Account
For most Purdue community members, your Office 365 account is automatically activated for you, and
you may log in with your Purdue Career Account credentials at
However, if your credentials do not work, you may need to activate your account by going to find out your next steps.
If your status is 'Active', then you may use the link to the right to bring up the Office 365 portal.
If our Office 365 account is not activated, your status will be 'Pending password verification' and you will
have a link to 'Verify Password'.
Once your password is verified, you will have access to the Office portal and the tools that are associated with your role at the University.



Click on Install Office 2016 on upper right of the following screen.

This will download to your browser and you will have to unzip and install.



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